Sony XB31 Xtra Bass Speaker – REVIEW

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“Everyone in the last video. I asked you guys to suggest some items for me me to review. So yes jbl extreme to here is coming products and how yes new samsung galaxy gear is on the calendar. Now in the meantime.

This is the sony extra base 31 retailing for 149. But i personally paid 120 as always up place my affiliate links down in that video description below click on my links for the most updated prices in real time you never know when these things might go on sale. I don t jim ii with jim s ruby room. And i m here to help you make that purchase decision welcome.

Everyone review this video is sponsored by me visit. The website jim s ruby room comm and sign up with a free account. I might have a comparison video with this speaker and jbl and they re quite shortly alright folks back to the reviews now all of these sony speakers look practically the same if anything they re now very similar to the jbl charged jbl extreme 2 or the ue mega blast was such a highly durable fabric mesh grille like compared to most other mainstream bluetooth speakers out there the sony xv 31. Is still front facing front firing directional audio.

It s not 360 degrees. Now i m personally ok with that as directional audio. Has always sounded powerful or more impactful for me now. If i wanted 360 degree audio.

I would go with the bose sound like we ve all plus or the fugu speakers. I highly recommend those now the best and most improved feature all of the xb speakers are ip67 certified it s dust proof is jock resistant from up to 4 feet or 12 meters. But more importantly to me they re waterproof from both fresh and saltwater the number seven in ip67 means. It s capable of being submerged for up to one meter and up to 30 minutes last year s model were just splash proof with my testing.

The speaker still works and not all speakers float. I tested this this actually does actually all the xb speakers do float in water now moving out of what is new on all xb speakers even the smaller xb. 21. Is party booster.

Chop the back of the speaker and while you and hopefully your are around you you can tap on the front side top and bottom pm. Make of beat basically now let me know in the comment section below. If you are actually going to use this feature. While you re moving out or this just plain gimmicky.

Now if you re going to use. It. It s actually audible compared to the sony xba 40. One where the beat at times.

Didn t seem loud enough because that speaker. The xba 40..

One was just overpowering. What i m saying party booster is a usable and functioning feature. If you re into that kind of thing. More so on this particular mid tier speaker.

Now looking at the buttons. They re tactile and clicky with no issues for my testing. Sony has three different sound profiles. There s standard extra bass and live sound.

Unfortunately. This is kind of a up what the hell kind of moment. There s no dedicated button for this you have to hold down play and the volume down button for three seconds. Then the other matter is you can only switch between two sound profiles that standard and extra bass.

If you want the more spacious audio experience called live sound. You need to do that with any sony music app. What the hell. But all seriousness if you re not intending on changing.

The audio profile often not really a big deal. I. ll demo. The audio profiles and the audio test later the up buttons are located on the rear.

Here behind this water resistant flat. You can turn off the lights from the back. Here. And check your battery life.

Now. There s this thing called wpc for wireless party chain. Where you can pair over a hundred sony speakers together and have them play in sync. Now i recommend that route there if you re planning on using these speakers in big open areas or events.

Now next to that is the option to add one other sony speaker and have true stereo separation as a side note. I was indeed able to pair last year. Sony xp. 20.

Which is here in my left hand right here and paired it with these sony xba 1. If you need directions click the link in the video description..

I got directions on there for you guys now finishing up the rear. There is a usb charge up port. You charge your phone or devices. Using the xp 31.

Just like a power bank and next to that is a micro usb port to charge the speaker. An 8 3. 1 2 millimeter input for physical. Connections then the sony.

Xba. 1 offers bluetooth 42. Which is perfectly fine for most average users out there testing. This.

With my samsung s. 8. Plus. I m able to get a range of 68 linear feet with two walls in between my studio here in the phone and a speaker basically cutted out or starting to crackle at that 68 linear feet mark now last but not least let s talk about the leds.

They pulsate and glow with your music and there s two strobe lights on the front here which aren t blinding. But they do help with the aesthetics with the very limited customization options. Though now i m hoping by the next year. Maybe we can control which way maybe.

The lights move creating different patterns. Etc. Similar to the jbl pulse. Speakers.

Overall. I loved how bright. These were and i loved that they included lights on the side as well alright on the topic of batteries. Sony.

Claims up to 24 hours with the leds off and without the extra base on i personally tested this with the leds on an extra base on similar to how the average consumer would use them now letting it play until eo is officially dead. The results are on your screen. Now alright folks enough of the physical stuff here. Let s get into the quick audio test be sure to put on your headphones or earphones as i ll be using by neural microphones.

Offering you some of the best audio tests out there before i start be sure to follow me on facebook. And instagram all right here you start off with standard all right folks hopefully you guys enjoyed that first up the sony xba..

1. Is perfect for entertaining and jemmye out in small and mid sized rooms. It s so capable to be loud enough for large sized rooms. Very open areas.

But when used for personal listening for entertaining you re still getting audio of course in the background. But it s not as defined or as clear. I would highly recommend to buy this first though and see if it s suitable for your needs as the xb 41. Although louder and more full it s not a gigantic leap.

If anything when the xb 30 ones are on sale get two of these instead of buying just one sony xp 41. And you ll most likely spend the same amount of money. But you have more room filling music. 2.

Is of course better than one now this seems to be common on the new sony speakers. But vibe 90 or higher. There are times. You re going to hear this rasp innis and around that upper base lower mid range level.

You ll hear some flutter. It s not on every song. But more noticeable though if you re standing 10 to 15 feet away from this speaker. Not a deal breaker again but keep in mind that s when you have this speaker near maximum vine they re gonna notice that jumping into the sound profile switching between extra bass and live sound the difference is very noticeable.

Unlike. The xb 41. Which sounded tinny and thin at times. When live mode was on turning this audio profile on the xb.

31. Instead. It was much more enjoyable you get really good assimilated soundstage. The audio game and certain songs does become altered and does sound a little funny here but keep in mind live sound isn t perfect.

But when it does work. It s possibly. The best soundstage simulated experience for a bluetooth speaker to date. Now.

This is certainly a bass. You speaker and this is what most people will appreciate..

It s called extra bass for a reason when you re using this speaker. For enjoyable listening and that maximum fine necessarily the bass is bumping it s kicking and for this size speaker. It s a very nice thump and compared to every other speaker in the mid size category. That is that i have personally tested.

Sony beats them in bass. The mid range were vocals that most instruments are heard by the human ear. The xb third is super ford here. It s almost visceral compared to the jbl charge.

3. Now if you want to see a head to head comparison on that look in the video description. I might have it there. And the only james reviewer website.

Now is the xp 31. High fidelity. No this speaker isn t to be and in your face colorful alive. Bayesian loud all at the same time here pop edm hip hop is where it really shines the hi hats cymbal crashes basically the high frequencies are such are did a really good bit of attack here on the top and that s sharp.

So it s ear piercing. I didn t have any listening fatigue. But it s only just offered enough to be enjoyable. So do i recommend the speaker hell yes.

Actually prefer this over the bigger xp. 41. That i just reviewed because of value. Listen.

If you can get two of these on sale pair them together and they ll sound much better than just one xp for two one i love the waterproofing. The dust proofing and all these speakers. I love knowing that all their speakers float now even the biggest. One the audi s look great and i love jbl.

But this might take the cake from most average consumers out there sorry folks be sure to comment down below light up. The comment section with fire emojis and again follow me on facebook. And or instagram. At jim s review of i see you ” .


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