How Long Takes To Get The Black Belt In Jiu-Jitsu

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Today. Im going to talk here about one thing that i always see people people talking about a lot especially like the guys were just starting. They start your already thinking about very ends of they carry off they like time on the bed.
They start you into thinking like how long. Im going to take to get my black belt. So the truth is that there is not like an exactly time that youre going to take her background.
What is he a lot most of the schools is that the average is something like around ten years. Lets call like one year. The wide world one year on year and a half then two or three years of bluebell.
Two or three years of purple two or three years of brown god its gonna go somewhere around like ten years of your youtube. Some people get it way faster in my case for example. I got in seven years and a half.
I started using the beginning of 2001. And i got my black belt.

how long does it take to get a black belt-0
how long does it take to get a black belt-0

In the end of 2008. And like a september october. So it all depends about like how much you train how much you devote yourself for you jitsu and if youre a competitor.
Depends a lot about your results. It depends about a bunch of stuff. I see some guys getting blackballed like very quick.
I think if im not wrong. Then you might got like five years or six years of like im not sure just getting some number here that i heard and i know other examples as well so theres not like a rule for how long we would take to get it like know about you and the ball like your results. Not only talked results about the competition and the internet and nowadays igf has even like a deeper rules about like how long do you have to stay in each belt before if you win the word like the first year the blue girl you own the words youll get a purple girl yo own words.
If you read the words the purple you sometimes our teacher will give the browser and then you will go very quick. Nowadays. Its way longer time for example.
I think nobody can get the brown body for all you want here is a purple for example. And i think same thing blue belt and the bra browser black and not sure.

how long does it take to get a black belt-1
how long does it take to get a black belt-1

But anyway. All i wanted me here is that there is not one exactly time that youre going to take your black book. So if you are a beginner and youre just time you should stop thinking about that because youre going to drive yourself crazy.
If youre focus like oh. Im going to get my black 28 years its not about you thats not your decisions your teachers decision. So how much do i keep here like focus on your day training.
Frightened that i think about face and try to the last thing about it future just try to think about your day training. Today. Why are you going to do today to improve and to be better than you were yesterday so every.
But as i said here i feel like that the average for a person to get a blackboard. Its not like between eight and twelve years or even like thirty years when you see someone would look like longer than 12 or 13 14. Years.
Its normal because the guy got an injury. How to start to use it for a long time and theres an l.

how long does it take to get a black belt-2
how long does it take to get a black belt-2

But if youre training the course is based like three times per week five times per week. We might not take that wall you might get like 10 years 11 years denied. He or something like that so i think thats one question and many people will ask like themselves and theyre shy to ask the teacher to take it to ask the instructor.
So here goes the other i think the average is around 10 years. I didnt make any like i start to see that so although my experience you see some people get very quick normal because they got some amazing results. And you see some people take a year alone in my case for example.
I spent one year. The white belt. I got a yellow belt one year the yellow belt i became juvenile.
I got a blue belt then blue gun was my longest belt. I spent three years the blue bonnet it was very important for me because the belt that youre going to build your base you got a beautiful foundation. There is a perfect girl.
I spent only was kind of like less than one year and it was in 2006. Nowadays at 45 gs yet its not even allowed anymore spend longer than the i think you have stay at least one year and a half or two years and not sure on the purple belt.

how long does it take to get a black belt-3
how long does it take to get a black belt-3

I got a check in the irish chef rules. But anyway and then i spent laughing when you has a purple belt and one year and a half is a problem. And i got my black boots.
So if you put all of this together. Its around 80 years or seven years and a half or something like that but anyway. Just want to say here again dont focus on how long youre going to spend to take about slicing joy to the joint enjoy like do daily off your training.
If you compete in price. Enjoy every single tool and try to focus all about getting better than yesterday. Many times.
I used to joke like i want to be better than yesterday and worst ninja. More thats michael said when im very very absolute and worse than two i hope to war and variant in today. And thats how it tried to focus on my training and either like focus on my teaching as a teacher.
When is better than yesterday. Worst ninja war thats the go so i hope it helps. And thats it thank you guys oh s.

how long does it take to get a black belt-4
how long does it take to get a black belt-4

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