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” s take off these shady sunglasses and let s talk about the world of lego lego technic. Which lawless word is the most revolutionary which models have the most amount pieces. Which were the biggest and which had the best building techniques and let s kick it off with the 80 43 motorized excavator. Not only does this set look like a beast.

But it had an insane gearbox and without ever actually touching the model you could flick the switch with the remote control. Meaning you could make one motor responsible for two different actions and in addition. Because it did have to transfer two different motions on one single turntable making it spend 360 and more it needed to merge two different axles into one and they came up with an insane mechanism to do so and also i really love the b model. Actually when i was 7.

I got this i got two of these sets. I built both the a model and the b model. These were some amazing experiences..


I had coming in at number four is the eight one one zero mercedes benz unimog u 400. This said was biggest at the time and it actually completely redefined pneumatics as we know it today and i love all mercedes licensed vehicles including the aurochs released in 2015 my third pick is the lego technic porsche 911 gt3 rs released in 2016 this set completely redefined lego technic as we know it today because it was the first set to actually use a gearbox. Which controlled the different speeds of the cars meaning you could actually switch between the different speeds and it would work flawlessly this set had an incredible amount of engineering put into it incredible amount of effort and like the bugatti chiron. It s still one of my favorite to this day.

And this had completely pioneered the lego technic industry. Because because of this that we got the bugatti chiron and because of the bugatti charlotte. We got a built for a real project. Which gave way into the life sized bugatti chiron.

Which functioned perfectly on just lego power functions motors. The number two pick is the lego technic 4×4 crawler. Exclusive edition of four one nine nine nine and the reason..


This side is so high up on the list is because it was actually part of the you design. It we make a competition of 2013. Basically you could completely redesign at the top of the 4×4 crawler released in 2012. And before i revealed the number one pick.

I want to give an honorable mention to the lego technic nine three nine six rest helicopter this head is amazing. But are you ready for the number one pick all right you ready the number one pick is the bucket wheel excavator from 2016. It s it is still the largest lego technic set ever release it at at the time it had the most amount of lego pieces ever in a lego technic set has truly revolutionized the lego technic demographic of releasing extremely large lego sets in it and in addition to that it had an extremely well thought out play feature you could basically with the bucket wheel grab. All the different pieces and then have it move across the conveyor belt.

And then have a drop down to another conveyor belt. And then have a drop down finally into the little truck. Now the b model of the set..


Actually features just using power functions and different mechanical stuff not even mindstorms or anything. Like that no sense. There s nothing you could basically sort out the large bricks apart from the smaller bricks. So.

This is just amazing. It has some truly groundbreaking building techniques that used instead of a turntable. It used the lego curve gear. Pieces.

And this set is just i will never ever forget at the time. I want to purchase this set. And i was so hyped up to get this set..


It was just truly amazing and still have it standing to this very day and on my shelf. This gives way into the liebherr. 1941 0z. Which may redefine size as we know it again because it s gonna be the largest lego technic set.

And it s gonna use some of the best linear actuators ever and if you want to learn more about the lego technic liebherr 1941 0. 0. Actually did do a video of that over on the side so you can click that right now to check it out this is your unbreak. Me here and i ll see you in the ” .


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