Turtle Beach Px21 Playstation 4 Sound Problem (PS4) Low Volume Fix

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” s up everybody welcome to the jelly made channel media animation. Gave me an entertainment. Entertainment. I m your home and jollity dangerous.

She becomes y all. A deal just old jolly and i made a video before about what s up here about a welcome to the ptolemies channel media animation gaming entertainment. I m your home in jolly dangerous. You can call me jolly dina s plano.

Jolly. And this video is a fixed for the turtle beach headset. Volume control. I made a video before about how to use your turtle beach s with the playstation.

4. It got popular really quickly now the same the problem that popped up the most was everyone saying jolly every time. I hook up the turtle beach s to the position for the volume is there..


But it s not loud. I can t really hear anything everything is turned all the way up and it s still only half the volume so i want to tell you guys that is not your turtle beach s that is a play session for doing that um. The way the way they have it set up it only gives out half the volume like half. Max volume for your headset for some reason.

Only when you put it through the controller. So here s the fix to that as you can oh you can go to my other. Video and i ll show you that you know you put the 35. Millimeter jack into the controller and you don t go to sound.

And screen. And do all the settings that way now. This is the alternative to that to fix the volume controls. So you can have maximum volume out of your headset and be able to use the auxiliary box and and how surround sound.

Actually because i have surround sound. Now so you get an optical cable and this is what an optical cable looks like let me pull it out from this that s right here this is what an optical cable looks like get one of these plug into the back of your position for get this converter box this is an optical to rca converter. That s what you need a optical cable converter to rca out so you plug this give me a second i shouldn t unplug this on a why unplug it so now i have to plug it back up correctly this way there we go so you plug that back up you plug your optical cable into this and this rca right here..


It actually looks like a two plugs. This is what it looks like but if there s a red one on this side so you plug up this cord. That you get with your turtle beach s if you don t have this cord. Look it up.

Online you can get it as a rca to 35 millimeter female in that you can to turtle beach s now. Unplug the 35. From the controller and plug it into this let me see see if i can get this for you guys real quick. One hand on them give me a second come on there we go alright.

So that s plugged up. Now. This is where you go to when your settings. Let me go ahead back out real.

Quick. You still go to the same place go settings. Scroll down..


So you see sound and screen and on sound of screen you go to audio output settings and right here. What s the primary output port instead of doing hdmi do digital out optical now when you do digital out optical whatever you have it set up to if you have like surround sound. Which i have on my turtle beach s you can do that that acc or you can just like select all of them i just did the top and bottom ones. I don t think it really matters so when you have that you ll see digital out optical and you won t have anything on the headphone part.

Because your headphones are not connected to your controller. When they re connected to the controller that s when you see that pop up right there so as you can hear there s sound coming from my turtle beach s now we get it real close. So you can hear it you hear how loud. It is now check this up so.

This is the auxiliary box that goes with it let me lower down a game volume. Nothing you don t hear anything because the auxiliary box works now watch this thing. The call out that is it s pretty low compared to the other one out so now. I actually have to lower down.

The volume. And you can still control chat to the chat function works with this option. So you guys that are talking about you couldn t hear chad or the other people couldn t hear you use this option that way you can get all your audio..


So again this is the optical cable to the converter to the rca from rca to that 35 millimeter female jack right here and that jack clean your turtle beach headset bam. There you go. That s all you have to do that s it other than that if you liked this video. If you have any more questions.

Please put them in the comments below. I will get to every single question you have i. Promise i still i have 18000. Views right now on that other video.

And there is not a single person that i did not try to respond to and try to help out um and there s also people in the comment section. That will help you out also along with me. Because the gaming community is the best community that i have ever experienced on youtube and it is awesome you guys help each other out and everything so um. If you have any questions let me.

Know please subscribe to the channel for more tutorials and new release gameplay so i will catch you ” ..

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