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“Back. I m rachel and i m kathy today. We have the magic mesh. This this has been around it s better in a while a long time.

But this one of my family members had the original version and they just complained and yes said it just wasn t worth it. But supposedly what you saw the reviews as vendors. That said. It was better since 30 percent.

Sure so oh. He must be better that s right yeah. So what this is if they don t have a screen. It hooks to your door and it s like you can just walk through it s like a screen.

And so it keeps out bugs. Yeah. And then you can just walk right through it..


And when you you don t worry about closing like a screen door. If the magpies closed themselves. So it we re gonna maybe use it for like lacy to go do i want my dog you know if it ever warms up. Yeah.

Goodness knows because a springtime in tennessee. It s so normal and speaking of getting warmer do you have two warmer products try it is the arctic air iceland. I kind of want to wait till. We have some humidity because supposedly it doesn t work in humid areas.

So i m gonna find that out and the chill chest. So i kind of wanted to see you sits a cooler that collapsible cooler that you don t need nice. But i want to see it in warmer temperatures. That s right.

But i don t know maybe we ll get to it by july maybe maybe it ll be july. It ll be 105 second okay. And i will not complain about that yeah so it says that included or is the mesh panel 83 inches..


By 39 and then 12 hook and loop strips and 20 wouldn t tax. The installation directions are aligned the magnets attach the adhesive strips. And then affixed a door flame. So i m like why are there tax and i think that oh if i know crow my first thoughts here feel okay it does say these are still crow.

I thought in this magnet. No this was 49. No this the magnets is in the middle. Oh yes okay so what this is huh yep.

You know a lot of those magnets. I find to mark the center of the top of your doorframe lay flat on the floor with the magnets aligned in the center. Now at the top of the panel. We ll have a larger gap between the magnets and the trim versus the bottom of the panel.

The top strip is where the am base are sewn together peel the adhesive back off the hook and a plata. According to figure. 1 a little diagram on how those developers should go i will be i don t know i guess..


What s it hangs it will straight. Now is sure that the surface is clean of dirt and debris okay. As you saw in the video. This door is not the right size.

It s it s too small rachel and i thought we would give it a try anyway. This has been up here about a week. This has come apart a few times. It does come back together except at the bottom so it doesn t always close right because it s not it needs to be up higher it come with these tacks to reinforce it but it only works on wood.

Where you know i ll have this final in metal health here so that s not gonna work so to be fair. I m gonna try it on my front door my front door is 39. So i m gonna try it on that and see if it works any better so i m. Glad i updated this review and try it on the front door it s still not perfect it would be okay for some situations.

I think as long as you are in an area with a lot of bugs because books can t get through here. I do like the way just snaps back together i like the noise. But i don t know how many people would really put this on their front door..


They suggest using it for an rv that might be good. But i m still not sure about the size of the door on an rv. I don t think it would be that big i m not sure what i recommend this so i m gonna give it up maybe for some situations. How about that and for 1488.

It s starting to fall. But i think that s my fault. I didn t stick this on real well because i can t leave it on my front door. And i was afraid of the paint coming off so so i think it might be good for some people just be realistic.

I guess. It s not 100 perfect. So i give it a so anyway. I hope this review helps and thanks for watching.

And if you haven t subscribed hit the subscribe button and the bell for notifications thanks for watching and have a great day ” ..

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