How To Safely Remove Birds From Your Chimney

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Wait timeout. What could possibly make a grown man so happy so relieved letss roll it back all right so. Heres the deal is getting ready for this morning and all sudden.
I heard a clamour coming from the wood stove. I think we have a bird in there or a squirrel if you remember back. I dont know probably six years ago.
At this point. I removed a bat from a house with the help of my good friend mark. Weve got a buck up on the lid.
It is to grab him in the bucket. One swift movement. Who is not with me this time so i think im on my own here to get this thing out.
Im not sure exactly what the plan is going to be yet music.

how to get birds out of chimney-0
how to get birds out of chimney-0

Either one of those are probably very good options. So sniffing around the camera here all right first plan of attack thats this baby gate or dog gate. That weve had sitting around if its a bird.
Im probably in trouble tinfoil or on the house. Im thinking twirl put my beds on right now shes blocking off the lower portion. I dont want to go underneath the couch and pattillo blocking off some gas in here make sure he doesnt run get behind my cabinets or anything were about to just go for this thing.
Well see what happens so normally theres a dog yet. I dont know kind of want them out for support. But if its a squirrel or bird that comes running.
Were going to be in trouble. Were gonna have a messy house. So way way too much effort for this.
Im sure im just going to open up the thing.

how to get birds out of chimney-1
how to get birds out of chimney-1

And its going to come trotting right outside good solution for the dogs come on good clothes. Good dog okay. Ill be right back.
If the squirrel comes in here. Sorry all right got the work gloves doors open merry christmas do this click off date. Im a scared little baby.
Im sure you can see that i dont know what im doing im about to release a bird into the house. I think so rather than just let the damn thing fall out and start flying. Im going to try to capture it in this blanket.
So music. Were just sitting here waiting for the dude to come out at this point. I think i just need to open up the doors.
See what happens let it come out and hope i can chase him out the door because im getting really late for work and just seem to be falling for my other tricks here so we go okay update time to birds.

how to get birds out of chimney-2
how to get birds out of chimney-2

Not chickadees to pretty big birds sitting in there just hanging out not looking like theyre ready to leave anytime soon. So not sure what the plan of attack is from here. But theyre just chilling right now the pile of ashes.
Im going to regroup for a second. See if i cant come up with a better plan otherwise professionals being called at least now. I know what im dealing with so.
Well see what oh music oh music you you know one thing. I learned. Today that the mind of this powerful thing take a harmless bird or two and put it in our personal space.
Something that you walk past. We repeat. And we show our kids and turn our worlds upside down and even bring a grown man music music.

how to get birds out of chimney-3
how to get birds out of chimney-3

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