How To Get BOTH Legendary Pokemon In Pokemon Sun \u0026 Moon – Pokemon Sun \u0026 Moon Cosmog Location Guide

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Is going to be your guide for receiving another so gallio or loon allah in in your pokemon sun or moon versions. And its actually pretty simple. I have do is become the champion of the aloha region and then head back to the respective altar of your game.
There you will see a portal. If you cannot interact with it it is not the correct time because you need to arrive there at night in real life or whatever. Time your des is set to so pretty much has to be the opposite time of whatever your game.
Is if youre playing moon version has to be daylight out every playing sun version. It has to be nighttime out and then you could go into another world via this portal. After that you want to fly over to route 16.
And then head to the lake. Its actually pretty simply go through the flower field. You make a right and then you just kind of walk up.
Until you get into a cutscene also you can taurus charge through all this and even find the tm psyshock. If you go to the right at the beginning of the room. So after that you will be able to interact with the so gallio or loon allah and some kind of crazy dimensional time warp.
I dont even know whats going on in this cutscene. Either way at the end of it you are going to end up with a cosmogony as remember from the storyline. It goes.
Cosmic cosmo and then so galia or loon allah depending on what game. You played and that is going to be via level up. Now.
I do recommend that all you have to do is register. 50 pokemon in your pokedex and then go speed to cucuy at the professors lab. There he will give you a lucky egg.
Which boosts the experience gain of any pokemon that is holding. It so give it to cosmo and then start cranking out battles in the elite. Four.
Now. At level 43 cosmic will evolve into cosmo um and at level 53. It will evolve into the legendary pokemon for your game.
Now heres the problem that even though. The time has switched around and you are in a different world you are not in a different game that youre not going to get any of the other games. Exclusive pokemon.
So if you have moon version this cosmic will evolve into luna law. Even if you are in the other world where you received cosmogony. If you go back to the original cartridge of your game.
It also takes about 2 runs through the aloha region championship to be able to get enough levels and experience to level up into your legendary pokemon.

how to get solgaleo in pokemon moon-0
how to get solgaleo in pokemon moon-0

So now heres where things start getting interesting because you have two legendary pokemon. So thats pretty much free trade bait for anything that another person wants with the other copy of the game. So you have to lou knowledge trade 1 4.
So gallio boom. Now you both have a so galio andalou nella. Which means one benefits right there and the best way of doing.
This is either having friends or going on to the global trade station. So in the gts you can pretty much search for the opposite pokemon and a lot of them will be able to trade as you can see right here this guy he has lou nala. Hes looking for so gallio and i can trade so galleon for luenell or you can lookup.
So gallio and then trade aloo nala like that or you can also post a so galia or lu nala for yourself. So what you need to do is go. And then search the name of the other pokemon that if you have moon version.
You probably havent seen so gallio. So you just like search. It manually and then it will register like that and i was able to do this with balloon ola and receive is so gallio that way so thats pretty much the bulk of it right.
There. You will be able to receive both so gallio and lu nala with 40 much no hassle whatsoever. When it comes to your pokemon sun or moon.
Version. Since you do get two copies of the legendary now heres the thing. The requirements arent really that difficult that all you really need is an internet connection and then you can go on to the gts for free unless youve done something to get yourself wi fi banned in which case youre probably peeking hexing.
So you can get like a million. So gallio anyway or something like that or you can also collaborate with your friends family and see what happens anyone that has an opposite game. Theyre going to be wanting to trade with you as well.
So its going to be very easy to get another legendary and then you can go and trade back and forth the only issue is if you dont have any friends or any internet connection in which case youre just going to be the weird kid with to lou nala this video. Im going to talk about some trivia. Involving the pokemon that have been mentioned in this video.
So far. So cosmo and cosmo are actually very interesting. Because you as you might have noticed when we register.
These pokemon for the first time they do not have a split evolutionary line. They do not have any connection to so gallio or lou nala. And this could actually have quite a lot of implications.
It means that we cant envy alight on to cosmo to get an insane amount defenses. Because this pokemon is very tanky and also questions whether or not these pokemon are actually legendary because they are separate like that and they do have an evolutionary line. Which is something that legendary pokemon.
Dont have we can even go on the pokemon sun and moon website and we can see the listing for legendary pokemon.

how to get solgaleo in pokemon moon-1
how to get solgaleo in pokemon moon-1

It shows so gallio and lou nala. But they are also recognized as separate to cosmogony mohim and then we click on the cosmic. We pretty much just get a little bit of an entry about how its such a light pokemon that its gaseous body is so lightweight that is sent flying when the wind blows when light falls in this pokemon cosmo.
Absorbs it and it grows so it kind of shows that when youre playing around with the story it has its own interactions right there. But then it gets pretty crazy because as it goes into cosmo. It becomes the densest pokemon ever as well as the heaviest pokemon of all time well kind of i dont really know what to make of this because we have primal groudon.
The heaviest pokemon with nine hundred ninety nine point seven kilograms thus giving us twenty two hundred and four point four pounds. But at the same time. Cosmo tail.
Still technically weighs more than it gets it to 200 four point. Four. But also weighs nine hundred ninety nine point nine kilograms.
So this pokemon is just dense. While also being the smallest pokemon is the heaviest thus the most dense pokemon and even makes so gallio look light by comparison. And only 500 seven point one pounds and then we go check out the pokedex entry.
It does make a little bit of sense. Theres something accumulating around the black core within this hard shell. People think that this pokemon may come from another world.
This is another worldly pokemon same with cosmic that we get to see that that is the pokedex entry. As well pokemon is said to be from another world. But no specific details are known and we do kind of learn about that since we can go into another dimension through the same kind of alternate space that brings us into the ultra beast and stuff.
So. Ultra space into another world. Lets us go into cosmo and cosmo.
And theres obviously some kind of very dense core of matter. That allows cosmo to exist. And also be as heavy as it is thats pretty crazy stuff right there so all of these pokemon are just crazy with their interactions.
And what it means is this pokemon legendary is it not its interventional and it also has really tanky stats. So 43 on the base eight points isnt a lot. But 131 on the fins.
One thing. One special defense pulls this pokemon up into 400 on the stat total. And for some reason.
This pokemon has attacked special attack stats. Even though it gets no competitive moves. So there was problems here like in this pokemon got toxic like everything else.
But no no teams on this pokemon no breeding no tutoring.

how to get solgaleo in pokemon moon-2
how to get solgaleo in pokemon moon-2

The only thing that can happen is slash via cosmogony of previous evolution. But cosmo. Theres just going to be really tanky and even though it might not seem like a lot.
Its tankier. Then dusclops and dusclops is a very popular everyo light pokemon. Which is why did make that point earlier about how sadly feo light.
Doesnt work with this pokemon. As though we got any moves. So just cotton power and teleport right there.
Which doesnt make sense like why are you going to give a pokemon any offensive stats when it learns no offensive moves. I guess it works for like confusion in foul play. But this pokemon is just useless competitively pretty much the best thing you can do with it is use it as a just massive tank pokemon to sit on the field.
While you go and revive in full restore all of your pokemon back to full health and then use those guys instead. Now really interesting thing is that while this pokemons not usable competitively. It is needed competitively because we can see right here.
So gallio is not going to learn splash that gets sun steel strike cosmic power teleport so it gets all the other ones. If we scroll all the way down. We can confirm that splash is the only move by a prior evolution for the so gallio that it can learn which means splash.
So gallio new meta well i might sound like im saying something crazy that doesnt make any sense. Normally mz. If you z moves.
Splash splash will then boost your attack by three stages. So its pretty much better than so gallio has for anything boosting wise. This pokemon.
It doesnt even get the swords dance. So youre pretty much stuck with the stats that you have unless youre going fly cosmic power and call mine boosting. But if youre going for special attack.
Then luna is going to be better cuz lenola has that one 37 on the special attack now this isnt like a super crazy competitive guide. But its kind of bringing everything about these legendary pokemon together. Because yeah you can use your one.
And only move thats pretty much the only caveat here is that you have to use your 1z move on splash. But now youre still gallios 3 on the attack. So you can pretty much full invest into hit points maybe go with a jolly nature and then try to make it work that way.
And youre still going to be getting insane stats. Overall and like 31. Attacks so.
Yeah thats going to go up by 25.

how to get solgaleo in pokemon moon-3
how to get solgaleo in pokemon moon-3

Times throughout the physical moves get the mad damage and things are going to be good. And this is where the cosmic thing actually helps even more because you can soft reset the cosmic back when you go get it in your game. So thats something that you might want to pay attention to and you can also use that for trading as well get a timid luenell.
A trade it for a jolly so galio or something like that. And fortunately. Dont have to worry about the ivs because of hyper training in poke on sun and moon it kind of works out that you can soft reset.
The cosmogony lulamoon all or so gallio and if thats the one you want good if thats not the one you want like i said you can trade and barter like that and then the stats will kind of come through overall good stats on so gallio and lu nala. They can figure out what to do from there to get make the most out of these pokemon. So there you have it guys how to receive both legendarys how to get cosmo cosmo.
How to do all these crazy. Things that exist. In pokemon sun.
And moon. Its honestly just crazy to take everything in because we technically have access to both legendaries in the game. Because like two luenell or two so gallio is going to kind of be useless.
But it also works competitively as well theres a fairly long cutscene after you get so galle over lenola so if you soft reset for that youre wasting master balls to try to catch them faster you have to wait a lot of time just to find out you get the wrong nature. It doesnt really work out as well. But also its different to gold and silver versions.
Where you just get poked both pokemon. Naturally with this it encourages communication. Pokemon has always had those game exclusives that you know get friends play with other peoples pok mon engage in that connectivity right there and then this takes it to a new level to actually exchange legendaries via that by going to an ultimate world.
Which plays into the storyline of pokemon sun and moon. Then you can hop on the gts. And its fairly hassle free at that point.
I think if you post it up or. If you do enough searching youll be able to get the so gallio or loon allah that you won especially if this video does blow up and stuff. You know share it with your friends share pokemon legendaries.
Its its all about the connectivity right now so i think it still counts. And that is what i have to say about this. What a crazy game.
Pokemon. Sun and moon is turned out to be and what a crazy way. These features are playing out some guys.
Enjoy. The video hope you all have a nice day. Thank you very much for watching.

how to get solgaleo in pokemon moon-4
how to get solgaleo in pokemon moon-4

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