How to Open the Nintendo Switch Kickstand

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“Guys what s up it s tim and today. I m gonna be making a a nintendo switch video on a topic that i ve been looking online like on and i ve seen some people having similar problems that i was having. But besides just kind of users kind of replying to each other i haven t really seen like a dedicated youtube video to this or like a dedicated proper article to this so today. I m just going to be talking about a problem that i had right out of the box.

And the solution that i found and that is getting the kickstand out initially now i know that i know that sounds super simple and may be laughable for some of you that didn t have that problem. But for me whenever i got the switch out of the box..

I was having like an impossible time getting this kickstand to come out so that i could sit it on the table and play it in tabletop mode. And so much so that i was just sitting there with my fingernail just afraid. I was gonna like scratch the console or just break the kickstand and my wife just kind of came in and just plopped it out and i was like how did you do that and she showed me and so today. I m gonna be showing you guys what she did and what she showed me and the method that she used and it s really simple.

I m gonna be kind of using the right joique on as a bit of a reference point so whenever you are looking at the bottom of your switch. You can see the kickstand right here..

What you re gonna do is you re going to run your finger along the very top of the kickstand. The part that s actually touching the console. There you ll see two lines. The bottom line.

That s towards the bottom of the console is not the top of the kickstand. It s actually as close to the console as you can get and what you re going to do is you re gonna run your finger along that until you get to the corner..

That s closest to the right joique on and you re gonna just kind of put your fingernail into that corner and then pry from that corner. And it should just pop right out there it is there it s popped out just so you can see that kind of you know if you were to just be playing games with a friend and you wanted to do that quickly you would just right there from the right corner. Give this video a thumbs up if it helped you out and subscribe. I ll be releasing new videos.

Every single week related to tech or entertainment. And reviewing things in those realms..

Just a ton of awesome stuff. Thank you guys for hanging out with me. ” ..


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