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“Back to red dead redemption. Today. We re gonna be showing you where to find find all 10 rock carving locations for the geology for beginners quest. In red dead.

Now there are 10 of these and we are currently at the first one we could see it up on that ledge right there now the location we re at right now when we pull up our map is right here. It is just southwest of horseshoe. Overlook and just south of the burnt down town of limpin e. And it is the cliff.

That is overlooking it now if we go ahead and go up. Here. You re gonna be able to see it limpin e. Just to the north of us and of course.

We re having a little bit of an issue getting up this cliff. There we go. And you ll be able to see it limpin e just down. There so if you go into the sheriff s office and get the free golden bar.

You ll actually be able to see it just outside when you go now all you need to do is go ahead and inspect this rock carving and then we re gonna go ahead and move on to the next one the next rock carving is gonna be near the peak of mount shawn and if you put a marker just at the t of west elizabeth. You re gonna be able to climb up the mountain using this path and you re gonna need to stop in a particular spot. Now. It s going to be all right here now many of you may actually recognize this area.

This is actually the area for an easter egg as well and it is right there these bone piles are that of quite possibly a yeti or a giant or something awesome. But go ahead and inspect this while you re here you re gonna go ahead. And you know draw it down in your journal which i think is pretty darn awesome and then once you get this we re just gonna go ahead and go down a little bit more farther. I haven t actually read this before so find a massive skeleton wonder how big the man was or if he was a man at all so big foot yeti something crazy anyways you re gonna continue down this little path here and you re gonna see a really cool rock carving actually it s a strand of dna.

Which is really really cool because how do they even know about dna aliens ladies and gentlemen aliens that s how so go ahead and get this bad boy right here and you can actually find aliens in this game. Too. If you didn t know the third rock carving is going to be just west of strawberry on oh. Angela lake.

There s also a legendary fish here. But if you drop a pen right here that will put you right in front of the rock now for some landmarks..

You can see the rock right here. We re gonna look for all this little rock structure in the lake and it s going to be directly behind us. Let s go ahead and inspect this bad boy. And we got seven more to go.

It s nice that we re getting some of that dead eye experience as well the fourth rock carving is very easy to get it is in the grizzly so you re gonna need some cold weather gear. But if you zoom in just below the amount hagun a symbol or writing. There and just north of these little bunch of houses drop a waypoint right there and your horse will literally walk you right up to the carving. So pretty darn.

Easy. Let s go ahead and just make our way up here now make sure to bring cold weather gear. That way you don t die and some shotguns to murder some wolves because you might get attacked anyways. Right here is the rock carving looks like we got a blimp this time these rock carvings are really cool in my opinion.

I don t know let me know what you guys think in the comments below of this particular quest line and i m curious to know what you think about these particular carvings and which one your favorite was the fifth rock carving is just to the right of the dakota river and just northwest of the cumberland forest. If you drop a waypoint or right here. It s gonna put you right in front of it. But it s a little tricky to get to so if you are on the other side of it you can actually see it right there now everything around you you re gonna see that rock formation.

There so it s basically and right at that peak. Which is also pretty much directly above the rope bridge that spans the to river now to get up to this we are going to need to to get to that platform right there there s a little drop off point right there we re gonna walk down to there and edit it and then we should be able to walk right back up and then climb up the rocks right there once you get to the other side. You re gonna see a gap between two trees here just to the right of the very peak. If you go through here you re gonna see there s a little ledge.

I recommend taking it pretty slow because you don t want to fall. And then fall on the complete edge of this and then we re just gonna run down this way and take a gander and this beautiful rock carvin five down five to go the sixth rock. Carving is gonna be just north of window rock directly on the eye of wind red straight. If you drop a marker.

There the horsell pretty much bring you right there. And you can see it from the bridge as you re approaching it so you re gonna go ahead. And just hop off our horse. Here.

And we should only have to go to this lower path right here to get to it and wham bam. Thank you ma am looks like some kind of maybe it s a giant because there s like two human figures..

No it s plants okay. So it looks like somebody just in some plants. Okay. I don t know why i thought it was a human figure.

I m sleep deprived. I haven t slept pretty much since this game came out the seventh rock carving is just west of the bronchos station. If you go ahead and put a marker right here. You re gonna see a large mountain overlooking the dakota river now if we go ahead and gets this location.

We re gonna see fort wallace down there now when you re climbing up this you could go ahead and turn around after looking at ford wallace. There s gonna be a gap in the rocks right here. We re gonna go ahead and go down this gap to the oh. My goodness to the left i highly recommend saving when climbing.

These mountains cuz swirly stuff happens. And if you have bad luck like me you might go tumbling down. Because i did believe it or not i did so you don t need to climb up that i almost tumbled down again. It s right here this is a spooky one kind of looks like a guy with wings.

Perhaps pretty cool. I can t believe i almost walked up that thing again died that would have been such a major tragedy. The 8th rock carvings a little bit easier to get to if you scale up the map and go just above the n in new hanover. Here.

You can drop a pin right in this a little opening. Now. This is right at the edge of the plant so and you ll be able to see a group of trees down. There and basically the entire wilderness out there now this is pretty cool.

It s a pyramid now wonder why there s a rock carving of a pyramid here their secret pyramid somewhere here in the wilderness. They had to have seen one before to do it a carving of it very very interesting. The 9th rock formation is quite possibly the easiest one to find you just need to go east of the elysian pool and if you drop a marker literally right on the road here and you turn right you re gonna find it so pretty awesome now we just need to probably go ahead and get up to it i don t think we can we can inspect it from the ground. So don t even have to climb to it pretty darn easy.

One rock carving left the 10th and the final rock carving is just west of ryan oak ridge. If you drop a marker or right..

Where i am it ll be right there. But an easy way to get to it is if you drop a marker on deer cottage and then run around to it. But regardless you do have to just run around a little mountain next to deer cottage and it is up on this little plateau right. There now this one s pretty interesting.

I m not quite sure what s going on in this picture. But it looks like somebody jumping through a hoop with something at the end of it went in the world is boats. Interesting very strange anyways that is the tenth and final rock carving now all we got to do is go to any post office and mail these off i decided just to go ahead and go to the o god post office in anna s burg sorry guys i would run around all day trying to get these rock carvings and i am just excited finally trade these bad boys. And so we just got to go ahead and send the mail and obviously we re gonna go ahead and just do all of the rock carvings nailed.

It once you turn in your mail. You re gonna have to wait 24 hours in game time before you can actually pick up the mail that you get now you can do this by just sleeping in the den or you can explore the world whatever you want to do. But let s go ahead and receive our mail. We re gonna get three things here so we ve got kentucky bourbon and 10.

We got a rock statue and an invitation from frances sinclair. Now let s go ahead and inspect that document that we gots. Dear. Sir the carvings you found the last of them.

Oh waits until i show you when i have pieced together. You ll think i m a bit buttered please do not dally. I m traveling soon and don t want to miss you see you at my home a bit north midway point between oh angela lake and strawberry yours truly. Frances sinclair music can i help you oh i m sorry.

Mrs. Sinclair. Yes. How did you know my husband.

He s dead. He s been dead since just before francis was born one year ago. Your husband. Francis is dead.

No this is francis. My husband..

Tom is dead. I m a little confused yes. I think you are what was your name. That s not important excuse me ah time traveling crazy man huh geology for beginners.

I want to see that darn so he s a time traveler nice. We can go back in and actually take a look at this wow. That is so cool. So that s why we saw all the other things that he d do all the rock carvings.

Oh. My goodness so he s been to the future. The past. Wow is there anything in here.

So we ve got an old compass. There we go let s go ahead and grab that you re definitely gonna need this for one of these things you can craft to make sure to grab it let s see what else is grabbable in here. I like that the the woman is just suddenly gone. So there s some canned fruit in here.

Let s go ahead and search. The cabinet that s really the only thing of note. That s supposed to be in here. I got some assorted biscuits nothing too crazy.

But that is mighty cool i ll get a little drawer. There a bunch of stuff you could probably get a couple resources in here. But all in all that is it to this side quest. I hope you all enjoyed it thank you so much for watching.

If you re new to the channel and you want more red dead redemption to content don t forget to subscribe. It s free it can t hurt nobody i need a bath. So that is the end of today s episode. I ll see you all on the next one ” .


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Today in Red Dead Redemption 2 We Show you how to find all 10 Rock Carving Locations for the Geology for beginners Stranger Mission quest.

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