Laptop vs. Desktop Skylake CPU Comparison ft. MSI Gaming Laptops

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“When we heard about the new skylake mobile processors. We were pretty excited after all all nvidia has been bridging the gap between mobile and desktop graphics cards for quite time now so that got us thinking how do mobile processors stack up against their desktop counterparts. What is the difference so this is the intel i7 6700 k. Is the latest skylake i7 processor.

That s designed to be a high end gaming or consumer workstation chip. We ve done a full review of this chip before but as a quick refresher. It s got two cores two cores eight. Threads a tdp of.

91. Watts max boost clock of 42. Gigahertz. And supports both ddr3 and ddr4 memory.

Now the i7 6700 hq has the same number of cores threads and onboard graphics. But that s where the similarities end the mobile. Chip only has a base clock speed of. 26 gigahertz and a maximum turbo boost of 35.


Gigahertz and a tdp of just 45 watts now since it s a mobile processor. The turbo boost works a bit differently. When you re using all four. Cores it ll only hit a maximum of.

31 gigahertz but with. Two cores it ll hit. 33 and with one core 35. Gigahertz.

Now on the one hand you might be saying to. Yourself that s unfortunate that you can t hit 35. Gigahertz with all four cores. But it s actually a smart way to help lower temperatures and still offer good single threaded performance.

And that is the biggest challenge when it comes to high end mobile hardware throttle. We ve seen it in the past in both laptops and smartphones where it doesn t even matter. If you have the fastest hardware in the world. If it s being throttled down to 50 speed so with that in mind.


Let s move on to our testing. You might been wondering what these are doing here these are two of msi s latest and greatest gaming laptops. For 2015. The gs 40 phantom.

And the gt 72. Dominator g. They both feature the intel i7 6700 hq processor an nvidia gtx 970m graphics card and 16 gigabytes of ddr4 memory in addition the gt 72 has a 120 gigabyte ssd. A one terabyte hard drive for storage.

And a 17 inch ips g. Sync display. It s not just the hardware. That s impressive either it s the creature comforts if a full size rgb keyboard with numberpad dynaudio speakers.

That even include a mini subwoofer on the bottom. Killer nic ethernet intel wi fi and usb 31 type c. It s not all that bulky either the laptop is less than three centimetres. Tall and weighs under 6 pounds onto the benchmarks.


We went with cinebench r15 to compare. Rendering performance. And intel. Burn test as a worst case scenario to see if any throttling occurs in cinebench.

We were able to hit a score of 608 across our four cores with a maximum clock speed of 31. Gigahertz. We locked it down to a single core and got a score of 140 with them home clock speed of 35. Gigahertz and comparison our desktop i7 6700 k.

Got. An average score of 920 with 4 cores and 180 with a single core. So unfortunately. The mobile skylake processor.

Still aren t quite as fast as their desktop counterparts. But do they throttle. I hear you asking really good hearing funny story. I actually really don t i have terrible hearing.


Well. With intel burn test on the gt 72. We hit the 88 degree thermo limit on the. Cpu however our processor stayed at 31.

Gigahertz across all four cores and remember this is a worst case scenario in games. There was absolutely zero throttling on both the cpu and gpu so it s nice to know that you get the exact performance you pay for with the gt 72 laptop and that s actually it for this video guys thanks for watching i hope this helped if you were considering a high end gaming laptop. What do you guys think could you live with a gaming notebook or would you need the full power of a desktop. Leave.

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