The new Nissan Juke is WAY better than you think! REVIEW

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“Is the new nissan juke and it s a little bit like the empire strikes strikes back you see the original duke was like star wars. The original groundbreaking. But a little bit rubbish. Whereas.

This one will grown up smarter and overall a lot better. Most people are going to prefer this one. Now you re probably considering the new duke. If you re also looking at a renault captur box like an t cross maybe a pojo 2008 and the duke starts from just over 17000.

Pounds. There you can save an average of two grand won almost through car wow and if you click on the pop up banner up there you can go to car y to see how much you can save on a new car. The link will take you directly. There.

And you can do things like look at car reviews compare offers it s your all purpose car comparison website. If you don t do that now then just later on gong google and google car where and i ll see you over there on the site. Let s start this review by talking about the jukes design. Now a lot of small suvs can look a little bit mad.

And it s tvs are supposed to be all about the presents and their new juke has lots of presents the shape of the lights this back end the spoiler. The haunch is the curves the sloping roofline blacked out windows the location of the handles there it s got character and it s got style. I really do like the look of it now the front is a little bit more polarizing maybe some people don t like it. But i do these very thin daytime running lights headlamps in there actually when they re turned odd.

They look awesome you ll see that later in the video and the grille. I like it i like it all i think they did a fabulous job designed this car real good looker. There s only one thing i m gonna complain about it s gonna use the car while sticker truth and it s for this vent. It s fake that is my only complaint about the look at this car.

It s good looking little suv here on the inside. The new cheek is much improved over the old one in fact. I really really like it the shape of the dash is really cool the way you ve got these jet engine start air vents. They look nice there s lots of shiny bits about the place quality is a bit weird in some places so scratch on their scratch your load down.

But then you get this fabric. Here here on the armrest and here on the dash on all models. So the type of fabric. You get does change depending on which version you go for this adds a touch of class.

And it all feels pretty solid and well built and it looks super super. Cool. It s a bit weird is that on the entry level cards. You don t get a such long rest.

Which is a bit annoying and that brings on to this cause equipment. List. The age level model is called the busier and it has led headlights cruise control lane departure warning and lane keeping assist to help steer your back in lane. If you stop to weave about however it has a very basic monochrome infotainment system.

Which is best described as crap. The next level up is the center and then you get an infotainment screen that look it has colors colors glorious is to have colors also has apple carplay and android auto. So you can just run all your phone systems through it and there s a reversing camera yay. The definition is a bit for the next level of is the end connector and i think it s a pic of the range of s p.

Items such as leather for the stingwell and gear knob and these are things you touch a lot..

So. That s important you also get built in sat. Nav. They don t really need it because obviously you can be using google maps.

Oh yeah phone they do get a little digital drivers display between the main dials climate control. So you can set the exact temperature and keyless entry can use those keys then we come to the techno. Which has some cool bits of kit such as foam of the seats. Which do feel nice these excellent speakers in the headrests for brilliant audio quality.

It also gets nice on safety shield. Which basically includes loads and loads of different safety systems. Which is really impressive and it s fringing 60 degree camera so you can look all the way around the car plus heated seats and importantly a heated windscreen so there s no scraping on frosty days that s cool in that feature use it this morning finally there s the tecna plus. Which includes lots of different personalization options such as exterior paints and these interior bits that you can change the color of to make it a little bit more lively.

Let s continue this review by talking about the infotainment system. So it s alright it you ve got shortcut buttons to quickly between different functions. And it s not their physical. So that easy to prod while you re driving the display.

Though is a little bit washed out the graphics on that sharp. It s not the nicest to look at but once again it s okay. The inbuilt satellite navigation system is pretty easy to program and of course you can put in waypoints thing is though you re just gonna plug in your smartphone use android auto apple carplay because it s just better so it s almost irrelevant moving on to the little digital screen you get between the dials on this particular car once again. It s okay and you can scroll through different things using the steering wheel controls and there s quite a bit of information.

But it s not as good as the full digital displays that you get into like a vw t cross in fact. If you want to see my full in depth. Video review of that car click on the pop out banner up there anyway. Let s move on to connectivity.

So look. We ve got a usb input. There and an old fashioned aux input who uses those anymore then there is a 12 volt socket there which is handy. If you ve got some kind of old thing that you need to charge then under here.

I was expecting to find more and i found nothing. But a very small hole that is pointless also the glove box isn t great either. It s basically filled up by the manual. Even though it takes up quite a lot of space in the dash.

There is the perfect place there they d be a mobile phone. It even fits the larger mobile phones as you can see there you can even fit larger balls in there. If you want to in fact. The cabin on this car is pretty well thought out everything s in easy reach.

It s in a logical position. And i like the fact that you have this divider between you and the passenger. It makes the car feel sporty also the gear selectors just at the right height and then there s this in the old juke you can move the steering wheel up and down. But not in and out.

But you can now and there s enough adjustment in the seat as well so it doesn t matter if you re big or tall. In fact you can jack this seat up quite high so for a small suv because it rides quite high in the first place you you feel like you re yes. I m properly up high. I am definitely superior to other road users and of course that is really important if you re buying an suv that s what most owners are looking for ok.

Let s talk about the back seats first thing that the door handles like the look of um..

But yeah. It s do you open them up do you open it all feels a bit of natural and if you ve got so you gonna have to open the door for them like they re blooming royalty. Anyway once you re in space back. Here is better than the old juke.

But that s not saying much because i was really cramped in the back so that seat is my usual driving position i am 179 centimeters tall knee room is okay headroom if i sit dead straight my head s almost touching the roof people over six foot will struggle back it believe me. But how big a person do you need to carry it might be just about doable. It s not doable with three people in the back at once even though this middle seat all right on its own and there s quite a lot of foot space. The body is quite narrow.

So it feels like a squeeze and the people on the outside get pushed out to this curved roof line here so they ll be banging their head off it they will not enjoy it at all also i think kids will particularly like the fact that the rear windows are small so they re not going to get a good view out there the approach be using the ipads. But then they ll find the fact that there is only one usb charging point here in the back. Which is annoying. And you only get it on high trim car.

See they get on entry level cars. Which means if they run out of blooming ipad battery there s going to be absolute chaos now if their kids are really small. You re gonna put them in a baby seat knock them down shut them up they can t do anything you gotta fix. Anchor points.

Which are very easy to get to and i like the fact that covers a flipper so you don t lose them like the removal ones you get the only problem is is that if you want to fit one of those bulky rear facing seats. You really do have to move the front passenger seat forward to get it in and there is no way you can fit a person between two fitted seats once again because the body is quite narrow however on high spec cars you do have ice fix anchor points on the front passenger seat so you could use that to free up space. Wait a minute there s no rear armrest that s a bit annoying. Though there are some other practical elements which do make up for it so door bins decent size in the back and you do have these big pockets as well for stuff.

And a pointless area down here as well i like a pointless area. Yeah. And the jeep has one over. Although this car is not as good in the back seats or something like a skoda commit.

And if you click on the pop out line right. There you can see my review of that very car anyway. Let s go to the boot. The low capacity of the juke is 14 to 22 liters.

Which is 22 litres bigger than the skoda commits are there skoda now you ll see there s a big lip here. Which is quite annoying isn t it when you re having to remove people and then it s doubly. Annoying. When you fold down the seats and go oh crap look at that huge ledge that s very nice how i m going to slide things to the front of the car.

I don t worry lock of cause you get an adjustable false floor. Then all those problems are gone look flat low bed and haul any load lip to lift things over so what can you carry in the juke with the seats files down like this you can fit in two large boxes. Ten small boxes. A large suitcase a small suitcase and a soft bag then with the seats up you can fit two large suitcases.

A small suitcase and a soft bag or a large suitcase and a pushchair or large suitcase and a set of golf clubs beneath the low cover and that s all pretty decent. What s less decent is the fact that s all any functionality in this boot. So no twelve volt socket hardly any tether points in fact all the tethering that you can do is on these weird things. There.

And i m not sure they re in a very good location. That s annoying and everyone actually two five other annoying things about the nissan juke the design of these air vents may look cool. But if you have the blow on high and then you start to shut off some of the vents. More air goes through a single vent and then it starts making can you hear it quite a whistling noise.

Can hear that now and if i turn this one as well and leave it through just one bend there s no three cylinder engine absolutely vibrates like crazy it s almost like it s not secured properly in the engine bay and you sort of feel that when you ll start up lighting..

The engines. Still running already first started especially in the morning and the engines cold. I mean look at this it s like we re experiencing an earthquake the seat belts snag when you fall down the rear seats look at this so they snug on the chair and when you put it back that can happen. So that s annoying.

But look oh no giving you this hand holders for the seatbelt zone. Let s try that out i m sure that s a perfect solution isn t it so in there mmm looks great the net fold. It down. Oh good what a lot of crap these wide one piece seats.

Means that you don t get a good view. Forward. If you re set in the back. Seeing another light look around now they do have little porthole there.

But that s pretty bloomin useless. If someone sat in front of you isn t it these ello worlds look. Super. Cool don t they however.

If you have the entry level car. It comes with steel wheels. Even though the starting price is 17 grand. It s supposed to be 2020.

Not 1990 thankfully this cars plenty of cool features to help make up for all this here s five you get auto emergency braking as standard which in spot pedestrians. But also cyclists. Which is quite a new thing by the way the new century works with google assistant so you can actually use it as a paired device through google home on your phone. So you could effectively be certainly safer check various things about the cost that just the doors are locked.

Or the windows are shut things like how much fuel you got or programming. The sat nav and send it direct to the car easy peasy. I like how the low cover is super light without feeling cheap look look look. Pablo at all best car ever.

I just did that it s weird anyway. The best bit is this though look it fits underneath. There. Oh yeah.

If you want to personalize your juke you can get it with optional two tone roof schemes. There s three different colors black red or silver and when you combine that with the available main body colors with a two tone scheme. There s actually 15 different combinations. Just like on a full size suv.

The doors extend quite low down so they cover most of the sill so this bit doesn t get dirty. Which means you shouldn t get back to new trousers covered in muck when you re getting in and out of the car. And it s horrible like today. The engine choice for the nissan juke is rather simple right now because at the moment.

You can only get it with this engine which is a 1 liter 3 cylinder turbo petrol it has a hunch and 17 horsepower which is good for naught 60 in just over 10 seconds. It s it s quick enough. And you get it with a six speed manual or a 7 speed automatic. So this particular car is the range topping techni plus.

And if i put the details into the car wire configurator..

The list price is twenty three thousand eight hundred but i ve gone off the back for twenty one eight hundred now rather than check out the configurator you can do if you want to go build your own car. So you click on the pop up banner up there. I ve actually got the hottest deal right now on kar wai for the new nissan juke so if you want to go check it out as it imagine this little nostalgic is pretty easy to drive around town the brakes. They re good the clutch.

Easier to use the gears shift a little bit not cheap. But it s fine. They really feel doing lots of town work i get the automatic which i think is a bit better. What s not so great though is the fact the suspension does feel a touch on the firm side.

So you do feel bumps. A little bit more than in a peugeot 2008 and if you click up there you can check out my review of that very car still it s not terrible and the firmer suspension does get the carpet of a sporty feeling even though. It isn t actually really all that sporty another thing. That s annoying in town is the small back window which can be bit in the paint on your parking.

Though if you ve got a reversing camera not such an issue one thing that is good about this juke. Though is that you do sit higher than another small suv. So it does feel like you re actually in an suv rather than just. A dawlish hatchback.

And i like that about it. So. If you re looking for one of these cars for that very reason definitely check out this juke now as you get out on the motorway. The cars pretty decent actually the suspension feels a bit better when you re going quicker also these seats are lovely uncomfortable and it s reasonably quiet apart from a bit of road noise from those large alloy wheels.

What s not so great. Though when you re going quickly is the engine so it s alright. But what are you trying to overtake on the motorway it does run out of puff. So i m doing 60.

Now in forth and flooring it come on let s get to 17 come on little dude come on you can do it so yeah not the quickest. But then it s to be expected with one liters isn t it as for how this car handles when you reach a twisty road. It s fine it doesn t feel particularly fun. But it s secure enough.

It s not going to topple off the road. It is front wheel drive only. But really that doesn t matter at all it s more than up to the task of taking around corners as fast as it ever going to want to in a car such as this overall. It s more than adequate to drive.

It s just not a class leader. So then what s my final verdict on the newness and juke should you avoid it should you consider it should you shortlist. It or should you just go right ahead and buy it well i reckon you should shortlist the juke it s not perfect. But it s got bags of style and character.

Which is quite unusual with these small suvs in fact. I like it so much i m going to be recommending one to my mother do you agree my verdict let me know in the comment section also please subscribe to this channel for more videos. And if you click on the deals box to the right you can see how much you can save on a new car at kauai or click on the video windows below to watch. ” .


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