How to connect bluetooth on your xbox controller

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Guys this is scorpion and today im gonna show you how to connect bluetooth bluetooth on your xbox controller tarricone encana worked on samsung androids im sorry it not gonna work on iphones or 90 iphones. So its gonna work on samsung. Lg.
Is not gonna work on them trust. Me im i have the lg so yeah um and im gonna show you how to do it okay. So you have your phone out okay and you have to have yes.
I know theres a picture of my website well i can customize you if i want to but i dont want to right now affiliate. So even though she has a pimp but ill get rid of into oh im just watching in tampa. So yeah there you go wait okay shoot stuff fly no flavor.
All right so you go here you quote up bluetooth. Oh airplane oh no no no coil tooth. And then this is here it says turn on bluetooth to see a list of device.
You can pair with already have paired with to prove location episode. Okay turn it on you could hold if you wanted you can just go over. There everybody alright.
This here lg. Hbs wont anymore an xbox controller. But would you get way looks you guys if you see here you can search because you could search or scan.
Thats the only thing. Its gonna see no nearby well i just do this the search thing in a word. This is no nearby bluetooth device.
On it so you got to do that on itself. See im sorry one of my arcs on a front. If you have an iphone.
Im sorry its enough to be our samsung.

how to connect xbox 360 controller to android without otg-0
how to connect xbox 360 controller to android without otg-0

But its alright if you get a if you if youre planning to get it samsung. If you dont like getting it dont get if you want to its your choice. If you want to get a phone.
I get the samsung or not so yeah. And then you go okay now talking about that so you go you go to xbox controller. And it will let you its probably gonna say no because you have to turn it on or something got along to occasions are doing it its just like a long time like a year.
And now forever unable to oh yeah. There you go connect. It.
Oh yeah. Yet to turn now connect it as input device. So here let me show you all right here.
Its me your my phone. My ears. My mom press this yeah press this it works see see you can go to youtube roblox skill.
Robust. Oh yeah i dont work on those apps. And you press a so you just have to touch your make your finger.
It. Depends. If your samsung under control or anything will work just.
Depends. So. Lets go lets play a quick game to see if it works.
Its not thats alright.

how to connect xbox 360 controller to android without otg-1
how to connect xbox 360 controller to android without otg-1

So lets get the phone here alright. So we just gotta wait till. It shows up wait champion we gotta play that example game okay.
Its gonna work so you to press d pad. To make sure it goes up see waiting on you see this orange thing right there on the box. I kind of like one of those like you know its what things where you pressed two squares.
But you have to press d pad. No orange square box is gonna show its gonna show you wheres you know go to wait chapter you press a it works on apps. When you answer them here is now you got a good deep pad up.
But think or down wait. Oh yeah. They go.
Its kind of the way this would see put it if just a little bit different on that play so yeah press. It here go if you want to flip it so make sure you fully does the game part where you have to flip it wait just wait until it flips. Okay be careful do not press x.
Well. Im just gonna show you okay. Im just gonna show you if foley works no app.
Or nothing alright. Heres my character so so here. I am get your weight out okay.
No short wait you have to do this. And then wait to paint if it works you know wait does it work uh. It should work what i press too hard to you hey on the merced huh.
What oh my god i got prison to ryan every cent myself.

how to connect xbox 360 controller to android without otg-2
how to connect xbox 360 controller to android without otg-2

So you should work so music. It should work there you go now you can move around and then you can hold it there you go see you guys all right there if it doesnt work if it does not let you move or camera. Holding.
It youre gonna have to just reset. So its alright. So yeah see thats all okay this guys they put it over here.
Hes gonna kill me. I dont care let him kill me alright guys. So thats all you have to do for the game.
Eight dont worry im the american its alright. I have a bigger. I have another connected kill.
But it depends if i randomly join the server. Which is gonna take him so you guys. Thats all you have to do all right heres a tutoring and my chance to be with different remember where i was a greedy capable right make sure you just get to a channel to get it like pubs like that no.
Im gonna do it im like heroes hey can you give me a lot of lights. Please or a monkey. Thats gonna say that and im just kidding okay so i said.
I was i was a greedy kid who was just one that likes and stuff. But its alright. I dont want like well depends.
If you want to like the video comments or whatever you want okay then thats fine with me on a donor plateau. Guys. I know him he was the guy from our xbox.
Oh my god this guy. I know him from xbox bro. .

how to connect xbox 360 controller to android without otg-3
how to connect xbox 360 controller to android without otg-3

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