Ranking the Dark Souls 2 Bosses from Easiest to Hardest – Part 1 [#20-41

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“Everyone in welcome back to mass effect andromeda on this video. We re going to to be doing pb s quest secret project and you start this one off by the email from her so back to the tempest. Okay let s go check that e minor rim. Tech.

To writer from pb. Thanks to that remnant storage box from the eos fault. All i need is one particular piece of rim tech to complete my project. My scanner located what i need on vold.

If we have a chance can we go find it pb sure we can do that so i guess i don t have to talk to her. I just need to go recover the rim tech from the remnant site on bold bold is up here. I believe this is the one or one of the ones that lets me skip yes. It does the landing zone let s go alright who am i bringing.

I obviously want to bring keep pb. But do i want to replace korra or vetro let s replace cora. I don t think i ve ever had pb and veteran before maybe i have but whatever sounds good to me approaching the lz. Okay.

Where am. I going actually don t see it. Oh. I didn t make it my active quest.

Did. I i didn t so journal allies and relationships. Pv secret project. Collect the rem tech pb needs recover the rem tech from the remnant site on bold make that the active and back to the map.

And it s over there pretty close to that forward station that s tetrax. According to my map you re really easy to tease you know that bb. Not talking to you huh guess. They don t have the best relationship excellent.

I want to see them fight music. Yeah. This is the place and apparently devoid of remnant ever mind all right. I don t have my assault dude ouch kills.

So pull it i m getting beat up. I can t charge. There we go. It s actually kind of scary come on construct give me a kit.

Do it music think. That s all of them container up here remnant relic. Oh. It s another one of these wonder if this counts towards my trophy.

If it does this will get me the this will get me the trophy because i was at 19. But apparently i need some rooms or glyphs. I mean yes. It s just one okay.

Oh let s see we can solve all right now. We can t solve that one we can solve this one it s that which means that goes. There. That one s got to be that um let s see up that one right.

There that there that there and oh had it hey show me trophy cryptographer sweet and i think that one s a gold trophy okay speak with pb and the tempest escape. Pod can do i m interesting ah crap. Miss that audio hebe said she wanted to talk to you there we go no uh uh no peeking. I m putting the finishing touches on my personal project.

I thought you said it was on the nexus. I m just perfecting the final component here or should i say trying to several of the crew have offered to help and i keep politely. Declining and ushering them out so thank you for retrieving that critical piece of rim tech. But kindly stop digging all right all right or can t help it i can t help it i m naturally curious.

And i m sure the crew just wants to bond. Curious is good builds anticipation..

I ll leave the bonding to you not my style. I realize they must be hard being the pathfinder and not being able to know everything. But there s so much you can do that no one else can it s safe to say that you my friend are one of a kind it s true you ve only scratched the surface you have no idea what all i can do no. But i have an active imagination.

I look forward to being educated. But no more distractions the next time you re on the nexus. My project will be done come by and i ll unveil it now if you will please leave me to my own devices okay meet with pb in her nexus apartment. I have not been back to the nexus in a long time but we shall go old orbit is steady it s been a really long time since i ve been to the nexus actually jing hey that s right music yeah trying to remember.

I i can t remember the last time. I was there been a really long time i would like to welcome our silurian and asari pilgrims to the nexus. You ve had a long journey. But we re thrilled that your arms have finally arrived.

We ask for patience as we find homes for everyone to those who doubted the future the proof stands before you the asari and salarians live. And so does the dream. Ah applause. There s the hero who made it possible pat find a writer do you have any words for us.

There were complications. We re getting the hang of it there were complications it didn t go as cleanly as i d hoped. But i guess nothing comes easy indeed. Which only highlights the value of perseverance a quality.

I championed myself we all all rider a debt of gratitude in the meantime. Please enjoy whatever comforts the nexus can offer a weary traveler excuse. Me you re the one who saved us. I am.

Thank you i don t know what else to say. I i d be dead. If it weren t for you we all would now we have a future stay. Vigilant just don t let your guard down.

We re in the wilderness here. We can tame it but it will fight back so will we oh right i am overdue for that interview with carrie. You re back. Safe.

You know. No. Carrie professional first things. First tan sent a little gift for your positive message.

I d make the most of it. Today s a tough one the x files. Probably. The most livewire topic for our leaders.

You ve met the treacherous mutineers at could i report. Some think. The exiles are a menace to be eradicated yes. There s still the enemy or they re not a real threat hmm well they re definitely an enemy.

But they re also not the real threat. The kent are let s say they re not a real threat. The exile have as many problems as the initiative. Not every outlaw wants us dead.

Wow. It s almost heresy to hear that the exiles are anything. But filthy well exhales. I wish i could draw this out.

But i have a meeting sorry apparently some colonists want to talk about the series maybe they ll be willing to go on camera. We re back on hold for her interviews. Let s go meet up with pb. I have no idea who s talking.

I talked to my family everyday. They can t believe half of what i tell them so many people talking alright thanks for nothing education ah driving..

Me nuts. When i can t figure out who s talking anyways. Her apartment is back here a fighter could but we can t predict everything we just do our best. I don t even know what he was talking about all right tv s apartment unlocking come on in tada.

My project. She is complete she looks like a she to me just a proof of concept. I stripped out its remnant command prompts to see if i could power it up myself. It works now i can build a field model with combat protocols that fights for you so.

What do you think could be of some value have su v. And gil look it over if it checks out bring it aboard and fast track the combat model. Okay i guess i understand your skepticism. Oh no i forgot to lock this shit.

My my pillar. Sorry. I didn t know you were still using this hole. Who s your friend kalinda.

This is writer. Oh everyone knows the human pathfinder. I meant who s your remnant friend. None of your business kalinda of course.

It isn t that s what makes it so interesting don t be so hostile babe. Yes. Let s play nice or hostility. Seems fair yes.

Let s play nice. No reason. We can t all be civil right exactly. But you are kind of trespassing.

So now now. I was just concerned something might have happened to my dear old friend i m sorry for the intrusion palace area. I m just relieved to see you moving on tada. I ll walk you out so want to talk about it.

Oh kalinda and i go way back. We join the initiative together for a long time we were like family now. We re not when you live a thousand years writer people come and people go entanglements are silly just like places time to pack. This one up.

I m done with it i care about you hey i hope you know you can talk to me anytime aren t you a cutie thanks writer. That s nice. I mean it. But really the past is the past.

I m fine. Remnant. Vi. Unlocked p.

B. s research. Has unlocked the remnant vi. Power.

This power. Will allow writer to call upon zap. A controllable remnant observer. You can find this power on the tech skills screen.

Okay and essentials. See you back onng them and being greedy. But if you keep your greedy and check this fight isn t mostly a cakewalk if not a boring one before i even start talking about madhu. So let me just say one thing like this stupid windmill because if you don t you ll be fighting her at a pool of poison.

Now that we saved ourselves that headache is there much to this battle. Well..

She does have some interesting magic attacks that i sometimes fall prey to but her melee offerings aren t anything you shouldn t be prepared for at this point. I think the difficulty of this fight is more about whether or not you fighting the poison pool. So just make sure you take care of that and save yourself any headache whoo hoo dragon fight this fight can really go one of two ways for you either the dragon avoids any aerial attacks making it stupid easy for you to just beat. It to a pulp or if you re unlucky and i definitely was you ll have to dodge a lot of fire attacks from the air for the most part.

Though these attacks aren t too difficult to dodge and once it lands you just punish it more and it s dead before you know it i was super pumped to get to slay a dragon again after the awesome calamy fighting dark souls. Doesn t live up to that fight. Absolutely. Not is this a lot of fun.

Though oh yeah. At least aesthetically. It s very hard to see this fight without thinking of quail egg. The move set isn t very similar though but to be honest.

It s hard for me to say much about anything she does because most fights. I ve had with her she s dead before she can really even do anything of course that makes me greedy in this battle. And i stupidly died once while attacking wildly but in my experience. This fight is as simple as sticking to her left side and attacking like crazy every once in a while she ll manage to punish you so save a little stamina to dodge and you should have no problem crushing this scorpion.

I am the great mighty fool seriously this thing is disgusting a fight like this makes me want to kill this boss asap. Fortunately. That s likely in the cards. This battle isn t too much of a struggle.

His moveset is rather limited with most attacks being anywhere from 1 to 3. Easy to dodge swipes of his cleaver. The only move to seriously watch out for as isaiah we attack be ready for this attack because when it hits. Damn does it hit hard the other thing to watch out for is the arena.

If you don t watch your footing. You ll die. In quick order by the flames on the ground. But with careful dodges and keen awareness you should be able to overcome this monstrosity.

Really. This boss should be called old my goal is to knock you in my fucking hole king. Does that sound dirty well good because it feels fucking dirty. Being shoved inside the old iron king s hole.

If you managed to avoid the gravitational pull of his hole. Then this fight isn t too much of a challenge. He has attacks with the longest and most telegraphed wind ups in the entire series. Which makes dodging a cinch and i guess the long wind ups.

Really just take it out of this guy. Because he ll just leave his arm. There for days. While you massacre his health.

So basically old iron king one out of 10. Easiest boss of all time you can t even hold prowling vegas his jockstrap. But his whole 10 out of 10 from soft please nerf. I hate the run up to this boss seriously the gang from these guys leading up to the red phantom is more of a challenging gauntlet than the fight itself that doesn t mean this boss is a pushover.

Though the chariot actually poses quite a challenge first you got to knock the chariot down to do that though you got to fight through a bunch of skelly s. But these skelly s will spawn endlessly. Until you kill the mage buffing. Them oh.

And did i mention that during all of this. The chariot is making rounds in an attempt to run you over yeah. The first fight of this phase. Really sucks.

If you can overcome the skelly mafia. Though and reach the lever. The second fight of the phase is much easier. The horse falls over and is for the most part to push over it does have some high damage attacks.

Though so be careful in your movements. Really..

Though. This fight is much more about the run up and the skeleton gank than anything else for those reasons. It s hard to disagree that this is one of the worst bosses in the game after getting over that sick intro you get to go toe to toe with this awesome night. How does he stack up well.

He can certainly be tough for first time players. He s very aggressive has the ability to curse you and is great at punishing the greedy on the other hand. If you re patient this fight can be rather easy really all you have to do is dodge until he stops his combo hit one or two times and repeat. The boss also has some of the most generous parry timing in the game.

If you take advantage of this in the right spot. You can even use one of the ballistas to absolutely obliterate as hell so while it s easy to see why he tied for the seventh. Easiest boss vote in the game. It s not hard to see why he ranks in the middle of the pack.

He s like the gascoigne or gargoyles of dark souls. 2. And he s a pretty cool. One at that that is a pretty good way to sum up this fight.

I play dark souls too far later than most so i actually got to battle aldi in my first playthrough. I was expecting an epic and tough battle what did i get a kind of boring battle. I mean audia basically boils down to dodging highly telegraphed attacks waiting until his flame guard is lowered. And getting some hits in the challenge comes in that you can be heavily punished for me and greedy and this fight can be quite lengthy this gives more opportunities for you to make a mental mistake.

Especially considering this could be potentially your third boss fight in a row. But if you keep your composure and time here. It s carefully the scholar of the first sin will go down with relative ease hail to the king seeing vendrick for the first time after the belsat fight is undoubtedly one of the more memorable moments from dark souls. 2.

So how does the fight stack up well firstly. This depends on how many giant souls you ve obtained vendrick has ridiculously high base defense acquiring any of the five giant souls lowers. This defense but even with all five souls. He s still quite tanky.

This is where the difficulty of the fight comes in like his flaming brother. He can be a long slog of a fight and of the two he might hit the hardest. If you are careful he can even one shot you so the strategy for vendrick is the pick your hits carefully and be ready to dodge of course. The length this fight can make that quite boring.

Which is undeserving of the fallen king. But maybe that s the way from soft intended it one last battle for today and according to the community. It s the worst in the game do i agree you bet my sweet blue ass. I agree this fight is the definition of rng when you enter the arena you encounter.

Four rats. These rats have stupid high toxic potentials. So they absolutely must be killed immediately before the boss drops in if you kill them all you basically win the authority himself is like a watered down shitty version of sif from dark souls. His moves are easy to dodge and it s mostly a matter of slicing at his heels.

As long as you stay under him this phase is easy peasy assuming you killed the rats. If you didn t expect to die. Within 30 seconds of the boss dropping in and that s being generous between the aggressive rats. The toxin bleeding your health and the boss targeting you it s just plain.

Overwhelming. The only reason this fight gets any reprieve for me at all is considering how close the bonfire is thank god it s right outside the fog door. Still that doesn t excuse the terrible toxic gank at the beginning of the fight. Nor the lazy boss design.

But if you manage to slay the beast you can rest well knowing you ve overcome the worst boss fight in the game. Well everyone i hope you enjoyed checking out the first half of the dark souls. 2 bosses with me i appreciate you leaving a like if you did and be sure to subscribe for more souls more content leading up to dark souls. 3.

I want to thank you all for watching i ll see you thursday in the second half of the list. oughts in the comment section hit the like button. If you enjoyed and subscribe for future videos like this one and make ” ..


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