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“Applause hello ello ello youtube. This is video crazy machine here and today i am am going to show you how to get infinite money in skyrim. But let me say something first this isn t actually infinite money. It s just basically you can get as much free money as you want and the more time you spend on this the more money you ll get so yeah.

And this isn t using any hacks or cheats. Like i m not using the developer console. Or anything. Just normal stuff that you could even do on the xbox or a ps3.

If you re playing so first of all you have to go to dawnstar so dawnstar. I really don t have the map that will memorized that solitude this feels like a weird angle. There s dawnstar okay so first of all you need to go to dawnstar so it just let me just loads go into dawnstar that looks so weird so they ll be you ll see these khajiit vendors here sometimes sometimes they ll be here sometimes they won t so. If you re not here.

I mean if the if the khajiit vendors aren t here if they re not here just go off. And do something or like wait or something. But sometimes they re not here sometimes they are so if they re not here. You should just go and do things for a while and then come back to when they are here so then next.

Thing you need to do is over this way is the dawnstar hidden chests and so you get to this by going right here by the mine. The reason why it has different mines. There is because i mean different names for all the buildings because i got a mod for that normally that s not in skyrim. It s called cartographers.


It s like the cartographers map markers or something. But yeah so to get to this chest. You just need a crouch right in between these rocks. And it ll say search chest and in here is literally everything that the khajiit person that sells the stuff has in their inventory that you can buy from them.

But taking anything from here is not stealing so you can take all of this stuff. If you have the carrying capacity. I do because i m playing on a cheated character. Because it just got too annoying not having enough space for everything see i ve got tons of carry weight stuff.

But yeah. This is everything they have and so you can take all of this for free do are because i can carry stuff and take it you can take it all out of the chests for free. It s not stealing and then you come back over here to the khajiit and and then the person that actually sells the stuff. What the crap is she are they fighting like a bear.

What s going on over here. Where s the khajiit is this right so many other feels yep okay. They call a speech. So then you say what have you got for sale and they still have all that stuff even though you have it and so you can just go and sell all the stuff that you picked up back to them so i can sell her all this oops.

I don t want to sell her my head. Many arrows so all the stuff you took from there you can sell to her and even stuff that you already have you just can sell all of the stuff. Until as you can see she has only 26 gold left. Which isn t enough to buy much so then what you did her you set her gold as you just make us save and killer and then reload the save.


What okay i reload. The save. And her inventory will be reset. Maybe.

She will have a thousand gold again or not not a thousand seven hundred fifty and then you could also just buy her stuff to be able to sell off even more year stuff. But yeah also the chest is reset now because we did this so you can take all the stuff back. And so you can just keep on repeating this process by take from the chest sell the stuff from the chest to her then kill her then take from the chest sell the stuff to her and kill her and you can just keep on repeating that process over and over again until you have like 9 million gold or something if you can even get that high. But yeah you can pretty much get as much gold as you need from this and also if i sell her anything like let s say i sell her this ebony bad lakhs.

I don t care how much gold. I don t really care. So that every battle axe that also appears over here. Oh great don t shoot me what did i do seriously superboy ever.

I think a so i sold her that evany bad lakhs and now if i go back here and to the hidden hidden chest. She could chest whatever that evany battle axe should be here huh. What huh last time. I tried this yeah last time.

I did this everything that you would sell to the khajiit. It would appear in this chest. But i guess that doesn t work anymore because when i did that it was in a different update. But yes you can take and that s weird and so basically you can just keep on taking the stuff selling it to her killing her then taking the stuff again selling it back to her and killing her and you can literally just do that as many times as you want until you have as much gold.


As you need and also the really nice thing. I m sorry not the really nice thing. What am i saying the the thing that you can do to reset people s inventories by killing them. And then reloading the save before they were dead.

It works with literally any vendor. So i ll just demonstrate this i will go down here and whores on where s the guy. We re just rose leaf whatever his name time is that he might be. Inside 7 00 am.

Okay. I ll just wait an hour. Whatever there and so yeah just this works just anything so i can go say i need like a bunch of iron. So i buy all of his iron ingots and so he has no more even if you go out looking to protect yourself.

And go back in still has no iron ingots and i can also i ll just sell them some of my stuff. Well maybe. I didn t sell her they had been a battle axe after all okay just you can just sell him the stuff. Until he has no gold then so he doesn t have the iron that i supposedly need and he doesn t have the gold to buy stuff from me.

So. Then you just save and hit him down reload. The save before you killed him and caban. Know now he has all the armory you need i mean him sing armor maybe he has all the stuff again he has iron.


He has his iron again and he has his gold back. So i can sell him even more my stuff. So yeah. That s that s how to get pretty much this is a much gold as you need in skyers.

I hope you enjoyed and i hope you i hope i hope this helps you if you need gold and so and just a little bit of credit. It s not i wasn t entirely the one who discovered this i just kind of whimper. Heck. I just kind of put the like pieces together because other people discovered the hidden chests.

I was not the one that discovered the hidden chests and somebody else discovered that music the glitch what the heck ancient nord 4x somebody else discovered the glitch that the that resets our inventory. But i m pretty sure yeah i discovered that the stuff in the chest was her stuff. And i just kind of put the pieces together of the hidden chests and the glitch and stuff to make it so you can actually like get all the gold so i don t exactly remember who discovered the stuff. But it s not entirely me so some credit is due to other people.

But i i put the pieces together and turned it into it is infinite gold glitch. I guess so yeah i hope you enjoyed i hope this helps you don t forget to subscribe to be notified when new videos like this are put out and video crazy machine out music music. ” ..


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Today I show you how to get infinite gold in Skyrim! This does not use the developer console or mods, and works on every platform! Hope you enjoy!

Don t ask me to add you on PS3 or XBOX, as I have neither!
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