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“Is going on guys jason gilley banging another video and today s video is going going to be a little bit different today. We re doing a little challenge little challenge with my boy mystic. 7. As you can see on the screen right here brandon aka mystic.

7. Whatever he does want to call him most of you guys know brandon obviously he s a pokemon go you to burn out twitch streamer switch the switches. He streams a lot of pokemon animal crossing all that good stuff so you can check them out in the description down below. But today s video and today s series is the pvp gauntlet challenge now this pvp gauntlet challenge is going to be a gauntlet of three battles.

The first battle being the shiny battle so we re gonna come we re gonna we don t know what we re picking. We re both gonna pick three random shiny pokemon in the great league and then the next battle is going to be a legendary battles or legendary mythical. We re gonna pick three legendary mythical pokemon and then we re gonna battle again in the great league and then for the final battle. We re gonna do a little bit of a try hard team so like what teams.

We would normally use in the great league. If we were actually trying so it s gonna be a nice little challenge. The loser has to give ten subs to the other person stream. That s the challenge.

We can we can change up the challenges every video. But the challenge for this video. 10 gifted subs for the loser has to give to the other person s twitch stream. So that ll be exciting the only rule is that you can t use there are no duplicates so like if he uses registeel on one team you can t use it and the others.

If he uses you know that goes for every single pokemon. So are you using actually i don t think so let s go ahead and hop into our first. Battle we re also live right now on twitchtv slash jt gilley. These episodes will be recorded live on stream and put up on youtube.

So it s really really exciting an interactive thing our battle yeah pop by the stream. Our first battle is going to be the shiny battle so let s go ahead and hop into it brandon. I ll be sending you an invite right now this is my party as you guys can see on the video and the stream. I m gonna use this team now i low key don t know what these teams like i have i put the right moves on them.

But i ve never used some of these pokemon cuz. It s new for me oh you re hopping right into it you re having a right into it. Oh you re ready. Oh.

My god interesting interesting baby well sudowoodo battle to start my boy you monster man you gotta watch over this game. I know like i remember. When p p p. First.

Came out oh. It s so cute well you know it ll be neutral. I ll be neutral right you have a flag on at under 1500 that s a beautiful shiny. Yeah.

This one s honestly for trade super trade but like i was like you know what let s just let s just use it because i ve never because flygon s hella good and i was like let s just see what happens right and it s obviously a beautiful shiny. So we re gonna we re gonna use it right now. But i ve never used some of these pokemons. This will be like a nice little challenge for us right.

And yes. Oh nice now i do suck at these moves or this specific typing battle. Thing. So so this will be interesting ooh two shields out the way early here.

I m wondering i m wondering oh. That was not supposed to happen. Why are you protecting yeah. I know you re know rockslide yeah not very effective.

But i knew would kill me that one might have been worth the block. I m not too sure all right let s see what we can do here. Let s see we can do here. I m gonna go in with ig steel.

I m sure okay a little bit of switch. Ah interesting interesting oh no okay. Just cuz. I don t really have you know what to be honest well.

I m not gonna say anything but my shields on sudowoodo. But like we re here. Yeah. I also don t believe i have anything for this infernape.

This will be interesting um clap it so okay. Honestly i don t know you know what that might ve been the right move it might have been the right move it might have been the right move..

I can tap you out too and the right move because now i have nothing to take out your steel. Let s see let s see well you do. But you don t it ll be interesting. It s a be close one right right right just be close for sure oh on the first battle man well yeah.

I got what s going down. Man. You you could have something to take down the registeel. If you have the right move set right now holy moly.

But i know i know these are kind of random pokemon. These aren t like this is again this isn t the try hard battle. This is kind of like whatever we have we re gonna use so right let s see what we got going and wow. I knew your again.

I knew you were i know you weren t gonna use yours so i m really hoping i hit this oh all right i mean that hurts did you did you do yes. No way wow look at me look at me. I never done that before though it s kinda cool. I know you gotta move ready yes.

I didn t know how to move like i ve never really done that like bait and bait and switch kind of thing. Oh bro it works i ve never that s always happened to me. But you know how be know yeah all right let s see what you got let s see what you guys yeah. That s a gg all right i didn t i didn t know if sudowoodo can learn earthquake that s why i was a little scared i didn t know if he could learn it yet.

I think okay i don t know i forgot you know i unlocked a new move. I never did tm though the shiny battle at least. But remember there s still two more battles. Oh i got sent home from that before we hop into this next.

Battle. Let s talk a little bit about the event right now brandon. I know isn t having some in it s like like like insane is is an understatement. Really.

But your luck has been very very good lately. What what have you got that you can share with them like the past week or so so there are two shinies that i haven t uploaded yet hmm. I got a random full adjani yesterday. Which is kind of wild so okay i have one riolu.

Which was i m so shocked i got that yeah okay and then iran wait are you gonna is your riolu. Any good no no it s not right i saw that i pretty i appreciate what s the video. It was like no i ve 29 or something yeah. It s 528 yeah um are you gonna evolve.

It debating. I m gonna see if i can have another one for it kind of like i really want a lucky trade one. But i m hoping that yeah i m hoping to get another one that s my thing. So let s both try to get another one.

Yeah. Yeah. If you were lucky. Trade.

All lucky. Trade that in at one. Yeah. Okay.

Oh. Yeah. So i got the the one riolu. The one iran.

I got three shiny buneary and i traded one to lauren today. She yeah. And that s it from this event then obviously like last event. I got on the shinies.

Yeah. So i m so so i ve got one two three four five six seven chinese during this event. So from this event alone yeah. Nice.

I think about four cuz. I got the riolu i got two more that i haven t shown in a video. He definitely got me b. But you have an insane amount of chinese and if you guys want to go check out his videos obviously link in the description down below most of his chinese.

I believe we re live reactions. So it s gonna make it even better let s go ahead and hop into battle number two shall we all right let s do it all right let s do it legendary battle coming up here chat..

I got a pretty interesting team there s not that many pokemon that you can use under 1500 that are legendary or mythical. So um. You know it s it this might be a slaughter on on either of our ends or this might be a close battle. We re gonna have to find out.

But let s go ahead and do it hopefully. It s close alrighty let s get it let s get it let s get it and ah. I was expecting that actually i was expecting that for sure you have electric this will be interesting alright alright alright. I m cool to just you know just keep doing this yeah.

I mean this will be uh. So what could you have you can have focus blast you could have steel thing flash cannon yeah okay how much is that gonna do it still does that much that s crazy that s pretty effective or not effective. Oh i have this oh i don t know i have that moves in on it okay. This will be interesting you have a celebi.

I do i wonder i wonder how selby s defenses. This i don t know i ve actually never ever used to tell me before i let s also not find out what s also not that was my pvp registeel. I bet. I did i don t have a guy don t have a good pvp registeel.

Wow. Celebi not not a favorable matchup for the boy might be a little big on fire here. I m sorry. But but we re able to bring out another move no celebi would be a great pokemon have to move sets on.

But unfortunately not the case here i mean that in pvp. I can great league celebi. I wonder are you lagging a little bit. I am okay well let s do right and see well.

I mean. This is a nice look at celebi. If anyway and boom. Well.

Weak connection. Oh so b. Died. Oh.

Not the lag alright that wasn t the lag bro. I swiped that i was just one tapped. It no my screen is pretty tough right now is it working. Yeah.

Oh. What does study for what i switch to do. Oh. I m liking kind of tough.

Oh. My god lag has hurt us this battle. But we might be a we might be okay. I m not exactly too sure i m not exactly too sure heatwave on the zapdos.

We should be able to tap out really close yeah. I was in a really good position right there and then and then kind of just got kind of got rocked hold on this is about all i could do right now are usually ancient powering. My life away yeah. I love that zapdos can learn ancient power by the way.

That s such a cool that s cool move set for it to learn. This is uh. This is a tough one chat. Let s go baby dude.

It might be under the try hard battle. I don t wanna speak too soon. But like you might be out of the trihard battle dude. It might be it might be down to that i can t believe i can t believe i really wasn t expecting you to have flash cannon.

I was like i was like he s probably got um. What do you call it. A focus blast on your reg steel. Oh.

Yeah. Both oh nice wow. Raikou coming in i know you got some you got some shield pokemon. If you will like to very low pokemon.

It oh i forgot what did you get him. Yeah..

What do you mean i didn t see him all battle okay yet so i was anticipating a latias or latios. I was doing okay yo. I actually had a lot of ice now right before we started come on raikou come on raikou. Oh yeah.

This charges. So stop doing any damage. Oh. It s lagging.

Mitchell. Oh. Come on oh hey moltres. Is there yeah.

But you saved yeah. Nice. Nice. Wow.

Gigi s with the lag. All right were you like on your end. Yeah. I was like okay yeah.

Those that was really bad for me technically you won man. But you re gonna get laughed up on this yeah technically those first two battles don t really show a lot. They don t really show a lot this real. But this next battle is gonna show the real test final battle going down right now here we go go what do you got wigglytuff wigglytuff.

Let s just do a random pokemon to use that like that that thing you re using right now will literally just take my whole team out i hope they hate it i hope so now i dunno why i hate wigglytuff. So i gotta make sure i got to make sure. That s okay um lag. Really hmm you don t shoot that i ll show that mm.

I have to look also alone marowak kind of kind of a kryptonite for my teen. As well there s a guy. I don t have the best great league team because i keep getting like i won so much and then i started losing so much and i just lost confidence and i started experimenting so now. I m just kind of all over the place.

Oh you have another attack ready. I did i m not gonna use it i i feel like i should save this skarmory. Though. Oh what oh that s what you were gonna use okay.

Yeah. I m just spamming. I thought i thought you had a whatever the fire move is for him. No okay.

That s one thing. I i let that i let the fast attack do the fire and then everything else just come on well. That s not a bad strategy. Okay now let s see what we want to do here.

What can take that out really quickly. I m black. What i m switching sorry okay. Oh no way you know you were lagging ah bro.

I just don t know what i m lacking. I literally i don t know i don t i i have to take your bass. Do you know that yeah you have to have a registeel like that s what i m saying. I was really happy you didn t have red you still because registeel would absolutely i switched ready still would absolutely like he mops bastide on in milliseconds.

It s not even close. It s not even close yeah i literally i like like you you will sweep me with mastodon. I literally can t take this pokemon out this is my absolute kryptonite. Yeah.

Oh look who you have yeah. Another leaf blade. Would have would have worked clap. Me yeah.

Everyone s talking about how smooth the battles look on this on the samsung do it s actually fire no no it s insane like it s it s life changing eyebrows. I was with a i was i was playing with some people back look back when we got this and i was just showing them i was like do you guys like i believe hit the phone side by side. I ll just see how different like screen is right. It s it s it s insane.

Oh. Oh..

My god please tell me about ice beam on that i ll be so mad dabra. I hate it so much why does it have ice beam. This is a random thing for and i and i had an ice beam. It was ready to oh.

No way. Oh wow. Wow. What a great great.

Great. Place. Look. At.

Us. Oh. Wait. No.

Way. Oh geez. Oh geez. Oh.

Interesting. No what happened. Oh. If you have if you a charge attack that s gg s that s rad if oh we go on flawless baby.

Yeah that do that bastard on i i hate going across it because i i never bring something if i did another sin on stone that that s me with like if you had red you seal that would have been a completely different battle right right. And if you were able to get off ice beam with that wigglytuff that have been complete different. I don t know i feel like you still wait uh. I would have had like yeah.

I would have had ground because ice beam rocks my meganium right it rocks my skarmory right you know it s like it s it s definitely dang up when i go over big clothes. Though all those battles were really close that was great yeah those are like that s what i m saying. I m actually really glad none of those were blowouts. But that was that was a that was a solid battle that was nice white gg that s gonna be it for the battles for this first episode of the pvp gauntlet challenge.

If you guys have any uh you guys have any ideas for this series. Let me know in the comments down below any any um. You know what was it called like what the loser. Does a punishment sure i don t like that if you have a punishment for the loser.

Let me know in the comments down below let me know if there s any other themes you guys would like us to try i m sure somebody would want like a baby battle. I think that ll be fun i won t bother to power up i won t bother to power up any baby pokemon. But like we ll see how that goes hey and there it is there you go dad s had gifted from brandon enjoy chat you up you got a few guys spam a freaking. Yeah now brandon.

I m gonna give you a little bit of time to plug whatever you need to i know we talked about your twitter or youtube. But if you have any time to plug it s right now listen all i m gonna say is wednesday will be a big day on twitch. We opt for me and for gilly yeah. So if you re gonna follow or tune in for anything tune in on.

Wednesday that s all miss a. Come in for. Mike. Yeah.

Twitchtv. Slash d. Mystic. 7hw.

D. Twitch. Tv. Jt.

Gilly links to everything are in the description. I ll put them i ll put them right there as you guys can click on them very. Easy you guys can convert over to twitch. It s free it s nice it s more content and we re both him and i are on there all the time so if you guys want to follow us it d be very much appreciated and i m sure you guys will not regret.

It let me know in the comments down below who else you guys would like to see on this little pvp gauntlet. Thank you guys so much for watching today s video. If you guys enjoyed make sure to leave a like subscribe hope you guys enjoyed stay safe and hopefully we ll see you guys. ” .


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