How to Install Project Cars 2 mods, Multiple Cars + .exe Cars Explained

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“We are with the updated tutorial on how to install mods for project. Cars. Now. Now.

This is on the author website project cars modding team and here we have updated boot files as well as a bunch of cars here so i ve downloaded a few of them and i m just going to install them and show you how to go about doing that and so you can see here exactly what i ve downloaded i have boot files the six point 00 00. Which is the most current and up to date we have the ferrari for 5 8. If for 30. The focus rs the lfa they are x even if i see the drift tuned is 14 and a porsche 911 gt3 okay so my next install was going to be the lexus lfa which is also an exe install so i went to run that and it requires a copy of shift to unleashed which i don t have and you can t seem down to get past it so that s a shame.

If you don t have a set of course. That you won t be able to install the ferrari 4 5. 8. Then and if you don t have shift to unleash.

Then you won t be able to install the lexus lfa go into steam and then project cars and you want to right click on the name over here on the left click on properties. Local files browse local files that brings you into the main install of the game. Now. I already have two cars here installed the fc and the tuned is 14.

So we go back and open up jes gme and you ll see these are activated at the moment. So i m going to deactivate all takes a couple of seconds. Okay and now i m going to delete that and we re going to delete the mods folder. So now we re basically back to a fresh install there s no mods at all installed.

We re going to open up our boot files. Most up to date which we can see here so we re gonna get jes gme..

Dot. Exe and we re just going to drag that over and do the main install and there we have it so now from here you re gonna run it and it s gonna ask you where you want to install your mods. So all you do is just click ok. It s going to create a folder called mods up in here.

And then it s gonna open itself. And that s what we have to do with that at the moment. So we can close out of there and go into a mods folder ok and now that our mods folder is set up we have our boot files here so we re just going to drag this entire folder over and drop. It into mods and there we go just like that and now we can close out on this is up here was ralph i ll now we re gonna pick a mod and because this was the first one that was out that i was interested in irie downloaded the new version will be 160.

And we just drag that over to so now that we have the boot files and the car. We re going to go back over here and open the readme and we just scroll down past everything here. There s this one here so you want to go into boot files and then vehicles boot files vehicles scroll all the way down to the bottom and you have vehicle list you want to right click open with and then just pick notepad now you want to go down into. Where the car would fit in an alphabetical order so we re gonna go vehicles down to ferrari and then you go ferrari and then whatever number so we yeah we re ferrari and then we want to go to if so we would be in here.

If 4 30. So come enough for the f40. So free just go to the end of f40 and press. Enter and put in your liner.

We go over here copy this and paste it in there and then you want to save. And you can close vehicle lustre now going back into the vehicles folder. And the boot files you want to scroll back up to you find physics go into there and go into drive line. And then also open this file with notepad and just scroll right down to the very bottom.

And you ll get to end and then all these hashes so have these hashes you want to press into it twice. And that will give you nice even spacing jump back over to the read meet and copy all the stuff here and paste it under the hashes..

But before end so you get this you get record rear wheel drive modern dual clutch ferrari f430 that s all good from there you can just go and save that and close it i got now from there if you go back to your boot files you back. All the way back out to the main install go down to jis gme. Again and run that and then you ll see here you have boot files and your car. So you want to get your car and enable that okay and then you want your boot files and you want to enable that so you might get this pop up.

Which wants to ask if you would like to enable the mod even though these folders already exist. And that s not a problem. You just click yes. That may pop up for cars.

That may pop up for boot files. It doesn t matter just click yes. And everything should be fine. Now.

That s done we have our car and boot files now you always want to activate boot files last so now that s done we can close out of lat and and games should be ready to run. But if you open project cats. Too okay now that we re in here. We ll just step down to private testing.

Why do you want me to see this or the own all the stuff. Okay private testing. We ll go and slip and vehicle so it was a ferrari. So we ll go back up to ferrari and we can see that car is right there so jump in we ll select that and see that s the date time so doesn t look as bad.

Oh wait. No that s midday..

Forget about it okay. We ll start and here. We are we re in the race. We re just gonna hit start before tea but units there and i m just playing with a controller at the moment.

But you can see everything is working fun just jump in the cop lights. We have wipers we can drive it okay we re back out of the game. We re gonna go back into our install. We re going to go to j s.

Gme open that up again and we ll see we have both our mods installed activated so gonna deactivate and boot files okay and let s say we re going to install a 911 gt3 we ll open that one up and we have these jump back over here we ll open our mods folder drag this over and drop it in like that and we ll open up our readme. So you can get the tick s lines that we need to change jump back into our boot files vehicles right to the bottom i m gonna buy a vehicle list so we need vehicles gt3 so that would drop in here after janita. But before honda cause it s cheap in tea paste. It in there and save.

And then we get back up to physics drive line open drive line take this and copy you right down to the bottom hit enter twice. So we can space it out it was one too many just like that just give a looking nice and neat. And we see we ve just put this one in here under the f430 then save go back out to install do you see me open. And you can see that i don t have to close us.

That keeps even except me so it take air portion and 11. We will enable it and you get lots of this stuff popping up. Yes. And we take our boot files.

And enable that. And just click..

Yes. Again okay. And then we ll reopen. Projectiles.

Cool. And here. We are so we ll just jump straight in and we have a car like you get a few months that come in as just an exe. We re just gonna run that and see what happens here i need to prove that i have set up closer that s a lot of pumpin steam steam epps come in sit up closer there we are i can tell need to never get to this folder here.

Oh. We need to go into mods uh. Huh. And install okay.

Now let s support our four five eight into mods folder. I m just gonna jump in here vehicles down to the bottom vehicle list and these have to be installed in the same way so we go down here and get a line of text we need for vehicle list. So we are we ferrari for five eighths we jump in here save go to their up to physics drive line open drive on a game drop to the very bottom now we go here under air you copy you and it 911 gt3 you paste that in nope space that out okay and save that go back over to air man install jsg me open that again yeah boot files take that out put a four five eight in yep and put their boot files back in yep. Okay.

That s all done. And you know we open up. A dist and now here. We are in game.

With one that just runs off an exe install and it looks like everything or it s the same ” ..

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