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“Music music music music. You know what this means. It. Means.

The politicians have been been silenced that means. The corporation s have been erased that means the world has cleansed by god s with righteous fire mouthful. It means. I was awry the collapse is calm the world as we know it is over how is so long.

I waited so long for the prophecy. The god whispered in my ear to be fulfilled. I prepare my family for this moment. And you talk sorry i hate you you for what you ve done.

But you re all i have left now you re my family well then the world is ready to be born in you we will step into the light. I am your father and you are my child and together. We will music music and my path ends here in these very walls music. I thought i had fulfilled my obligation to god.

But he had one more thing to say to me music music music music. He told. Me you would be worth music. You know you know best god tells you if i listen to you it s good and right and i can help and i can save people and make it right everything will be okay.

If i judge is your judge. The judgment is right and just the judgment is god s word. I see now i am so sorry please give me a mask. I am afraid no one can know me please let me be reborn like the world cleanse of sin and new and i will fight to cleanse the sin thank you joseph thank you father i can t think i m getting hungry we need to go topside.

But i m terrified i think i did the right thing i want to do the right thing now he says he forgives me. But i can t i don t know if i did the right thing. I don t know and all he gives. Me is the word music music music music applause music.

I will also give leave for my judge to follow you they speak. Only one language that of violence in this they will serve you well. Before you can be our shepard. You must be our sword go and make the land safe for all who wish to live in peace.

The whedon s got numbers music to help your people music. You are you all right in there just not for yes shake for no yeah you might be movie dance judge and all but i know deep down there s still something left about deputy of hurts so much are you re not just helping us barely eating and you remember the people here they re your friends and they want to help them new eating needs to be around a whole lot more but ever since the twins showed up they ve hunkered down in their compound. had to bring in an enforcer who you picking i might have to do a receiver plaxico plaxo used to be one of my favorite players he really did it s crazy that he s gonna fear players in nfl when you play with the giant nothing i m a redskins fan. But then my man just cheddar bob themselves dude.

I m actually sick right now pick santana your actual rescues fans. Sir i m a tacoma man. Randy moss. You know a speed is 100 jump is 100.

I m probably gonna leap. But don t you want to catch him on defense. So you can arrange for a second you an hour somebody flow. I need a quarterback you mike.

Oh my god collies colpepper you have a matter. I m gonna get steve mcnair took you long enough sir..

It s my third pick. I m how to go on man eric dickerson huh good luck with defense all right i m gonna get it running back to already have i already have someone in mind we go get em boy lt. Let s get it i got sean lt. Mcnair.

I need to get yeah. We re doing you to get an offensive line you gotta be strategic you gotta be you gotta be smart with days. Chris daniels won t pick him. Chris simmons is a reskins legend.

I would say i need a receiver for my next. Pick wait jaden write this i got picked bless us with jerry rice it s my first defensive player. I m gonna have wally b dog brian dawkins forgot all about that i need a hitter pause. I have sean taylor mcnair.

Tomlinson. I need like a defensive line. And i need like an offensive line larry allen easily. We forgot we get larry allen to protect me easily you got two picks left on my second mr player.

I was gonna go i m kidding man you know my man was whoa gonna marry lois what the heck do i need i need a linebacker to each look the guy. I was gonna get really pick up music laughter or get a bruise on fletcher was a beast you got brian urlacher ding. Yes. That s a nice let me get brian urlacher.

I go beat my team all right so it s my last pick another receiver. I found alone again. I think i know who he wants and i m a pig. So uh.

We ve almost had a boy you know i m saying you know i m saying. What i want we have some we have some very you know some some uh some more similarities me at home you know i m sad. I know you re getting you know i love me. Some meet you all i love me some me you know me i love me some i love if you know we re talking about you know that fullest you know i love me some me.

Where i can t go this man. A boy. Terrell owens. Somehow.

I say. I got you out. Whenever. Anymore.

You re done boy. Yeah. Oh. So me i m.

Jay. John. So be nasty on jay. John identity.

Oh chad often wears right you know you wise. He was on the cover of the nfl sheet three..

I think so you know what to wrap it up you guys see all the guys that i have so far can i show the winning squad. We re gonna go ahead and pick up charges. I m not gonna lie i do like your lineup. I can t lie to you before we jump into this gives you an option to select the type of field you want to play on i want to pick something where there s walls that one is nice dad walls or the like so we re gonna play on the imperial.

Our good english is not good man stop all right so this will really be playing first of 36. This man some mutton come you up yes let s get it brother five games. I can play this let s not play this bro like i still hadn t kissed a girl. But you know what that s what i was a baby there s like it why is it so dark up first here.

We go. There s no over there. Oh god jamie reigns. Got you ll be let s get it your dismay put it behind his back.

Oh mcnear that was nasty you don t walking shoe. Oh. No you know what tell you oh. Wait why did the walls just up here.

What s up that was so weird no your powerup is going up. So fast raja. I need you right here. Who is that someone raining.

So i told you right yes. So fast. No he s like i m real fast. Oh.

What you get up oh wait. I was crazy i ran into the wall. Hey all i know is you can t stop this play so. I m gonna keep doing it as soon as he says that what happens i get it stopped soon as you say i can t get it stopped i get it stopped stopped playing when you bump up lamb use a touchdown.

Right. There s a touchdown. Right here. Shut up.

Oh oh oh td. Let s go come. On man. Randy.

Again. Randy again. Got him ha ha ha t. Shovel.

You know other news how do you walk at you buddy boy gotti let s go what a fake is that chad your chad has done everything for me. Where you at oh good headshot taylor save that music you told me to touch it down alright man. We re down by two. But it s all good.

We got lt. How do you hold one..

It is over for you say your last words are you caught that i don t know what is happing. But it happened i have to get a stop that s a problem. You told me we definitely look at my plane. Oh come on you are a cheater.

How did you know already some luck to me. I just saw buddy can t be doing that oh you want you like to be your hamburger. Now get it get it. Oh my god let s go are you playing with this.

I left a second why save up it would ve been a guaranteed sunshine hold up hold up we re gonna use our game breaker and we activated shot. It s over oh yeah see what s happening right now how did i ask to be my game burgett nothing happened music this is game right don t bring the kitchen sink. Rachel ran ran to you we talked about you had a passion play. How are you disgust me.

I disgust. You with your bum. Oh please use my play doh user pic you are trash yo user pink not even playing madden get up off me boy you put a little for this. Yeah.

This we re going for the we re going for the win you re going for the win. You know you guys not looking how they keep slipping it look wait i don t even know what we re running. Now. Let s go we right back in it let s get it be right back in as give you choke stop it get off me this game daddy.

Sold over that is actually dumped over next time. Three. Now. It s not over best out of three link now that i m used to the controls.

I feel more confident. I ve made it close on purpose that is unreal look at chad johnson three touchdowns on a pig two tackles. But you want you wanna give it to you i think that gary was a little too sure like i m just now warming up like i got used to the buttons now it s like the second game that we re gonna dive into there s no excuses music so we re gonna go ahead and jump. It i ll take another now that was fun we re gonna go ahead and jump into game number two yo auggh butters say oh you see the play off say no say creature.

I had man. But i flea flicker. It is over. Oh.

What you at where you at. Where. You at. Oh.

Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Let s go drop.

That you look. Baffled. Right. Now.

This is not you for the birth of me all of me that s td baby touchdown play me that s touchdown yeah this is too funny right not gonna lie it looks so funny hate him with the trickery chad johnson. What dad can i get that please can i get that oh get off me can i get that please pink..

Let s go you know get up taylor. Has lost the war crack is killing. Oh. My what oh you could actually walk out.

There. Ah you are sick right. Now aren t you ricky s killing. Me right now dog cheese ball bag stop that i call this right here finger licking good watch.

But i ve never seen that happy you are so sick well we got to first just go right back at it right back. Let s go. I m right back. Um pause.

Well you act you trouble you drop dead. I like exchange. Though he got the gt agent randy come on i m making some happy for you drop the ball thank you it is it you re fighting for my loving my life big boy off me let s go this is second time. Yeah.

I didn t know how sick this game was let s go right back. We get it back stop playing with me. I m sorry look at you let s go td. And a double game.

Oh. My whoa your boys nice first of all steve mcnair. Nasty. No love jerry right first of all how do you zoom in at the old man jeans.

I don t understand the game bro everything gets picked off say goodbye bro. It is over double game breaker shawn get popped jerry lt. Music music let s go well yeah i was insane like i m not gonna lie after first game. When i learned all the buttons.

I didn t realize how fun his name was like realtalk. I should have probably played this game more often and back in the day cuz. I didn t throw is out there fighting for lucky food. But that s my boy al if you guys also didn t know we actually make music together well.

I don t but i manage him so be sure to go out there and check out his latest song. I ll make sure to link it in the description check it out and she let us know what you think of his music also you guys want to see us do more of this surely. They re gonna want to see game three game. Three husband and now stone and now we got better at this so we have to come game three.

So wanna comment first of all make sure you go through and watch it appreciate that warner comments make sure you you know comment you know tyrel you know rematch please cuz. I m not getting i m not walking out comment below that s a better team thirty seven to six icon. I m very much i had a bunch of bogus four pigs. I ve never seen i ve shot feeling like come on man.

I got into both is playing so rematch needs to happen you know saying. What do you got actually that a rematch and we got to put something on the line horse. But i m not no i can t i can t i can t go home or 37 cents. I man hope you guys enjoyed it we are out music.

” ..

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