RDR2 How To Get Perfect Pelts & Legendary Animals! Red Dead Redemption 2 Tips & Hunting

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“Back to another red dead redemption. 2. Video today i m going to give you you a quick guide on legendary animals in perfect belts. If you don t know perfect pelts our pelts in perfect condition that are sold for more money because they re kept in perfect condition.

Legendary animals can be found across the world. I believe there are a total of 16 legendary animals and you can use their pelts for legendary outfits at least that s what i call them there are some of the coolest outfits in the game. And to get them you will need to bring your legendary pelts to the trapper found at this little icon here. And he can craft you legendary outfits after selling him.

The legendary pelts a lot of the trapper outfits. Require a combination of different legendary and different perfect pelts and this is not going to be a guide on every legendary pelt individually just a quick guide on pelts and traverse. I ll have a full guide up soon showing how to get each different legendary animal individually and that should be up tomorrow. And once it is it ll be down in the description of this video.

So how do you actually get the perfect pelts. It actually requires two different things the right weapon. Which every animal is different..


And it needs to be a three star animal not every animal can give you a perfect pelt in fact. Most of them can t when you re aimed on an animal with a weapon or the binoculars. It ll show you the stars of the animal at the bottom right of the screen. It needs to be three stars to have a perfect pelt.

You also need to have a weapon that doesn t damage the pelt. But at the same time kills it in one shot. But since there s so many different animals how do you know which animal needs. Which guns aim at the animal you re hunting and hold r 1 or r b.

To study it after that hit r 1 to view info about it a lot of people say that you either need a varmint rifle. Or a bow. But that s not always the case for example most bears just need a clean rifle shot to the head and they ll give you a perfect pelt if they have three stars. But once you hold r 1 or r b.

To study it and then hit r 1 for more info it ll actually tell you exactly which weapon you need. And if you need a different ammo like a small game arrow. It ll also tell you that by saying..


You need a small game arrow for a clean kill. If you need a rifle. It ll tell you you need a rifle. If you need a repeater it ll tell you a repeater.

If you need a sniper. It usually says like scoped weapon. Or something like that but a lot of people have been asking about small game arrows that are used on snakes and i think rabbits for small game arrows just set out a fire by scrolling down here on your items wheel and place down the camp go to the crafting and craft small game arrows. I believe you ll need an arrow a and she ll and a feather.

Which can be found on most birds. After telling them and by the way for these perfect pelts. Always go for headshots at least that s what i do most of the time after skinning. An animal.

You don t even take the skin of the head. Sometimes you do but not usually so headshots are the best things to go for and if you re using the weapon that they told you to and you give them a headshot. They should die in one hit that s usually how it goes for me..


Anyways. Now legendary animals can again be found all over the map. Once you find one it ll be marked on the map. You don t need to actually see it to find it just get in the animals zone.

Where it gives you the little notification telling. You that you ve found one if you re not far enough into chapter. Two these may not pop up. Yet you re first legendary animal is seen during a mission.

So if you haven t gotten there yet you most likely won t be able to find them until you get that far in the game again that mission is towards the beginning of chapter two. But these legendary animals don t need to have a perfect pelt. I don t even think it s possible for the legendary animals to have a perfect pelt perfect pelts. Don t seem to be a thing with these guys mostly because there s only one of each.

And if you were able to get them as a poor pelt. It would make you unable to purchase some of the trapper outfits. So that wouldn t really work also i ve seen a lot of people panicking when they lose their legendary pelt because they hit a tree and forgot to pick it back up or something like that if you lose that legendary pelt..


They will eventually be taken automatically to the trapper. So technically speaking instead of hauling the pail. All the way back to a trapper you could lose the pail or drop it somewhere. And it d be taken there for you i haven t done this yet because i m not risking my pelt glitching out.

But you could try that if you want it because technically you could do that you could just drop your pelt somewhere and eventually it would be taken to the trapper. The only downside to this is that when the trapper gets it he already has it so you can t sell it you re losing the ability to sell the pelt. But it will still be there. But that s pretty much it guys my full guide showing each legendary animals should be up soon so look out for that if you guys want i could even attempt a full perfect pout guide.

Where i show you the locations of each normal animal. That s required to be a perfect belt by the trapper or at least. Where you can find these animals usually. But thanks for watching guys don t forget to leave a like on the video.

If this helped or you enjoy the video subscribe for more red dead redemption to content. And hopefully i see you guys in the next video see ya music applause music applause music applause music music ” ..

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