How to pin a post on a Facebook page and in Facebook Groups

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“Guys mike from coach mike mcdonald. I m here in today s video i m m gonna walk you through how to pin a post to your facebook page as as in facebook. Groups. So let s get into it alright guys so here we are on the facebook page and to do this.

It s actually pretty simple. So i can just come here and scroll down and go to a post that i want to pin it so it takes a second to load. But as we re doing that you can do this with really any kind of posts. So i m gonna do this one.

That offers a free attraction marketing ebook and then also a video that talks about attraction marketing. So i can just click these three dots here and then hover over pin..

The top of page and just click on that alright now that i pinned it to the top of the page. I can scroll down and as you can see it s now the very first post that s going to show up so this is very powerful because you can use this strategy to get a lot of traffic to specific posts that you want to promote for your business. So again maybe. It s offering your lead magnet or the thing that you re giving away for free to generate leads for your business.

Maybe you want to get a lot of traffic to go to a specific post of yours that links to your blog or maybe a sales page. Or whatever the case might be as this pin post is there you re gonna continue to get a lot of traffic to this specific post. Because it s the first one everybody see is every single time so definitely a great thing to do on your facebook page. If you re looking to promote a specific post is to pin it on your page.

Now you can also do this over in groups as well making this very powerful. So i can just click home here go into groups and just take one of the groups that you actually started or that you own this is a group that i own and so it s a little bit different in the groups..

It doesn t have the specific pin feature. But it does have the ability to mark something as an announcement. So you can actually hover over it and click mark his announcement and then when you do that on a post. It actually adds it to basically an announcement tab.

Which is still the first thing that shows up so it s still very powerful thing to do. But it kind of groups them all into a category. So i can click here and see all announcements. So there s different ones that you can put in here.

So that s pretty cool that you have this option to kind of have like a pinned area almost or pinned group of posts that you can do that i ll hang out at the top. There s also a way to access that here right on announcements..

Which is cool. I also did a video on how to create facebook units within groups so it s very similar to this where it ll make that your default setting in a group. And then there could be certain activities. Certain tasks or the post people basically need to go through to advance in the group and access the next thing so kind of gamma phi s this concepts.

As well there s another powerful thing. But for just painting posts use the three dots in the business page at that button of in the top and then also over here in groups you can add something to announcements to achieve basically the same sort of things so again guys. This is how to pin a post to your facebook page and as well in facebook. Groups.

Well guys. Hopefully you got a ton of value out of this video..

And if you did feel free to comment and share. And then also if you like to learn how to implement attraction marketing in your business. And learn how to get a flood of buyers and attract leads and sales to your business through attraction marketing definitely download my free attraction marketing secrets ebook. There s going to be a link below this video that you can access my free attraction marketing secrets ebook.

So go ahead and click the link below this video to download your free attraction marketing secrets ebook to help you take your business to the next level. But they ” ..

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