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“Dude you shush eikleberry amen friend. Oh congratulations man congratulations that s awesome dude. All all right let me get g fuel. I just got to figure out what flavor.

Want what flavor should i have today. My friends. What flavor should i have i know zach lots of flavors dude. I just had peach iced tea.

I m gonna mix it up thanks luke man music let s deciding jigglypuff that s a sonny jigglypuff. It s right there it s right there it s right there that was a shut in jigglypuff come on come on tragically poop. I got one a shiny. The green eye beauty sonny jigglypuff.

His mind was go baby love baby. Yes. Let s go vulgar. Give.


It that raspberry. Oh come on come on come on come on come on a big snake slaughter bits that s what i m talking about sonny jiggly puff baby the normal playthrough continues. The drought is over. Oh.

My goodness still not my target. That s just that s the theme of my playthrough. But i will take a shiny jigglypuff dude. I will take it i did its song a lair.

I did dude you know what jade has returned. Oh. My goodness dude. That s it that s it dude.

Oh. My goodness. I thought i did this 32 bam. Now i think i think all the pokemon have increased odds dude regardless yo jacob makes the six bits man been here for four years what a legend isaiah with the five bits miltank.


Thank you i have to go thank you 64 under beds from lydia turnoff for flinty baby. That is what i m talking about thank you so much flynny for the 64 hundred bits. Oh. My goodness oh my goodness.

Thank you for that krabi. Thank you for the 33 months. That you kidding over the hundred bits. Thank you flinty for the sixty four hundred oh.

My goodness i got a shine jigglypuff team. I got a scientic be puffed team. Oh. My goodness.

Oh. My goodness thank you crabby 433 bro. Oh. Man it s not the shiny.


We were going for but i can t even be mad dude. I can t even mad. I feel like i said yesterday. I was getting jigglypuff dude.

I like really did but normal tiny badge cries. It s starting to feel that way check summary now someone i guess says what i want to do docile nature which i think there s my other shiny to you and defense girl. Bye double slap disable there it is dude we got the jiggly man let me change markings favorite bam tobias. Thank you so much man for the love and there it is man jigglypuff is ours man whoo all right.

Let me update. The layout here. Let me update. The layout here to kind of reflect everything i got the mono normal team apparently not intentionally alright jigglypuff man look at it oh my goodness there it is what s the nickname.

What guys what am i doing for a nickname thank you and in front over the ten bits that you have to go over the ten bits as well man. They all got a little green on on they re all normal times dude. Jade is my old school name. I think we got to go with it right jade is my old school name from a wigglytuff back in x.


Y. I actually got a shine jigglypuff named jade. So we re gonna stick with that and she s a beaut dude. She s a beaut let s take her out let s have her hang out behind us.

Here and take out a pokeball move pokemon and let s give her the i got here can i learn that hop in the bones baby with 2000. Bits. Thank you billy what s up dude thank you so much billy bones for 2000. Bits.

Weakening twenties boss big time there yeah i will take you man. I m just glad i got a shiny you know it s not it s not perfect. But we ll work with it can learn thunder wave to you music. ” .


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Jiiiiigggggglllllyyyyypuffffffffff Jiggggaaaaaleeeeeeee ZzzZzZzZ
Shiny Jigglypuff has us sleeping!
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While hunting for Shiny Growlite this beautiful green eyed Beauty of a Shiny Jigglypuff decided to pop up! While it wasn t the Shiny Growlithe I was hoping for, I can t be too mad over this cute little ball of fluff!

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