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“Do do do do do yeah. Hello. Spartans mark here and we are doing the the gas can puzzle in the volga. This this one s a little weird it probably really obvious to some.

But i needed some help so i figured i d throw this together so we re in the southern region. You can see the aurora is kind of over there on the western side. What we re trying to do with this video is we re trying to get the gas can and then there are two security doors that we need to open so i m going to show you how to do that stuff alright. So we are in the very back.

Here you can see the backside of this shanty. Here and the the shed is in the back. And when you walk into the little storage shed in the back..


You ll see two gas cans. They re both empty. And there s a third gas can and i looked all over the place for this thing and this is actually i it s kind of embarrassing. But you know what i can t be the only one that couldn t find this i must have walked past this gas can two times.

Maybe three times so if you did it don t feel bad too. It s just i just think maybe like me we were too excited anyway grab the gas can we re gonna go around and take it over to the generator now once you get to the generator. You want to wait for that prompt right there the crank prompt you re gonna press and hold in your x button. Or your square button.

And if we will get this animation. Where we we empty the fuel into the generator and you ll hear it kick up so once we do this now. It s gonna provide power to the security doors..


But one of the security doors is broken. So if you follow the power lines. Here it ll leave this into this back room. The back room is actually pretty easy to get into you can t i don t think you can get in through that window.

But there s a door back here you go through here now that door right there that one is actually broken. So we have to get into it another way i m going to show you how to do that this door. However does work so go ahead and walk up to the little dial. We re gonna change it over and then there that is how we unlock it so what you want to do is you want it when you get that prompt that s how you open the door.

I thought the door is actually going to open up automatically it doesn t open out matically now when you go into the room. We re gonna go ahead and grab all the goodies all the stuff. That s around there s a lot of like crafting materials and stuff here get that stuff and once you head outside of that room..


You re gonna come back and we re trying to get into that back room right there. Then we re gonna go ahead and walk up this ramp. This will lead us up to the roof hello and when we get back here. Yeah.

We actually there s a part where you drop down to that s how we get in through the other side of that security door. But before we do that we want to work our way up top here and we re gonna grab all the goodies and all the stuff and maybe that metro 2033 book. I wish we could read that actually in game. You know mike.

We re gonna come over here drop down and inside this is where we re going to find the i don t know what this is a generator so we need to once you get that prompt you re gonna squeeze the right trigger and pump it a couple times to juice up the generator. The animations will take over and we will provide power and then once we get power. We re going to open up this door right and then once we open up that now let s head back to i just wanted to see if that thing could actually turn and it does not it looks like it s you that s animated like you d be able to interact with it..


But you can t so come back to the security door. Now we can go ahead and open. It up power. The door and then when you get inside there are several there are several items we can grab and there s also a trap in here so you want to be pretty careful with your stuff so and there s a dead body makes you wonder what they were doing back here experimenting on stuff.

So do not interact with that the first thing you want to do is come in and actually you see once you get that done right option you want to hold x and remove that bomb so. If you have done this and explodes go ahead and leave a comment below because i m pretty sure that s what happens. If you leave that in there and then turn on that lever that is actually going to blow up which would be super. Sad you know we don t forget to like and subscribe folks that does help me out quite a bit hope you enjoyed the video thanks ” .


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SIMPLE, EASY TO FOLLOW GUIDE/SOLUTION! REFUEL! GENERATOR! GASOLINE! Security Doors–oh my! There s a house/shack/shanty in the southern part of The Volga that has a generator that needs gas and two security doors that need power to be opened. I ll show you where to find the 3rd gas can, how to open both security doors and also how to avoid the bomb-trap at the end.

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