How to Jailbreak PS3 With CFW on Firmware 4.86 or lower

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” s going on guys. It s your boy or two. I here today. We re re gonna make a quick tutorial showing you guys how to jailbreak your ps3 on firmware for point eight six shout out to juni and the developers for getting this update to us really fast so if you guys messed up and accidentally updated from four point eight five to four point eight six you can now update to four point eight six and get custom firmware or if you have one of those ps3 s that can t get custom firmware.

You can also upgrade to four point eight six and get ps3 hen. Both options are now working and viable on four point eight six but in this tutorial. We re gonna show you guys exactly how to get the custom firmware side to it because it s a little bit different than how it was in previous things with the new exploit tool on ps3 exploit. It s actually a lot simpler too so let s get into it a couple things that we re going to need we re going to need the hybrid firmware.

So you just go to google and type in four point eight six hfw and then you re gonna go to this one right here from psx place. And it s gonna take you to this when you come down. Here. You can click this link right here that says download four point eight six point one alright.

So. This is gonna be the hybrid firmware that we need to install on our ps4 ps3 first that is important because without this you will not be able to get the custom firmware installed all right next thing. We need to do is go to four point eight six rebug lite and click on this here. And it s going to pull up this link just scroll all the way down to the bottom and you can download for rebug four point eight six one line addition and the rebug toolbox the toolbox you won t necessarily need for this tutorial.

But you absolutely have to download this this is going to be the custom firmware so now when you have that downloaded and everything to go we re gonna go ahead and plug in a usb drive into our computer. All right and we re going to just format this here make sure it s fat32 label it whatever it s going come on sony. I guess and i start and with the format complete letterpress close and full power usb now and we re gonna create a new folder. Okay.

It s gonna be called ps3 all caps and inside that folder created a new folder and call it update. And then inside that folder as we were going to put the the hybrid firmware okay so the hfw that we downloaded is what we re going to put here so let me pull it up here. See if i can find it elmo s ok so inside of this your firmware is not gonna be labeled like this what you need to do is right click. And rename it and make sure.

It is titled like this so you should just delete everything before it and make sure. It says ps3 up dot dot pup and then you re just going to drag and drop that into our usb and then we re going to right click ejected now. We re gonna just switch over to the ps3 side of thing alright guys now that we re on the ps3 as you guys can see i m already running rebug. I m already running four point eight six one here and i ll show you guys that let me just get.

My roller here all right so go over to my a system settings. Which is right here. And about no system information. Version four point eight six.


Okay. So you can see we re running version four point eight six and as you can see here. A running custom firmware. There s no hand here we re running cfw.

So what s your heart. What s your flash drive plugged in the first thing. I want to do is go to system update and update. Via storage media.

And you want to make sure. This says. Four point eight six point one hybrid and exploitable and you also want to make sure you install this firm or twice just to make sure that everything installs correctly. So we re gonna go ahead and install this for a more i mean this is gonna format.

I m gonna lose my custom firmware but that s fine i just wanted to show you guys you know that everything is working so we re gonna go ahead and update to four point eight six one alright guys so as you can see i ve updated and you can see i lost my custom firmware. But just fine and let s go over to our system settings. And just make sure everything is looking okay system information. Four point eight six ok.

Let s go back to the computer. And that is where we will be kind of finishing things off there for the last time plug your usb drive into your pc. Alright. Now that we have our usb drive plugged into our pc.

We need to get the a custom firmware loaded onto there so let me pull up the custom firmware from that link that you downloaded from the reebok site. It s gonna give you another link here this is the actual link to the download. And it also has the hash now first thing you want to do is go ahead and go to the website and download this right it s gonna be an automatic download just press that and then you also want to go to nd5 checkers so just google search md5 checker and go to the first one here online md5. Now.

What this is gonna do is just make sure that everything installed properly. So we re gonna take this file here and we re just going to rename it and delete everything. But the ps3 update copy that go to our flash drive go to ps3 update. Delete that one and then paste.

The new one in you okay so with that in file now we need to check the hash and make sure that s fine so make sure from your usb so from our usb. We re gonna click on the update file reopen that text file and copy this this md5 code paste it in here and press compare you just want to make sure that that s a green checkmark. Because this is the update file that could ultimately destroy your ps3. If this does not match all right so.


Now that we got our custom form or loaded onto here you also could go ahead and download some homebrew while we re here so just go to store brew allergy calm and homebrew and you just want to find multi man or something like that any homebrew that you need but multi man is probably you know a good starting point here. So let s go on back to our ps3 and everything else will be on our ps3 from here on out all right so now that we re back on our ps3. We need to go over to our web browser and ignore that the homebrew is already here as you can see this is just because it was previously jailbroken. If i tried to access anything any of my home brews here.

It s just going to tell me that it s not gonna work all right. An error has occurred. So we need to go to our web browser and here. We re just going to back out and go to ps3 exploit.

Calm cuz. The v2. Flash rider and dimers. Have been retired hen.

Users must use h. Fw for point. 86. All this stuff.

So. This is saying that the old dumpers are no longer used instead. We re just going to be using the bg toolset. So open up the bg pulse.

Toolset and this is important right here guys. This is how you ll know if you don t already know. This is how you know if your ps3 can load custom firmware don t try to load custom firmware. If the toolset tells you that your ps3 is not compatible.

Okay. If the toolset keeps getting errors. So we since we installed that firmware we need to reboot our console. But right here it tells you if your ps3 is cfw compatible.

If it is not compatible. I repeat do not try to load this tutorial instead you want to load hen. You do not want the old custom firmware. You will break your ps3.


So since it told us to give our ps3 reboot. Let s just go ahead and do that real fast. Which makes sense because we didn t reboot after we installed the firmware. So let s do that real fast alright.

So here. We are fresh out of a reboot. So we re gonna go right back to our web browser and right back to ps3 exploit. Comm and right back to the toolset alright.

So as you see we didn t get an error this time. That s good so let s go over to flash memory manager. Okay. So this is pretty important the first thing gonna do is go to flash memory click x on it and you want to save flash memory backup so this is gonna and make sure your usb drive is plugged in we re gonna save that to our usb.

What this is what this is gonna do is save the dom pacs file. This is basically the original hex file that you need stored on your just in case anything goes wrong this will help you you know restore your ps4 back to normal. But this is a pretty safe process so we re gonna go ahead and save that okay now that that s done we re going to go ahead and click close so the next thing we need to do is patch our ps3 to be able to accept the custom firmware patch. So what you re going to do is going to go to a flash memory patch it s going to click on it and you re going to click download patch file and download to your usb and what this does like i said is it patches your your ps3 to be able to accept a custom february.

So then you re gonna go to load patch from file. So now we need to load that patch so click on this little arrow. Thing there to open up the folder and click the no fsm patch 486 bin and click load. Okay now that the load is now that it s loaded now we need to apply it so click on it one more time and apply loaded patch.

Now this might take like a minute or so. So we will come back says patching. The ps3 flash memory can break your console. It should never be done casually.

There is no way to polish or cancel the patching process beyond this confirmation dialog are you sure you want to continue so make sure that there s make sure that you re totally fine nothing unplugs or anything. While this is happening. But otherwise you should be okay just press yes here and like i said. This is gonna take like a minute or so so we will be right back once.

This is done all right guys. So that s a almost two minutes a minute 59. But we got two notification saying. It s done and everything s good and to reboot our console.


You just want to press. The log make sure everything looks good a patch operation completed without errors is what we re looking for and that is what we got so press ok and close and before we can start our custom firmware. Let s just go ahead and reboot the console. One more time so that way that that patch is applied properly all right now after that successful reboot.

We need to install our custom firmware. So once. Again. Go to system.

Update. Update. Update. Via storage media.

And now. It says. We re going to install four point eight six point one reboot rebug light. We re just gonna press ok there and this install is fairly quick so just press.

Accept it says do not turn off the system during the update. If you do you may not be able to restart the ps3 system once the update is start it you cannot go back to the previous version of the system. Sorry software. So that s fine just press start and as you can see this update.

Does not take long at all alright and then after that lengthy update you guys can see our startup. Said rebug instead of the ps3 and since i already had packages loaded from my previous cfw custom firmware install they re automatically gonna load up but what you would want to do after you find all your custom. You are all your home brews is go to package manager install package files and then you can start. Installing your homebrew.

So i don t have any because i ve installed all of them make sure you install the rebug toolbox. Which is you guys can see i have right here and then you re all good to go hope you guys enjoy your custom firmware on four point eight six. If this video helps you out make sure to leave a like down below. And like i said if you are on a ps3 that is not capable of running this custom firmware you are not out of luck.

Yet because ps3 hinn is out and it is a similar process. But not quite the same make sure to drop a like guys and ” ..

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