How To Draw A Boy And A Girl

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Our friends i got my truckers with me and my little hands what are we we gonna draw today guys oh boy all right you two you got markers. Yeah. Were gonna do this.
Im gonna have to drop both of them hop cuz. I got both of you guys with me so im going to turn my paper horizontal and you guys keep your paper vertical and you guys can draw your your girl and your boy big on the paper okay and then im going to drive a little bit smaller. So i can fit both of them in all right so first step where the draw is the face of our person.
Okay and were going to draw this person. Hes going to be a little bit more harder than a stick figure. But hes gonna still be pretty simple cool yeah all right lets do it okay first step.
Were going to draw is the face and for both the boy and the girl. Its just gonna be a big you like that maybe i should i should do this at the same time over here huh. You want to leave some room at the top for the hair all right good job.
Okay now lets do the ears. Were going to do the same for both just draw two cs. One backwards and ones for one forward.
This is for the ears. Good job good job both of you then we could do a little six. Do a backwards six on this side front word six on this side inside the ears okay and heads.
If you want to put earrings on yours you could do that should do little earrings with little circles at the bottom over ears. Thats okay. Thats okay checkers all right okay.
Now lets do the hair. And im going to draw the girl here first should we draw hair kind of like yours all right. So.
Were gonna put a little s line yes you can do it right here you could do curly hair. Im going to draw a straight hair like heads. But our art friends can do curly hair and well do spiky hair over here for the boys okay all right.
When your do you do that heads and im going to show checkers what to do with this boy so we could do curly hair. We could do like little waves or im gonna do spiky hair so this is going to be the line for the hair on it over his forehead good job heads. I like how many spikes you got all right tree keep going on yours head.
Yeah okay were going to do two lines two more lines for the hair. The outside of the hair on one side. So go ahead.
And do that one and were going to stop here. And then well finish the body yes and then on this side.

how to draw a boy and girl-0
how to draw a boy and girl-0

Well do another line. But its a little smaller. Its not as big yours yours will be a little bit bigger perfect good job.
Okay checkers. Were going to do the outside line for our hair. So im going to do two lines that come out of his ears.
The top of his ears right here. Yeah. Thats a good place good and then im going to do tools or three little spikes on this side.
And then im gonna do some big spikes like that for the rest of this hair. Now our art friends you guys do any kind of hair. You want i did spiky hair because trekkers kind of have spiky hair huh.
But if you guys have curly hair or i should have drawn no hair for me all right heads. You guys you ready should we do our lets do our eyes next. Okay so were gonna do big two big circles for the eyes on each side of the face.
It looks like a damn big ear. Yeah. Zombie boy thats because we havent drawn the inside of the eyes huh all right so were gonna do a circle inside inside the circle.
We just drew and this is so that they wont look like zombies huh can you do that hats put another circle in there and then well do the little light catcher really light reflecting in the pupils. So thats just a small little circle off to the side and then color it in okay heads. We got one more step for the eyes.
What do you always like to put on your eyes irish yes of course. So im gonna put three little lines on the side of her eyes thats like that you want to put eyelashes on yours good job and you put light eyelashes on the bottom. I love it okay.
Now were going to do a little nose. And thats just a little curved line in between the eyes. Good hey.
Were gonna do one more. Big larger smile right under the nose for the mouth. I know what to do are you gonna do little cheeks little cheek lines lets do it just like heads.
If you want you dont have to im gonna do it alright kay ready for her body. Yeah okay. This is where its gonna get a little more tricky.
But were going to keep it nice and simple. But its going to look cooler than a stick figure huh alright.

how to draw a boy and girl-1
how to draw a boy and girl-1

Were going to do two lines that come out of their body. Okay same with you checkers yeah job ads. You did it perfect good job.
All right okay now were going to connect them well both will connect both alright so connect them down at the bottom as a dress not yet. This is just the top body and then were going to do the legs underneath okay. So can you do that hats all right good job and we are going to lets do a little dress for our girl.
So two lines that come out and angular yeah for a little skirt and you dont have to put a skirt. If youre drawing a girl you dont have to do this exact up and down. You can do that if you want yeah.
Im going to keep it nice and simple and just do a straight line that connects um. But yes i love it had skin checkers. Were gonna do straight lines down that dont go out yeah so just come straight down not skirt good okay and then were going to do a line it comes across on both sides.
But leave a little gap and then were going to do upside down v. Right in between looks like shorts. Awesome and if you want it if youre drawing a girl and you want to put shorts on yours.
Thats fine too huh you dont have to do a dress. Okay alright. Now.
What should we do the leg arms. Yeah okay for the arms. Were going to do two lines that come out just like this and theyre going to be right next to each other and then well do it on the other side too.
And you want them to be the same length in the same size. Because theres symmetrical right. What is symmetrical mean.
It doesnt mirror heads both of you a means um. The same same on what looks like yes. If you were to split down the middle.
But nice flip it over cuz. If you split in the middle. Oh yeah.
The whole things nuts yeah. Shes not completely symmetrical. But a lot of her is huh let me do it let me do the arms over here.
Yes. Do the boy over here and well after you practice.

how to draw a boy and girl-2
how to draw a boy and girl-2

Drawing your boy. Or your girl drawing them like this with the arms. Doing this the way that were doing it you can redraw your whole picture all over again and have her doing something else youre throwing a ball or like on a swing or jumping or running pretty cool sure keep going alright.
Lets do that alright lets do hands okay. So were going to do a little you shapes for fingers. So were going to do the thumb first and thats pointed straight up.
Its a little you um and a little you over here. Too yeah from side checkers thats okay got it good and then well put a little line off the thumb little curved line off the thumb. And thats for this line.
Right like if you were to draw the thumb. And then we have another line right there okay all right now lets do the fingers come out and well do another you. But its more like a hook or a j.
Good job hads can do it another little finger next finger. Good yeah. Its okay you can draw a little bit bigger.
If you wanted and then are you drawing it on this side to there lets straighten your paper. Okay and then draw this side yeah you want to draw the hands a little bit bigger. So that you have room for all the fingers okay.
Im going to draw these guys. So. Our boy has fingers over here.
Too and then were going to draw another little line that comes off of the finger. And this line is this line right here on the hand. Cool.
Yeah. Howd you could draw a little bit bigger youre running out of room huh. So were going to draw the next finger you go adds.
So weve got that fingers on both sides and then were going to draw the last finger and im gonna you know what im going to actually connect the line. All the way across like that so it looks a little better there we go on both sides you got our person. Wait you finishing and then i connected the hand back to the wrist.
Good job hads that looks perfect. I like it your little girls kind of up in the corner huh maybe. Shes jumping you got it checkers you got that little extra finger down there huh there you go connect it right there thats awesome dude.
I like it okay lets finish their legs all right. Were gonna do the same down.

how to draw a boy and girl-3
how to draw a boy and girl-3

Here. Were going to draw two lines that come down and i like the arms like that got it got our legs okay and then were going to do the feet so im going to do the boy boy feet first ads. You could actually do this too so were going to do two curved lines that come out on both sides like this good job whoa.
Do it on this side sorry. There we go oops yeah you did it on bow thats awesome hats. I like it im just gonna do a straight line.
Thats okay you leave yours just like that hey babes okay. I love it okay and then were going to connect the bottom. So we extended the inside line and then were going to connect the bottom like this so we got feet on here pads can you do that and connect them.
Yes. You know what hats feet look like theyre pointed straight out and ours look like theyre pointed kind of outside and the heads looks like theyre pointed straight good job. Okay now were going to do well put a little contour line right here at the ankles.
Okay and well do little dress shoes on heads and then tennis shoes on checkers even though you do what you heads do you want to do tennis shoes or dress shoes dress shoes. Okay. Well just do a little circle like this on both sides of your shoes.
Okay. Oh. Youre kind of running out of room huh you can fit it in there if you want and then checkers.
We could do a little stripe on yours good job dude heads thats perfect and then on checkers on the tennis shoes. Well draw a little bottom on the bottom of the shoe like that and then heads. We can leave yours and then we could put socks on the boy wear socks on the girl.
Too you want to put socks heads or do you want to leave it you want put socks okay. Im going to do a little shorter socks like that then we could do a design on their shirt or on their dress should we do a little flower on yours heads. We do a circle in the miller you want to do something else i know how to do this okay you do a start.
Im gonna do a flower checkers. What are you gonna put on your shirt. Kirby kirby that would be awesome and upper heartbreak.
Oh. Thats my favorite and then im going to do little sleeves on my boy drawing yes. Its awesome kirby is so awesome and your heart is perfect okay head should we finish the hair while checkers is working on his shirt.
Okay were going to come over here. And just do a curved line that comes down to our arm. Or you can come down a little bit further and right right okay.
I are over here. Oh. Shes so cute you guys did such a great job look at that hat was that fun did you have fun checkers yeah.
I love your both of your drawings are perfect. We hope you guys had a lot of fun drawing with us and well see you later our friends good bye. .

how to draw a boy and girl-4
how to draw a boy and girl-4

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