The Kill Counter Is BROKEN! Black Ops 4

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“What is going on guys. It is your point mama. Here today bring you guys guys back a new freaking call of duty video and today s videos gonna be about something that i find very interesting in the game and i think it s somewhat broken. But i m not sure so if you guys have an idea of what s going on or if you guys agree with me comment down below on your thoughts on this but anyways we re getting to the today s video and i want to talk to you guys about precision weapons um.

If you guys haven t perceived your weapons i m pretty sure a lot of people have them because a lot of my friends don t and so what i notice is that when you proceed your weapon. You have two types of options you have the client egg and the kill counter now when you activate the client tag. It pops up nowhere. And i don t know if i m blind or anything.

But like it literally doesn t pop up anywhere. I tried taking off camos and it just doesn t work so like as you can see i have nothing on and then i input the client egg and nothing happens and same for the kill counter nothing happens so i m not sure if it s like a glitch or if it s actually broken. But um. You know something s not adding up.

And you know i thought it d be a pretty cool feature to have the kill counter so you know i m the gun to see how many kills. I m getting with it you know just like in black ops. 3. You know i think that s a pretty good idea.


But honestly it s not popping up so i don t know what the hell s going on so like if you guys have an idea just comment down below or you know if there s a reason for it or you know anything just let me know what s going on because i really fucking do not know and so you know yeah we re just gonna jump into a game. And you know talk to more about it. But i ll see you guys in the game alright. It s gonna be literally one quick second.

I i ll see you guys in one second. So you know we re back here man. I told you guys the view literally up to split second and you know we re playing on this fucking icebreaker map. Personally not one of my favorites because a lot of people you know used to pretend the plane my god you re so slow.

But anyways yes. He look if you look at me. I have a joke on iran. But it literally pops up in nowhere so like i don t get where the hell.

It s supposed to be and you know i m really confused on why it s not there so hopefully today she s not i m gonna go berserk see look at that see some shots in this game. I don t get how i don t get man. I just really don t understand it and you know there s gonna be a lot of charge right now because especially since well i think no double xp not many turns are gonna be on so i guess i ll be able to do well now well yeah man. I noticed this glitch in law.


Once i started perceiving. My weapons. And i noticed a lot of people actually don t prestige them which is not rare. But um no i think everybody you know revamp the weapon you know have everything all over again when they already have everything kinds of diamond and you know all the chars.

I know precision isn t really a thing for most people at the moment. And so i m pretty sure i m experiencing right now so hopefully a trailer in the latest in life. I think it s something that s not like really important throughout the game. But it s something that you know is it adds a quite like dynamic asteroid your sensor so hopefully they can fix that soon if not then you know i m sheena fucking that still this game away because i don t have my kill counter.

So you know and where are you double team that s how i usually die throughout the whole game. I always get double team cuz you know i m too good for my femur. My femur man. My femur was terrible right there i can snipe to actually.

Which is kind of fascinating see if i pull office. If i pull off a sniper. The greatest content of all time. Oh oh my god i just embarrassed myself in front of all you guys.


But that s okay you know it s gonna happen. And you know one of the talked about today just um. You know the kill counter and the clan tag. You know.

None of it actually pops up and you know i mean i don t know if there s a way to fix that i m if i m like if it s summer. I m totally blind and i need some class or something and how how this fucking 20. Hertz is really not doing me justice right now man because i m getting death. Same kills that i did not see those two guys.

That s all you guys do sometimes jeez the headers you guys like to just go around the corner. You know yeah. There was no way escaping that i got a triple team right. There gangbang.

Oh. But i love vision poles. So i mean i don t know coming down with you guys is what your guys s favorite specialist. You know i like using fucking vision baby.


Just fucking laser beam everybody fucking do what i told you every game. I get laser beam and i always get double to you man is next is it just always happens every game. We re. This is a good thing about oh.

My you take my kill see you can do all the hard work and in the split second someone could just do your kill man it s honestly probably i mean it s gonna happen. But you still get the point for it so i mean i m really not i ain t gonna be as what do you expect it man. I m telling you oh my i got the beam. I got being expired man once they says it going life falls in a gamer comic crazy dude.

I really don t get it oh god sometimes it s really fucking buster balls in this game. And i don t i don t get it censored art signal has been awesome like i know i play hard. But i ain t fucking sweating my balls off anyways. If you guys have the same problem comment down below.

If you guys have an idea how to fix it let me know because i m kind of struggling here leave a like if you know well you might wanna drag my hartlepool later anyways subscribe. ” ..

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