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“Percentage of your business critical data sits on machines in geographically dispersed branch offices or or on individual laptops that spend time both on and off the local network for distributed enterprises that number is significant up to eighty percent. And it s growing fast so how can you create a data management strategy. That s capable of protecting all this vital corporate information. Whether it resides in the central office or in a remote location.

Thousands of miles away. How do you protect information in small branch offices. Where there are no professionally trained. It people.

And how do you move data to and from remote locations safely and efficiently. Even when those sites are running different. Operating systems..


Overland storage can help with the snap server family of network. Attached. Storage solutions. These high performance.

Nass solutions are designed to protect large enterprises as well as smaller work groups remote sites retail locations and even individual machines making them easy to implement as part of your corporate data movement and protection architecture. Snap server. Starts with a fast and reliable line of right sized appliances that can match almost any storage requirement. This includes everything from quiet affordable fixed capacity snap servers that s it right on your desktops to expandable rack mounted systems that can scale from two terabytes to 144 terabytes of storage capacity.

These rack mounted snap server solutions make it easy for administrators to add expandable networked storage for file. Sharing backup and virtualization. The expandable snap servers..


Allow for the mixing and matching of sas and sata drives to optimize speed and capacity in growing storage environments every snap server appliance. Runs the same. Powerful guardian os operating system across all platforms best of all snap server provides all of the management security and data replication capabilities you need to make every snap server appliance. A fully integrated component of your larger data movement and protection strategy with snap server.

Manager. You can use. A simple. Java.

Based interface to automatically discover all of the snap servers in your organization check their health from any location and centrally manage and administer geographically dispersed servers as if they were local snap enterprise data replicator makes it easy to securely replicate files between servers anywhere on the network. Using inexpensive internet. Connections with bite level differential..


Changes. Compression and bandwidth throttling. You can keep the amount of traffic to a minimum snap. Edr can be installed on any snap server.

Or windows. Linux. Unix. Or os x.

Server. To create a complete enterprise. Wide replication solution..


Snap edr allows you to distribute data from central servers to snap servers in remote locations or aggregate files by sending data from multiple servers back to a corporate repository finally you can use snap edr to consolidate backup images to a centralized location for instant online access and recovery of files with centralized management. Backup processes are automated reducing the dependency on remote staff for backup and recovery. All while maintaining file attributes and permissions in the end. Snap server provides a complete and integrated solution that keeps your vital information safe managed and protected all the way to the edges of your organization and back even when budgets are tight and it resources at those locations are limited or non existent.

Now we invite you to learn more about how award winning snap server. Storage solutions can enhance your data movement management and protection. ” ..


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