Lando Norris reacts to the Race Highlights made by u/alphamaxnova1 and u/targetmisser

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“Hey boss or he ll lewis oyster is going i think i have fucked up up don t. Barry lewis. They still have fight every. Okay thanks boss.

This could interesting as they concertina pronto. Well. Terry yeah. It s a scary picture.

New phone. Who this a boss. Eat moon. Mr.

Ping. Stephanie. How was it going into a vertical degree are good would their first wife dude activate the honda beat what do activated le clerc you better appeal austria oh jean in a god awful house the imposing know the race is a great idea knock knock deal like who. Danielle you start to you being back ooh.

Clear then 63 seconds. Ahead now as these two fight over the fatima. See you behind that fear is a disarm smiley heart long time ago when he was one of the greatest driver and divert those days are now over anti. We can do is leave my place.

Don t you oh lamar. Why they might draw arrows done. Win. Or token ich.

Bin. Oh. Pronto joaquin. You know this is a strange request.

But amedeo to the right a to the fifth left corner. Do 5e e. Water trust me. It s all part of the greater plan you re not gonna spin era marisa are you oh no sarcastic accent okay wait they twirl sassette kisum oh cats over there ya mean add so here is kimi r ikk nen.

I ma do my cotton drink her cervix hello hey boss well hey lewis why are you still in the gosh if i wanted to take pole position. I will need the song of some other car don t worry louise. Let relate my dearest master plan did a job. Thanks boss 40 seconds to go i know you fell for it my brake check was all part of scindia master plan but dafuq is valentin.

I m fucking hit one of you during tomorrow phase carlito. What is it what are you doing in yoga. Hatha santo marron l. Look at later this is how tall there is what do you mean this is how tall there is sebastia come and look at carlito and so eve is they ask you how are you just able to say that you re fine and you re not really fine you just can t get into it because they would never understand define this in who is this stuff.

I stood by kiss. What the fuck how do you see that did i see what hello louise. What s hey do you vote no toto. I am chasing char oleg rare.

But he fast what should i do louis it s how my time teeth. As you say get some drs. He s going forward haha hi. You fool you left one big hole in your defensive holy shit.

What the fuck was that hello puto. So do. 10. Wait so 36 minute video.


Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I know eat real quick cuz.

It s ready. And then i ll be right back and we ll run sweet. I m ready to go i just got it okay jump in so it s that cinema i m gonna stop streaming in a second anyway pronto sebastian i m first as at least my first lip first quite good vid but a steps on that was your name good fucking dammit boy boss. It s me riccardo i listen up i m trying to overtake the torpedo.

But i can t what do also yourself in twitter s back and pin it her to his maximum feature sounds kind of gay. But okay amir was okay right what percy jones. We re sure we ll be in for the feedlot. Pronto.

Hunters. Peanut oh oh a say. But what hap. There s an angry or sky blind me.

But what s so hard about tight left hander into the pit lane viet. This is the moment. I have been waiting for boy destines. I ve done so far for the people.

I ve let down your work is a fukui yo wait a minute i i m everything green flag is being waved cuz. We re all ready to go here in sochi tasty thanks to the three prime subject. This twisted game needs to be reset. Bundy father.

It s me bronto sebastian. Let leg rig by okay okay hello. Sir can i please pass. No please i eat know who the hell is sending me messages right now.

Dear sebastian let me put in a passcode. Felt safe. I ve been winning a low of 13 dropped by now with you as martin luther. America.

We guess what i now you throw in mizzou. Exact opposite. You know what would bata bata would let me tracking by vehicles approaching of 201. Red fucking 2017 to a difficult situation cause.

I know by he fast all right time to switch to plan. Hello geauga yes. All of this part of plan h. No.

I just thought. It was funny all right back to business. Hello shep toto all right listen to me if you turn your engine off not hoto. I m not gonna turn off my engine for no reason at all you ll get our free fault with over time do good job.

Oh ovid. But this is combat reference. I am doing this for garage. The other agency do you hate the halo you don t know to say when you re driving.

Yes grown to gift funny. We re faced with super. Max yes. Yes.


Later the point to me. No to house. Three a dome. In addition.

Norway. Ok listen to me from now on you will refer to me as charlotte villa charlie male alright. It was a shoot i m all you seemed worth their fuck was did you see that no i didn t our volcano have regard to that yes. Yeah.

It s made me how was that alright. My stalker keep racing at least you re in frontof leg leg right now if we inviting who isn t around why we kept origin and walks world because nothing can stop us. We re buenos dias pookie boy you re know what these sheet hello do is hello toto butts. Hey do you want know leclerc is literally throwing shit against me.

It s what kind of shit. The debris front wings bananas oh and ferrari. Hopes and dreams of winning a world championship can you now tell boat us to switch place with me we re going gonna invent full under me and it s chasing me down anime pronto surge. Oh yes.

Has been nada sorry. No entiendo well pizza. Oh sorry. Let me rephrase that doyle has been you dare.

I caramba. All folk mameul or food cutter. 22. Fox.

Now fox. Oh girdle food him holding. You had not made any difference now max you mature. What is this i don t know season here kevin magnussen is gonna join it to eat it all now they ve got to meet enough meat.

Enough valtteri bottas will be the first of the the big guns as it were to set their time. And we re chasing a 153 for pole position. Hamilton. Who s been on pole.

It was before a 115 takes over at the top sebastian vettel. Absolutely smashes that with a 151. Mr. Spinner toe her plants are going is very sort very fast v.

Clav saber this time will be very fast all thanks to tv ready master in gina s mmm. Hmm knock knock voltaire a super engine and now the final thing before we can accomplish our red ball. Master plan. Run spin dot x.

Okay. Wait. Pseudo spin. Oh.

You think yusuf. We have a question for max is it true that you work on spelling. And the yellow flowers don t sire sire sire peach. They need to be ok guys you know we haven t been the smartest.

The fastest. The most brilliant and surely not to the read s2 team out there but swathi no we still are a team and as such we can still fight against all odds. We targeter can defy all odds and win this bloody race are you with me pilots. Yes.


Boss good ok. We are into it. You lmao y x. Timmy.

Thank to the five paid avocados for nt song. I will learn how bad is the view of another one guys. Yes brilliant 70 are you just you like this. You don t see much of the tyres.

Let s say everything like this much of the tyre fiesh on the front right over night who hit you emil thore and who did you hit water. I don t see the problem female if i see the problem alright wait a minute renato my car is missing a tire what do you don t know wait a minute. I don t know my car is missing outta here what do we do what the fuck is that i hear ordinary don t fucking you know what do you mean with i don t fucking. Know you mean did we have an offer tink law.

S0 alright. Wait a minute hello. Crocodile dundee. Wait a minute.

Some problems. Oh ok take your time. Dear alright do you see night. I may have break.

This mexican guy do you remember hockey new system. The super ultra powerful brake system to just abandon. Oh look at the only guy out in this race. The only guy out hello crocodile dundee me me nor me boom.

If you re not first you re last boom well at least. I hope valkenburg is doing better than me can suture you me. Yes you queers over what s this this is a big need shane gasps. Oh.

We re the east river. Okay oh no happy trip points away from red oh and it s absolutely wrecked. It s me. I have now become speed well now no phoebe shaking and vine sebastian in yellow bin.

Motto crab walk understandable have agreed today i mean do something okay give me a mean. Order pronto. Feel hello p. Not he ll be alright.

Let me do something. When problem solve it now to the other one negative. How is it going oh. This was after they first after the under investigation.

A great chance of passing him here anyway well. This is how his side performance has changed quite from haven t you got it already valkyrie. It s over your tires aren t going to the end. While the one that i m going to get from this pit.

Stop are you lost of altieri. The race the championship everything sam is like jung s anatawa jung. Who said they have used a default. Economist iii disappear.

Duke. Ah everything is going well why do i hear about music. It s oh jesus christ. He fast pronto toto.


Oh hey champion what s up valtor he s fast oke is all tell him to slow down. I can t james started speaking japanese for no reason. I did what us isn t responding anymore alright. But you know who else is fast.

Boo max do something stop him how she feel if i take you. Except if he loses suddenly his space away. There are yellow flicks is that tighter. Hey kevin yes or i could check could be worse you should be aroused.

Alright lee. Expecting a motivational kind of speech or something like did but not today no better be faster well can i listen to some new hobby to iowa senior oh ellie yes my boy this race is too clean let s change that hey kevin awkward. Nordic in know nothing. I just wanted to let you know that i m your friend.

And no matter. What i ll always be the ad. Wash suites. Also he paddy hopper to your corner.

Is now my propriety. Butane fog. You yes was a roebling problem problema explain material cache shallow box new tire car vast williams to release that car a maxim do you remember on east at you again finally in the lead of the race. Why do i hear boss music.

Again come. Here. He will use omnia bono helped me how i need more power. Where the hell can i find more power.

I don t know you re. The expert here alright. I ve got an idea pronto valtteri. Let me respond oh you reckon.

I get my inking. I used to talk. Even a little bit more over to larry s right a small price to pay for some power looks like it doesn t it oh that s a huge shape for factory pot asses first retirement since germany safety car. But a strapless louis gang or no oh shit it s race time hey sean.

You know what is he sees no ito. She was i ve been studying the hottie to close the past five knots. I in faster than you so let me pass no make me bye charlie time for defining. Ferrari technique spin.

Nothing was mine not ye switch into maximum boner switch it to fall. But i kicked in hello son padhu asha. I mean dad i m driving. But me oh it s go fun that s your picture.

And it says something like spin. Alia yeah. He s waited so long he s not ready pushed it on the out lap and that for fuck s sake dad boy usual door lever plain pizza. Funny happened during the race lambos best moments on twitch 403 thousand years.

Oh my god that was the most like randomly weird thing i ve ever watched in my life. Why why did i have to watch that but anyway. I m going to stop streaming. ” .


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