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” s up guys and welcome to session. And this is a brand new skateboarding game game that just dropped on steam today and i m pretty excited you guys know love my skating game. I m still waiting on skate for come on ea where you at. But yeah.

This is a new release from creature studios and it s kind of interesting. It s not as much of an arcade skating game. But it s actually like a skating simulator. So you play with a controller and each stick controls one of the lengths.

So you have to do the same movements you have to do in real life. What s actually you know get the board to pop and flip in whatever else. And it looks pretty interesting so we re going to try this out i ve heard it s pretty challenging. But some we re gonna see we can do so if you guys are excited you guys want to see more drop a like i appreciate your support and here we go welcome to the control tutorials for session.

Ready absolutely well we re starting regardless. I don t have all day use. A and x to push a for the left foot push x. For a right foot push all right.

They can push mongo and the privacy of your own home where no one it will make fun of you use the triggers to turn triggers put weight on each truck. Which can lean you left or right now combine your new superpowers of pushing while turning and trying to follow the arrows all right so we want a right foot push up no that s mongo. All right left foot push and then we re gonna use el and our trigger to be able to turn gonna turn right here. Over here.

This is so sick looks good to me. We re doing all right so far sweet congratulations. You did it you ve proved me wrong now my friend five bucks kickflip 100 years ago. You would have been considered a witch.

Now it just means you have a lot of time on your hands time to learn flip tricks when standing regular stands hold your right stick down a crouch for your ollie. The longer you hold it the higher your pop will be then flick your left stick. Which controls your front foot left to initiate a kickflip all right there we go now you ve mastered the classiest trick of all time try an ollie nice okay we can revert by the way standing goofy leverage your controls would be a mirror of regular stance controls time to do the kick flicks evil twin the switch flip hold left stick down then flick right stick to the right do this. This is gonna get so confusing don t drop the confetti.

Just yet. We got another primary trick to learn pop shove its revert back to regular stance. We can get started any time now we re losing daylight. Folks all right seem to be able to switch back to pop shuvit.

Hold the right stick down and swing your right stick a quarter circle clockwise. Then flick the left stick up bonus tat. The more you swing your back leg stick. The more scoop you will get translate to younger players.


Hashtag 360. Shove emoji looks good you did it you just became a beginner combine variations of what you just learned tool and more complex tricks. If you were wondering the smell. You are hearing is your brain expanding you re becoming a skateboard genius.

Now it s time to separate the beginners from the beginners you can grind grind time ollie next to a rail or ledge and hold your back foot stick down as you re about to fire grind. This trick is as easy as finishing someone else s fries at dinner. I can put these down all day so i m gonna go for this here now nose grinds. This is his polar opposite the five o.

You just learned you re gonna want to hold your front foot stick up that was kind of a crooked guide. I don t know i don t know that that was exactly what we wanted here we go come on baby here we go whoo. Yes. Sir.

That was pretty dope okay take a deep breath and focus because we re about to land a space shuttle on the moon well technically. It s called doing a 50 50 grab only people smarten to become astronauts. We ll figure this out in session. Whoa congratulations all those other times.

I was actually just mocking you but i mean real this time respect one last thing the y button lets you pick your board up and walk. Which is like my second favorite part of skateboarding right behind actually skateboarding. I don t know why all games can t do this so we can just pick it up and run around and do our thing look at this man. This this is actually caught a dope so this is set.

I believe in lower manhattan. Is where we are so we re in new york city. We ve got an apartment. I m pretty sure you could go back to your apartment.

Yeah if we could go here return to apartment so basically you can chill in your apartment. You can watch your replays or you could just go skate. Which is what we re gonna do and i know i don t think there s anything like super serious. I think they have challenges and stuff.

But it s not like there s any major objective. There s no story mode or anything like that you re just kind of out here doing your thing running around and and skating. So i guess i guess we ll see what we can do i m trying to get used to these controls. It s honestly not very intuitive.

It is i ve heard it was challenging and it is definitely very very challenging. It s turning. What the triggers is just weird like having an analog stick mimic each leg makes sense. But it just doesn t feel natural in a videogame.


You know what i mean i m not gonna lie. It s kind of its kind of relaxing just to kind of roll around here should we mongo push. It oh baby. We might be able to hit those should we try to hit that cop car.

Okay yep that didn t work i m just kind of rolling around trying to find what we can find let s try to hit a double kickflip on this oh yes. Sir. This is sochi like i m i definitely need to learn a little bit more. But this is so chill let me try to hit this we grind.

This here under the bridge here i m kinda. I m wondering if we re gonna be able to find a find a little skate park around here. I would imagine we re gonna be able to find one heading over towards the the historic districts at least that s what the sign said just kind of exploring the whole town. I guess do a little pop shuvit here.

Oh nice so we check out the trick. List hold on guide controls no not controls regular stance. Regular trick. Lists.

So we ve got ollie s kick. Clips. Heel. Flips shove.

It s a variable kickflip heel. Flip. And word heel. Flip shove.

It s tre flip laser flip 360. Hard flip bro oh baby. Let s go all right. We re gonna have to memorize all those let me try this again.

Oh nasty and then we can do it we could do an opposite. Oh baby. That was okay right into the pool. But that was nice i mean these these stairs look pretty nice voice you want to try to do something down these stairs.

This is probably gonna be a little sketchy but i m down. I m gonna let s just start with a little blow kickflip or heel flip. Nothing nothing crazy here we go come on baby. Oh.


Little double kickflip that s light work we need to learn to go a bit faster. I think oh nice little nose grinds dude. That was sick and we could nollie out of that into another trick. If we wanted to get crazy.

Oh baby. There we go all right not not bad. Nice little trick day. Let s keep on moving do this this is it s hard.

I m not gonna lie to you it is very very hard. But it s also kind of fun. What is what is this statue thing right here. What are we working with here we go we could come up this okay all right let s try to use this haven t found a an actual like ramp or anything yet.

But this is this is pretty dope here. We go we just roll up this little flip on the way back down all right and then into the corner. There my bad. I just realized that if you tap eh you can sprint.

That s how you can get a little extra speed so if we want to clear those stairs. I think we d be able to do that now run at it put it down keep it going come on baby come on baby. Oh. My god we were going so fast whoa that was that was pretty sick.

I d say yeah i was uh. I was holding a to push and you can t hold it to push like this but you can tap it to push even harder and that gets you more speed. Okay yeah. This this is the thing.

This is a thing that is crazy let s try a double kickflip down the stairs sprint s into it set it down here. We go oh. That was a triple ohh. Let s go baby and right into a crash hold on i think i just found a spot.

We need max speed for this. Oh. My goodness do we almost made it we got caught on that railing that would hurt so bad. But we re gonna send it again here we go whoa yes.

Sir. I don t know if that was a triple or a quad right there. But we ll take it i like how every time we laid a nice trick. We have like a stupid fall at the ends.


But yeah i did this this is fun. It s gonna take some getting used to it s definitely not i mean a lot of these tricks are taking me multiple tries. It s definitely not not intuitive at this point whoops. This is a dead end.

But yeah i mean it s it s fun like i i definitely see the promise there i think it becomes a lot more fun. When it becomes intuitive. And you know exactly what you re doing oh look at this crazy stare with the kink do you guys think we ll be able to ride this you want to try it this could be a good way to send it off. I don t know that we re gonna be able to ride that whole thing but we ll try here we go maybe get that speed oh baby okay and we did not stay i don t know how you can turn on the way down.

Obviously. This is a king trail. But it s also it turns a little bit. If we did something like this hey with the boardslide.

I don t think we re gonna oh. We didn t make it and they ve of course. We at the light pole at marion alright. So i think i think we pretty much explore this entire map do this this this is cool it s challenging.

But it s cool. I m definitely looking forward to an arcade skate game. You know kind of like skate or something like that. But this this is fun.

I think i want to keep messing around with this i m gonna try to get a little bit better. It s definitely one of the most challenging skate focused games that i ve ever played so i don t know man let me know what you guys think i ll be interested to see if you guys want to see some more of this game. I mean i know they have challenges and stuff. So maybe we could do like a little series trying to do those challenges.

I have no clue let me know i never know what you guys think let s sit let s sit this last. Little line here is gonna do it that s bee baby get that speed get that speed let s hit a double whoo into a manual. Nice that was pretty sick. There had one one trick on each each platform.

So hope you guys enjoyed drop a like if you did subscribe you have it already and like i said lemonho. If you guys want to see some more from sessions. I ll see you guys later ” ..


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