Brittany Favre

Twenty one years old Brittany Favre might just have made the decision making process either a little more easier or a little more complicated for her dad; living legend Brett Favre. And Brittany Favre has done that by giving delivery to a little baby lad on the 2day of April this annum. The little lad is said to have weighed more than seven and a half ounce at the time that he came to being. The toddler has been anointed Parker Brett and grandpa, Brett Favre, used the web to welcome his grandchild and stating that his daughter Brittany Favre, her domestic partner and her young one were all in good health & spirits.

Now as we all know, Brett Favre has been flirting with the notion of coming out retirement for a single season performance. But he has not shown which direction he is leaning towards. Many professionals and coaches in the National Football League (not to

mention the fans) would love to see the forty years old Brett Favre back in action; even if for just one more season. But age factor and the testing conditions of the football player’s life may convince Brett Favre to choose otherwise.

He was a superstar with the Green Bay Packers. And even though he could not take the Minnesota Vikings to the level of glorified existence as he did for the Green Bay Packers, Brett Favre was still the man behind the gun for them and performed his role to the best.

Butler University

Butler University is a university that is private and it is university of liberal arts, the university is located in Indianapolis which is in Indiana and that is in the United States of America. The university was established in the year 1855 and of the university is Bobby Fong. There are over four thousand students that are enrolled in the university in programs for the undergraduate and graduate students. The colors that represent the university are white /blue and the mascot of the Butler University is the bulldogs. The university was first called “North western Christian University” then in the year 1875 the university’s name was changed to Butler University.

The Butler University has five colleges which deal with the subjects; business, sciences and liberal arts, Health sciences, pharmacy education and fine arts. From the year 1950 till the year 1994 the WAJC was the radio station that was operated and owned by the university and it was a very powerful station that was run by the students. The building of the transmitter and the tower were situated next to the Hinkle Fieldhouse.

The theater Department of the university produces work that is rarely seen anywhere else. Every summer there is an artist (professional) who is invited and the artist presents covers a course that is two week long, the course is of a topic that is not present in the college text.

The Hinkle Fieldhouse is an arena for basketball at the Butler University and it remained the largest arena for basketball in the whole country for more than a few decades. Apart from basketball the university also has a tradition in the field of football. More information about the university is available on its official website which is

Dennis Hopper

Dennis Hopper started his filmy career from 1955 when he appeared on Richard Boone television series-Medic-performing as a juvenile epileptic. It was a unique series of medical dram of that time which was supposed to make people aware of medical procedure. He was born on May 17, 1936 to Jay Millard Hopper and Marjorie Mae in Kansas. He was very fond of acting since the begging and that is way he did unremarkable under the guideline of Thomas Hart Benton, who taught him in art classes in Kansas City Art Institute. After word war second, when he was a small child, his parents had to struggle very hard to meet two ends. His father, Jay Millard, worked as a post office manager and his mother was seen drilling as a life guard instructor.

It is also said that during his high school classes, his keen interest for acting developed to a great extent. Dennis Hopper was influenced by Vincent Price, a famous American actor, who is remembered for playing in horror films and having distinctive voice with humorous attitude. According to his friends, William Shakespeare has been his ideal. He used to see his plays with great concentration as if learning a new lesson.

Dennis Hopper did not know that he will play a role of five husbands in his real life when he first tied knot in 1961 with Brooke Hayward. The couple could not go a long way together and divorced in 1969 with one baby Marin Hopper. He married second time with Michelle Phillips, third time with Daria Halprin, fourth time with Katherine LaNasa and fifth time with Victoria Duffy. He separated with Victoria Duffy in January 12, 2010 and fighting a legal battler in court.

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