Is Left 4 Dead 2 Worth A Purchase In 2019?

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“Guys the skin boat here and died. What i m gonna be bringing you guys guys is not a no man s sky video. I keep getting in the habit saying that and it s actually quite dangerous. But in today s video.

What i want to bring you is actually another one of these should you buy in 2019 videos and for today s episode. What when i look at is probably one of my all time favorite games. And that is left 4 dead. 2.

Now the reason. Why i m making left. 4 dead. 2.

The focus of this episode out of all of the games. Which i could make it on is simply because left. 4 dead. 2.

Recently has become something which i ve played a fair amount you know way more than i have in say the past few years. But also because it s such a well known game. Yet is actually 10 years old believe it or not some people are obviously going to wonder. If a 10 year old game is even worth a purchase nowadays and that is exactly why i m gonna make this video.

So guys please do sit back and relax. Let s get started alright. So first and foremost left. 4.

Dead. 2. Just has the most timeless gameplay. Going.

Even. Though. The game was released in 2009. And as i said that is somehow.

10 fucking years ago. It still holds up extremely well even to this day now because left there 2 is developed by valve in case. You don t know the game runs on the source engine. Which gives it a very distinct look and feel to the whole kind of experience you know the gameplay visuals audio all of that kind of stuff if you ve ever played a source game like half life portal team fortress.

2. Or what have you you know what i m talking about there s a very distinct feeling to valve games and left. 4 dead. 2.

Has that very very much what makes left. 4 dead. 2. So special to me as i said is just the gameplay the little things as well which add on to the gameplay things like the gore system.


Which is by far one of the most violent dismembering systems in a video game i think i have ever seen but also the source rag doll physics you know getting rushed by a fuck ton of infected and you re blasting him away. There s limbs flying off and the old rag dolling. It very complicated and pretty intelligent ways for a 2009 game. The source engine really does hold up and yes you know it s not the greatest looking game.

But because it is a valve game. It s kind of one of those things which you just expect you don t play valve games. And sauce games just for the graphics. You play it for the gameplay and left 4 dead.

2. Has some incredible gameplay to it now in the rare occurrence that you have never ever touched a left there game in your life. Then chances are you probably won t exactly understand how the gameplay plays out you know is it open world is it linear. What s going on with it well left.

4 dead. 2. Is obviously a sequel to the first left 4 dead. Game.

And they are both extremely similar in terms of their gameplay designs both games. Adopt this campaign formula whereby you have a campaign with four or five missions in that campaign generally speaking. I think left 4 dead. 2.

Has about five campaigns correct me. If i m wrong and as i said there s you know four to five missions in each campaign. Now when i say missions. I m not talking about objectives or anything like that i m talking about you literally start in a safe room and your goal is to reach the next safe room and then the safe room after until eventually you get rescued or there s an evacuation or something there is a story and there is kind of a goal and then left there to that is to find cedar until you know get evacuated away from the infected.

But each campaign just kind of plays out the same if you re big on story and plot twists and all of that shit it doesn t happen. There s an extremely basic story and the gameplay is really what sells you so each time you play. A campaign mission bearing in mind you don t have to do these. In order you can do them in any order that you choose you are simply going from a to b.

The mission will end and then you ll go to a to b. Again. It s a very linear game don t get me wrong. There are a couple points.

Where you might be a little bit lost. But for the most part you re heading in a general direction fending off zombies and basically staying alive. Hopefully the game played justice and if you want a more in depth look at how the game plays out that i suggest that you find some kind of breakthrough or a walkthrough down on youtube. But yeah left for the two has fucking good gameplay and again maybe it s kind of hard to show off in footage.

But when you get your hands on it and you start to do it yourself you really get what i mean. It s an extremely satisfying shooter probably one of the best shooters. I would say in terms of you know bullet impacts go ragdoll all of that stuff. It is just absolutely amazing now something which i really quickly want to touch on this.

A fact that left the two is so easy to run as i said because it s a source game and the source engine is fucking ancient and also just available to any device out there a samsung fridge could run left 4 dead. 2. Truly if you have a you know shit computer. If you have a basely computer.


It s just not going to be a problem whatsoever. There isn t some kind of competitive advantage. Because generally speaking is not pvp is pve. So it doesn t matter if you re getting 20 fps or a thousand fps.

You re gonna be able to run the game regardless of you know low settings higher settings. What have you it s extremely easy to run. And don t let the performance put you off and purchasing it alright up next. Something a little bit more girthier.

The fact that left 4 dead. 2. Is absolutely great with friends. Now the game is a co op game after all it s kind of made to be played with real players.

And not ai. You have the option to play offline with bots. You know the other three survivors will just be ai. And they ll follow you around and you always have to take the leader and you always have to do stuff.

And yeah. That s kind of fun and it s good if you have bad internet or something like that but for the most part the enjoyment of left. 4 dead. 2.

Comes from playing with real players. So you and three other friends can you know grind campaigns together you can do achievements together or generally. Just fuck around and have a damn good laugh. Now i myself haven t played left.

4 dead. 2. With actual real friends you know on teamspeak or something like that in absolutely years. So it s been a while since i ve experienced that but for my little shitty memory.

It was absolutely fantastic. It is basically the most essential cooperative game out there for coal kids on steam that have a shit ton of friends moving on now to something which i think a lot of people are gonna find helpful and that is the fact that you can always find multiplayer matches so lifted the as i said has a co op campaign where you can queue up with three other random players on the internet to do a campaign together this is what i do because i don t want to play with bots. But i also don t really have any friends to play it with and to talk to so i queue up with randoms and that is just accessible as fuck. It s so easy it takes you know under five seconds to find a match.

The ping is amazing. There s no kind of like hackers or latency issues. Or anything like that it s just extremely smooth and accessible. There are other game modes like vs and survival.

But i can t comment on them because the last time. I played them was probably about four to five years ago. So i m not sure if they are as populated as something like the co op campaigns. But considering just how popular the games community is on steam it s pretty safe to say that there is a sizable player base for basically all of the online game modes up next.

We have good old achievement whoring. Now. This is going to be something. Which is very precise to a select few players but left there too.


If you re into this has an absolute shit ton of achievements ranging from easy ones. Which you will do just playing casually to insanely difficult. Sweating punching levels of frustration. When you start getting into the realism expert stuff.

Where you ve got a complete campaigns. Without hardened on your own and shit like that that s when it gets really serious and really intense if you re willing to use people that really like a challenge or you just really like to perfect games and trust. Me. I ve had a phase.

Where i love perfecting games and a hundred percent in them. Then you will be right at home as i said if you re into that then this is honestly gonna be the thing since sliced bread for you now lifted there to also includes mod support. This is a given because after all it is a valve game and valve games are basically built by the community now because the game is available on steam. You can use the steam workshop to install mods and this makes things extremely easy and it prevents you from manually going into the games files and putting stuff in and removing stuff and all of that shit you click a button it adds it to the game you have a mod loader in the actual menus.

Which is first party. It s all extremely easy the left for there to modern community is absolutely hilarious you know you have weapon changes character models whole fucking campaigns that are just modeled in the source engine graphics improvements sound changes. Etc. Etc.

The only thing. I will say is that because it s a valve game. There is an extremely large percentage of the community that just absolutely jizz their pants over anime and you will find a lot of big titty golf girl anime player models and shit like that it s kind of weird. It s not really my scene.

But you know sometimes i do get a confused boner. When i m looking at all of these anime tits jiggling around and dead center. Anyway. I m just gonna move on left.

There to is always on sale as well you can usually pick up the game for something like three quid during steam sales you know the big ones like the summer sale the winter sale. It s always going to be on sale when there s a fairly large discount available. I probably wouldn t buy leather there too for full price not because he s shit or not because it s worth 15 pounds. But because it s on sale so frequently and for so little money you know we re talking like a couple pounds you might as well just wait until the summer sale the autumn sell when to sell etc.

Etc. It s a hella cheap game just like portal. 2 or any old valve game like half life. 2.

You know those kind of classics. Which always get shoved into the steam sales now moving on to the bad. And i won t lie i have a single thing which i can fault with left there too and that is because left there to me is just a fucking beautiful perfect game. But there s barely anything bad i can say about it one bad thing.

Which i will say and i wouldn t even call it bad because this really isn t nitpicking is the fact that left for the two is one of those games. Which you will bang out excessively for a week. Like you ll obsess over at your dream about where your wank over it. But then you won t touch it for months you just kind of forget it exists.

And you really go off the boil. And just play over stuff. And then you know years down the line. You ll be like huh.


I ve really fancy playing some left for bed as i said this isn t necessarily a bad thing. But i always have to be in a certain mood to play it you know it s not one of those games. Which you can just bang out all day every day. You d like i got a world of warcraft or some kind of mmo with crazy as grinding and shit like that no it s when you just want to shoot stuff and you don t care about in depth story.

You don t care about character progression. You just want a gun. And you just want flesh to blow up left. 4 dead.

2. Is fucking perfect for that but as i said if you re not in the mood. Chances are you re probably going to forget about it for a few months. But other than that i have literally zero complaints with the game.

There is not a single problem with gameplays stability. You know it patches whatever i mean he ll the game even gets updated sometimes. Which is fucking ridiculous. It s 10 years old it s basically only offline.

There s no kind of microtransactions or anything and valve still updates. It that s probably why they haven t made a fucking game. It is easily one of my favorite games of all time like seriously. I have so many good memories of playing it with friends you know sleeping around people s houses in 2009.

When it first came out and playing it all night and getting scared by tanks and stuff. Like that i just have so many fond memories of it and even in the modern day. Where we have such masterpieces like red dead toe and fucking. Other battlefield vagina.

It s sometimes nice to go back to a simple game burger game that still holds up really fucking well but genuinely holds up so well. And if the graphics weren t so dated you know if this game was ported to source. 2. It would be like it was developed in 2019.

It is truly for me kind of the golden age of gaming. So many great surrounding it and since left that there three will never be made well you might as well pick it up so guys. That is my review of left 4 dead. 2.

Should you buy it in 2019. Fuck yes. It s not even a question you should own it already every person that has the steam account owns left 4 dead. 2.

And if you don t you re a fucking weirdo buy left 4 dead. 2. It s a damn good game. So i just want to say thank you very much for taking the time out of your day to watch this video.

If you did enjoy it then please do feel free to leave i like honor and if you guys could also subscribe to ends. Okay then i d be absolutely fantastic and as always i will see you guys on my next. ” ..


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