Lead Changes Made Easy with Jonathan Field

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“What we re going to look for today is to get really good at getting getting a relaxed horse through the lead change. Doing whether it s the lead departures. That s a simple lead change. Which means to trot with now without flying to trot through a lead change.

The counter then trot then counter again and then of course. The flying lead change and i want to give you a strategy that gives you a step by step sort of methodology. So you can achieve this at home with your horse right now..


I just want to show you what this is going to look like and then i m going to show you the process and how the easiest way to get it is so here. I ve shaped the horse for the right lead holder. There take the right lead speed coming across speed her up here through change the neck change my legs got the lead take her on this new circle. So can i keep the whole horse going sideways.

I m using an indirect position in my body. I m closing this side of my body. Pushing this leg activating this rein and supporting with my right rein up sideways to the right now..


I ve got to open up get that leg my left leg. Has got to come off open up that side and that was the departure. I want maybe i can get a half circle to a circle come through here and do a simple change. If she picked up a right lead.

She s okay or she picked up a left feet sorry. And i m going to finish. Always before i go to the middle on a right lead no matter what level of fumbling happens in the middle..


They pick up a left lead they cross fire they dock in make sure you go in the middle. Only after you re on a nice counter to the right with the right leg come across change. The flexion change to the lead. And she s done the change forward has to be working no point in me even trying to sleep until.

I have a nice trot like this where he can extend himself flatten himself take him across change. The flexion change. The lead that was much better you can see there..


He s willing to come back down to relax. And that s the foundation that we ve been putting in real good solid block of relaxation when we come back down he comes on to this circle drop those reins and relax one of the key things is to be able to always go back to the previous steps when you start to ask for the flying lead change be able to go back to the previous steps. Find the weaker links in your communication. Then build this up over time ” .


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“This is a preview from Riding DVD 3, “Lead Changes Made Easy” rnrnUsing three horses, all at different stages in their development, Jonathan thoroughly explains the components that make up lead changes. He gives you a clear step-by-step process to go achieve clean and consistent lead departures, simple drop-to-the-trot lead changes, and ultimately, the flying lead changes.”,

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