There s definitely something wrong with this Samsung VCR

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“Buddy you re looking at a samsung. Vcr record 1999. 2000. That time period.

Had had this thing for many years. And i used it quite a bit for well in the day use it for watching vhs tapes and then in its later years. Head hooks in matera lux and use it for capturing and digitalising vhs tapes. Such as home movies and stuff like that home video and back in 2015 or 2016.

I was tasked with recovering a very old vcr tape from the mid 80s. It was stored and rough and a rough environment had mold and stuff on it. And it racked up the audio head missing. I was able to get the video hey you everything cleaned up.

But there s still that the sound is very faint you can barely hear the sound. But that s the least of our worries. I mean you know something that could probably easily be affixed. But i have like two or three hundred vcrs kicking around there s another reason.

Why i don t really want to bother fixing this thing. Let s crank up and show you the inside of it now this thing. I mean despite being a samsung product here s a bill in cheapside..


Yeah. We will actually crack it up and actually crack it up and then keep it let you have a look at the back you have your rf. An rf out in your channel selector for channel three or four. And you have your line in and line.

Out for your composite and stereo audio. Made by samsung in china man. I thought samsung was more of a japanese brand but um well that s right they re there lithium ion batteries are made in korea so all right now it s gonna crack it open cuz. There s something i want to show you guys you d be amazed that thing still actually works aside from the head is now.

I m gonna do is i m going to pull the cover up this vcr and let you see if you can notice something. That s kind of odd here well these newer vcrs. There s not a whole lot to them um. You got your uh you got your head back here.

The deck tv tuner over here basic electronics. The works over here you had the power supply now i don t know how what it s picks up on camera. There let me see here you may be able to notice. Something here.

If that is not enough let s have a look here at the inside of the cover. Do you see something out of the ordinary here. Yeah um something in this thing went pop..


The thing. Though it still works it there meaning you plug it in and it will run. But you can see right in this area these things have gotten a bit toasty um yeah so now that you have gotten to see an overhead shot let s go get you a better shot of it okay guys here s a closer look at that power supply. I mean something definitely got hot.

There you spin this around. We probably a better view of it. Oh yeah especially right in there. It s interesting.

I may be practicing with pop. When i wasn t home. But this is funny the thing. It still runs.

I m taking something actually smoking here perhaps man. We had a lightning strike or something that nature not really sure now of course. I ve i guess out if i really wanted to i could do some extra troubleshooting to figure out what went bang or what smoked. But i have like three other vcrs around here two of them i believe in perfectly working condition.

I got a sony vc on route to building and have a philips magnavox right behind me on the shelf. And i have a nice short brand vcr dvd combo pan. I ll get you a better looking rest inside..


This. Vcr. Right. There is the hand and of course this thing spins and it is a bit on the dirty side.

I ve tried to clean it got to play video much better but there is the audio it s just absolutely horrible you ve ever hear anything now if the switch mode power supply over here did look so wrecked up. I ll probably put more effort into trying to repair this thing. But yeah. My opinions kind of a wasting time this is a houston s are pretty cheap end vcr.

Okay. So i m gonna put the cover back on and plug. This thing in it should show yeah. It does actually start up and run you d be surprised.

But you know it actually is it isn t actually dead. But i don t think it would last much longer those those still tell a surprise to me. Because i mean the thing is always except for that head issue you guys never gave me any problems. And just wrap this up poke.

Little guinea. Banks. Let me see here that little pop..


You re heard was actually this power on the plug. He switched mode power supplies when you first plug them in the command. The main capacitor tries to charge up and it does actually pull quite a bit of current therefore listen blink of an eye. But as you see the thing does actually start up in in red.

I don t have i m gonna be starting on at the moment. But let me see here okay let me sign find something no no i m gonna go. It s all troubled focus up toward this flame it and it s playing the tape right now. They re interesting in then anyways hope you guys win this video thanks for watching well guys.

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