How To INSTANTLY Improve Mechanics & Game Sense in Fortnite Season 2 – Tips & Tricks

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” s going on guys. It is your. But a beijing guy the one and only only keith allen from my house on that couch man and we re bringing this you because we believe in you guys. I m so excited about you know what we re doing here at pro guys man so many great things but anyways man.

I just want to encourage you like i want you to set your goals like super high don t ever give up on your dreams don t ever give up on you know your vision like no matter. How big you think. It is okay so belief for the impossible you can do it i believe in you guys so going pro for tonight man. It is a long difficult journey.

I mean it really really is but you know you can make it you know if you give it your all you know thousands of people have tried and really only a few people have actually really gotten pro. But the people who make it persevere. The people who make it don t give up the people who make it have a strong mindset not to give up just because things get hard you know we have experts here. I pro guys that are gonna bet that helped us in this video today give you guys the inside scoop on how to go from average to a pro player so for our question of the day.

This is our question of the day. You know why do you want to go pro. Like what s what s driving you what is your fuel. What captivates.

You what is your purpose. So you know let me know in the comments down below on why you want to go pro. I m really curious to find out alright guys. It s about that time ladies and gentlemen around the world.

I m on my couch. And i m feeling so comfortable. So it s time to screen inside with me man. It s time to sit back come on relax and grab some of my favorite candy.

I got this bag right here is that bunchy crunch and let s get this dog. Win. And also if you want some inside tips on how to improve even further from advanced building and editing tips to gain sinks and scrimm tricks or anything else yo. We got you covered alongside our exclusive written content and courses.

We also have 20 for seven undermanned coaching from pro players to give you guys an edge. So if you want to take your next step on your four night journey head on over to pro guides calm today so having a bat mentality. In four night is easily like one of the biggest setbacks for the average player right but simply like if you think bat you re gonna play bat when it comes to your mentality. There s one mindset that s gonna set you guys ahead.

But it s gonna take time to practice and learn this mindset guys. I m talking about today is called the improvement..

Mindset essentially like what you want to do with the improvement. Mindset is train your brain not to get mad all the time and instead use every single death every single loss as an opportunity to learn and improve as a player because you know the harsh truth is this every time you die you did something wrong in some way right and every single game. You don t literally get first place. Eliminating every single other player in the lobby with perfect headshot accuracy.

You know within the literal seconds of landing. There s something that you can find and improve. The goal. You know what this mindset is to stop getting mad stop tilting stop raging or whatever and just rewire our brain to think positive.

And just really look at where we can improve instead of just sitting there and just getting mad all the time you know what i mean like we can improve the issue is this it s a long and difficult process to employ this mindset unless you have like an insane just amount of sub discipline. Because you know to employ this mindset you know simply just do it you know for a while you re still gonna get mad i get it. But if you truly want to improve and really care about being the best and not just trying to fool your own ego by playing it ll eventually fall into place so overall. If you try you know just try your best to just use this mindset.

Every single time you die. And eventually after enough you know repetition and just doing. It over and over again your brain is gonna begin to do this on its own. This is a great mindset because it s a sort of all in one package.

You know you ll reduce anger until increase your motivation and you re gonna improve at the game at the same time alright guys second up we ve got scheduling and efficiency. So contrary to what you know most you guys think going pro and four night doesn t actually take you know. 12 hours 10 hours or you eight hours a day all right in fact you can honestly go pro in fortnight with this little s. Three or four hours a day.

Okay so the key to do this is just being efficient. You know if you re messing around and doing useless stuff. But you re playing 10 hours a day you won t get nearly as far as someone who does you know focused and intense practice for even one hour. So to maximize the efficiency of your practice.

There are three different steps all right so the first one is this setting a schedule. Many of us are sitting at home right now so this should be easy whether you play two hours or ten hours per day right now like have a set schedule for everything in your schedule. Include ample time for everything that you want to practice and balance. It to just maximize your benefit right all right.

So let s go for a quick example of schedule. An example might be like this alright. So in the morning you got about 7 30. Which i know most of you guys probably get up at 12 30.

But whatever all right you get ready and then you go to school you know or work until 4 00. All right this is obviously when everything starts back once you get home at 4 00..

You spend two hours working you know on whatever you need to finish up right. And then you just hop on at four ninety six. So you spent four hours on fortnight each day you began with the 20 minute practice routine and kovacs. A new trainer and then you move on to free building and create it for another ten minutes to get some practice building and editing it right along with the decent warmup and you re gonna be ready to play from here and i mean like right here you re gonna spend 15 minutes box fighting against players from a scrim discord and another 15 minutes doing build fights both to strengthen your mechanics and then once you re all done and creative you re gonna head into arena and just grind out some solo games for like an hour in these games.

You re gonna focus on getting into engagement and practising your fights after this take a 10 minute break just to clear your head you know get some water you know a snack whatever okay so from right here you re gonna spend 15 minutes vaad reviewing your games and just sitting out like what you can improve on after your quick. Vaad review session. Write down everything you found and just head into your solo scrims for the next hour or thirty minutes playing for mostly like in game. You know just to practice those stacked earned me games finally all the way at the end you re gonna spend another 15 minutes about reviewing and just taking notes and just wrap it up for the night alright.

So let s just think about this for a second in four hours. What was accomplished in training building and editing practice right box fights. Build fights and an our of arena debut key and fighting practice an hour and a half of screens. And thirty minutes worth of vadra viewing.

So most people wouldn t get half of this done in a 10 hour session. That s the beauty of structure and efficiency right with the schedule. So even if you don t have any time constraints right just having solid structure in your routine. You know that s gonna help motivate you guys like a lot and just really get a lot better practice and really improve like exponentially more than you ever have all right guys so moving on from having structure.

I like to discuss something that you know you may have heard in the last section. Called vaad. Reviewing do you have floppers. It s the final thing okay after that this is a decision right here i either staying in zone or in your playing yo game and buddy s gonna go down or or both have to dive in at the same time so bob reviewing basically refers to this alright rewatching gameplay.

The spot mistakes and improve on your weak points or just to see like what a pro player does you know so that you can just replicate. It essentially okay. There are two types of vadra views. Third person.

Which is just watching another player and first person. Which is watching yourself if you want to learn new tactics and strategies you can implement into your gameplay. You know a third person bad review is definitely for you on the other hand. If you want to spot your mistakes you know in your gameplay.

And just improve on them. A first person. Bot review is definitely best for you any type players kind of tell you how crucial. It is to just do both of these things and each of these vadra view styles are extremely important to learn.

And it proved it for tonight. So we re not gonna go too much in depth here..

But you know if you want to learn more about bad. Reviewing and just like how you can do it yourself to improve. And learn we ve got you covered in the description down below. We re gonna throw in a link to a video from a few months ago where we covered every single thing you need to know about bob reviewing and hey like while you re down there check out the links on our instagram as well facebook twitter.

You know what we just usually post updates and extra content for you guys to enjoy you know shameless plug alright guys so you set up an amazing practice program right and you have the perfect mentality. Right bob. Reviewing your game. And those are the pros and you re improving at a crazy rate good for you that s that s awesome a proud of you but i told you pro guys has you covered so all the more reason to subscribe right all right so.

The next step is to move up in the ranks and who wants to do that all right so once you re completely confident in your skills. And you re ready to take the next leap of faith you re going to move to the next level all right so to move up in the ranks and for tonight. There are multiple things that you can do the first is called a ladder. And it s featured in a number of big scrim servers like east.

Open. You know eu open atlanta s and others basically a ladder is a series of three to five days. You know usually like four to five hours per day of just straight up tournament style game. Play and usually the top ten to thirty players at the end of the ladder rank up if you play enough for these and just rank up high enough you can reach higher leads and eventually unlock better scrims against pro players in the coveted pro servers simply name the practice server so you know that s the most elite server of all and really it s accessible to anybody if you just simply grind your way up the second option is to simply just play in tournaments in the game.

You know with f in cs you know daily duel cups. So low cash cups and more all over the place. You know even. Though.

The prize pools are nuts. At the moment. That was really a great time just to hop in these open tournaments and just prove yourself by placing higher and honestly if you can begin placing pretty high in these tournaments and just gathering some attention you re gonna be reaching that pro level in no time alright. So now that we re getting into the nitty gritty stuff.

The information that you guys want to know if you manage to go you know through with it all and reach a professional level right. It s coming up this section is about teams and orgs first off like if you re a pro player don t join any teams for no benefits. That s a first huge issue right and really one too many up and coming players get stuck at that you know orgs are supposed to benefit you while not taking too much from you usually a team you know will offer a salary to play under their name sometimes taking a portion of your earnings sometimes not and it s really up to you to decide if it s worth it you know other teams might be more of a klout team and not offered direct salary. But you know good publicity and the tension and potentially some connections and pro teams that might will be able to take you to the next step.

These teams are still great and can offer great benefits. If they you know have enough of a good reputation of following especially if you create content and you re trying to grow that as well so this is all the stuff to keep in mind if you end up considering joining a team finally guys okay so once you ve grinded your way up. And it s all working now. Which is gonna take a very long time and it s gonna be a difficult process can t lie about that.

But you know you can do it you need to keep up that motivation and grind to keep listening to your motivation guy you know i m saying pro players. See you know summer success and they have so much motivation and then it all comes crashing down when they suddenly don t fill it anymore..

No no no why why why why why why why why this might even happen. If you re at a lower level or you re just grinding away up the best way to avoid losing motivation is to remember you know what you want and like why do you want it like what is the purpose like what is the endgame here right whether you keep it in your mind you just write it in a permanent marker across your entire wall. What you probably shouldn t do if you live still with your parents. But you get what i m saying you just have to like have it stamped in your mind man like stamped.

You know like your motivation behind it essentially you know you just want to keep in mind. That you know you re working towards like why you want it like however you need to do this you got to do it. If you keep up the motivation and continue to grind you should be fine alright. So going prone for night.

It is really difficult you know it can t be draining and it can be a long process. But you know if you manage to break through the barrier in succeed you re gonna be so proud and the grind it s gonna pay off if i can give you guys one more piece of advice you know before heading out it s to keep your motivation and just really to keep grinding. But don t let it control your life be sure to maintain balance alright and do other things to balance your life out that s really gonna help you guys in the long run. You know a pleasure.

Who has an outside life that they enjoy and place five hours a day. Honestly they re gonna see more success than someone who just sits down all day it does nothing except blame for tonight. I know like what the buyer is going on and all this stuff you know it could be really difficult you know more than ever. But you still have to do your best right you still have to find balance whether it s going for a 10 minute walk around the block you know going for a drive or just hanging out with family make sure to maintain the balance and enjoy your life.

Even while you re playing on fortnight right trust. Me you ll thank me later so with all that being said. I really hope you guys enjoyed this video on that journey to becoming a pro player as well alright you can do it man. I believe in you guys if you enjoy our content here on pro guys channel.

And you want to see more of it it wouldn t be a ton a bunch like a bunch of crunch. If you could subscribe and you could drop a like alright. If you want some more pro secrets and strategies. Our website provides come house you guys covered all right finally.

If you want to support us. Even. Further you can use code pro guys in the for night shop as well and with that being said man. I want you guys to keep growing keep grinding and to never give up and i believe in you guys.

I am your number one fan once again this is your guy. That s right your motivation guy. The one and only your friend keep allen follow me on my instagram. I would love to connect with you at your motivation guy peace.

” ..

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