Remove Transfer Case \u0026 Connections – Transmission Removal Chevy Tahoe

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Everybody im back and this is video three in the transmission series. And what what youre looking at here is the transfer case. And there are a number electrical connections that you got to remove before dropping the transfer case.
This is being the first one or on the drivers side of the vehicle right now. This is relatively easy just snap. It free on top of the transfer case.
Theres this guy with the big black connecting points. I could not figure him out so essentially what i ended up doing in the video is coming back to him. Now.
There are a number of these little wire loom connector. Things that you need to take care of its just one of those deals. Where you need a slot head screwdriver wedge.
It in there and pop it free theres one right here. As you can see and then theres one further back.

how to remove transfer case from 4l60e transmission-0
how to remove transfer case from 4l60e transmission-0

Im right there so once again slotted screwdriver pop him free. I just let the wire dangle there for a while because hes plugged into something. But it cant quite reach yet and weve got pretty simple connector right here right on top of the transfer case.
Its just gonna require once again. The slotted screwdriver. You know if youre wondering i am recording this in the aftermath.
The audio for this particular video came out so bad you couldnt hear what i was saying and i wrestled with the idea of just letting it go as is but i was so exhausted when i did this video that i was barely talking so im just going ahead and rear. According it so from that one connection that i was having troubles with youll see it right there above. It is this guy right here.
That is very easy to get to and easy just to disconnect. So i think thats a total three so far three disconnections and two of those little wire looming things. Im still wrestling with the idea of this guy right here.
All right just to read here. Im ready huit so im reiterating here that have unbuckled three things now.

how to remove transfer case from 4l60e transmission-1
how to remove transfer case from 4l60e transmission-1

Im gonna come around to the passenger side because i couldnt figure out that last black one so heres a far away wide angle. View of the passenger side you can see the whole thing so coming in all right so right on top towards the back of the transfer case is another one of those connections that require just a little screwdriver to get it free. So weve done four so far.
And theres more on top now were back on the drivers side for the one that i was having issues with earlier okay so this last. One its big. Its got a little like a little pop up thing that kind of pops up right there.
And thats the other side right there. And its got a little raised area here and that little raised area little raised areas got a tab that sticks down and then this guy no not that guy this guy that tab that pushes the tab up and over so that it clicks into place so this big monster guy goes into that thing. Theres one two three 4 5.
Connection was on the other side. And then you need the two wire limbs in two places. And that might be all of them.
But i might be wrong no i was wrong i found another one its not an electric connection. But it looks like a vent hose.

how to remove transfer case from 4l60e transmission-2
how to remove transfer case from 4l60e transmission-2

So im back on the passenger side now comes from somewhere forward of the transmission. I think. But anyhow.
It is hooked into one of those circle wire loom things at the very very top of the transfer case. So thats what it looks like some kind of hanging out of the way here. But it might be a good idea to want to put the transfer case back in to do the vent hose first.
So now im pretty convinced that that the transfer case is free of all of its electrical connections. So having said that im gonna get to work on the on the transfer case nuts. I think theyre fifteen nine hundred percent.
Sure everything else on those cars of 15. So why not so ive loosened them up here. And we got some drip j.
So all of them are pretty loose. And im dripping so i got a pan underneath here obviously so theres number one and number two on the drivers side and theyre holding this bracket thing.

how to remove transfer case from 4l60e transmission-3
how to remove transfer case from 4l60e transmission-3

So im gonna let this continue to drip until it stops dripping and come back to it maybe loosen them a little more alright so heres my setup. I got my floor jack in position underneath the transfer case and i got the transmission jack holding up the transmission and now im getting ready to do the last nut up here on the top all right here we go hope i dont die well all right. Its down.
You know i missed a connection at the very very top and then theres this thing. Which is still connected. So theres a connection there on the passenger side theres a connection.
I missed right there. And theres this dont figure that one out in a second all right so this ones easy all right so this guy needs to come out from this guy. So bend that down and then slide it forward see how it slides.
Thats that well there it is the transfer case is out and covered up the front in the back just to try to avoid getting contamination in there. And theres the lie pipe and the drive shafts and the transmission crossmember. I do not recommend trying to do the transfer case by yourself itd be much much easier with two people it is very heavy.
But its out and now transmissions. The last thing to come .

how to remove transfer case from 4l60e transmission-4
how to remove transfer case from 4l60e transmission-4

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