Trying out 3 popular grocery delivery services

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“Our dma cover story the grocery delivery wars families. All across the country is signing signing up to get their produce delivered in companies. Like amazon. Walmart.

Safeway are here help so how do these services. Compare maybe sees becky worley teamed up with a family that try all of these services out hey becky good morning michael there are times. As you know when getting groceries delivered is ideal. But cost accuracy and delivery times.

They re all factors and we ll a professional shopper. Pick out the good produce like you do well. There s only one way to find out meet the enders family of sunnyvale california. Both steve and joe work.

It s challenging to keep the fridge stocked for their family. And it s in your mouth. So trying out grocery delivery services..


Sure okay that s work we order roughly the same item cereal olive oil lots of produce our three grocery chains joe shops at walmart. They re trying out same day delivery in six cities. With the plans to expand steve shops from regional chain. Safeway.

I shop at amazon prime. Now promising free two hour delivery for amazon prime members who pay their 99 a year subscription fee the time is exactly 7 45 checkout we order simultaneously. But the turnaround times for these grocers is wildly different amazon s window 10 00 am to noon walmart can t deliver until. 5 00.

Pm at the earliest and safe ways window is 5 to 7 pm. Amazon delivers within their promised time slot delivery cost free for prime members safeway rolls up in their window at 625. Pm delivery cost 793. But walmart misses their promised delivery window by more than 45 minutes showing up around 6 45.

Their standard delivery fee is nine dollars. But they waived it because they were late we go over our groceries with beth mitchum. A food scientist..


Who specializes in produce you get this a lot how you like them apples with a few exceptions. Like these peppers from walmart. This one is a little bit squishy and these bananas from amazon. Here.

You have it s just completely bruised. And discolored overall. The produce looked good. She gives the amazon and safeway produce and a grade and the walmart produce a b overall.

I m pretty impressed with this but unpacking the bags highlight some omissions. The amazon order was complete. But both safeway and walmart were missing two items. Safeway notified us at delivery and didn t charge us for them.

But walmart didn t tell us until two days later when we reached out to them. But we weren t charged for the items while we only tried this service once on delivery times alone. Our expert says walmart and safeway have a lot to work on if they were trying to compete with amazon all the delivery services..


We tried say they offer full refunds or credit. If you re dissatisfied with or don t receive any product and we experienced that with all three in fact walmart gave us a larger quantity of cereal for the same price. And safeway. Didn t charge us for these grapes.

Walmart says their late delivery and omissions are not indicative of the overall program. Which they say consistently received rave reviews. So speed cost accuracy and quality lots to weigh up for our family. And as for the concept of grocery delivery would you rather go to the grocery store with your parents for an hour or stay home.

And do what you want i bet you re thinking after that yeah. But amazon whole foods is probably most expensive. I mean hello their nickname is whole paycheck right. But the price tally was surprising while walmart did have the lowest prices on most of our groceries amazon was right in the middle.

And it was a regional chain coming in with the highest grocery prices. Michel well. You know what becky looking at this and because this revolutionize grocery shopping..


Well we never have to go to the store again some people might wish that but i think that browsing the aisles is still serendipitous. You know oh i ll put capers in that and oh that looks fresh. I think this more or less might replace the midweek shop. Ah.

We re out of milk that kind of shopping. Okay shopping a little therapeutic to me yeah i like shopping. Too yeah ladies go shopping you can only steal a grape. If you re in the store take on it so she likes to go to the store.

I can t be your lawyer. I m not stealing if you shake it and it s free from the stock hi. Everyone george stephanopolous here thanks for checking out the abc news youtube channel. If you d like to get more video show highlights and watch live event.

Coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our channel and don t forget to download the abc news app for breaking news alerts thanks ” ..

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