Full vs. Semi vs. Non-Modular Power Supplies – Which To Choose? [Guide

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“You re building a new pc. And the time has come to decide on a a power supply. We hope you didn t plan to skimp out here since having few dollars off the psu can end up costing you way more down the line. Not only will a higher quality unit offer better power efficiency and therefore a rack up a slightly lower electrical bill.

It also won t run the risk of potentially frying all of your expensive hardware. But we ve already made a video about the efficiency of power supplies. So we won t bother you with that again we also discuss everything you need to know about the optimum psu capacity for each build in that video. If you think it s just the total required wattage of all the hardware components combined you should probably check it out the links are in the description.

Today however we d like to turn our attention to one aspect of power supplies that doesn t get as much attention and that we only touched on in the previous video. And that is modularity psu has come in three flavors. When it comes to modularity non modular. Semi modular and fully modular.

Each one has its own pros and cons and we ll cover all of them in this video. So without any further ado let s begin. But first a brief overview of modularity itself. A module is defined as a set of standardized parts or independent units.

They can be used to construct a more complex structure. It s a broad definition that encompasses modular houses lego toys and everything in between. But in the context of power supplies. Modularity refers to the cables.

Namely can the cables be swapped out or aren t they built in fully modular and semi modular psus can be customized to varying degrees in the former case all of the cables can be removed or replaced..

While in the latter. Only some come with this modular feature hence the name. But the cables on a non modular psu are all soldered to the unit allowing for zero customizability as you can guess this holds certain implications. Pc builders should know about both aesthetic and practical so let s get through all three types and see what each one has to offer the main benefit of non modular psus is the price since all the cables that you could possibly need are permanently attached to it non modular power supplies are cheaper to manufacture.

It s important to note that this is not a matter of quality. A non modular power supply is not necessarily less reliable than its semi modular and fully modular siblings. It s just more cumbersome and since some of the many cables attached to the unit simply aren t going to find any use you ll be left with quite a cable clutter on your hands at its core cable management is an aesthetics issue. But having lots of cables clogging up the case can seriously impede.

The air flow. So it s not all about the looks your cooling system could end up working worse than expected simply due to the cable clutter still this doesn t mean that non modular power supplies are all bad. Novice builders are bound to appreciate them for their ease of use since all the cables will already be properly attached. They ll have less trouble.

Connecting everything no need to figure out what goes where on both ends. And if you ve got a larger case preferably. One with plenty of room for cable management. Then you can even use a non modular psu with a transparent case and no one will be the wiser bigger cases generally tend to cost more money but non modular power supplies have the benefit of being the cheapest power supplies around so the price really evens out either way.

This is the case and the power supply combination. We suggests to most novice builders especially those on a budget semi modular power supply strike. A fine balance between the approachable price of non modular units. And the aesthetic appeal and customizability of fully modular units.

They typically come with at least the 24 pin connecter permanently attached with some models also giving the psi express in the 8 pin cpu cables the same treatment..

The other cables can all be removed or replaced. So why are semi modular psu. So popular well the great thing about them is that they offer all of the modularity. Most people will need not to suffer from clogged cable clutter.

All the cables that come connected to the power supply. Via. Just the 24 pin connector or the pci express and 8 pin cpu cables as well our cables that you will definitely use so even if you don t go fully modular. You won t have any cables dangling around for no apparent.

Reason now as we ve said you can get away with non modular units. If you re building inside a larger case. Without too many issues. It s even a great way to save some bucks.

But if you re using a smaller case well then you ll definitely want the benefits of modularity on your side. It s just easier to fit everything into place. When there are no unwanted. Cables hindering our progress.

So if you re building inside a micro atx case. We highly suggest getting a semi modular psu. Now you might be asking yourselves. But wait if the semi modular power supplies are all that great both in terms of price and functionality.

Why would anyone even bother with fully modular units..

And honestly. The answer boils down to just the looks 99 of the time. So if you re looking for a psu that will look great perform great and not obstruct the airflow in any way all in an acceptable price. Then you don t need to bother with fully modular units.

The semi modular ones offer everything you will ever need. But if it s all about the looks and you have plans to build the ultimate transparent case pc. Where cables will not only be something to hide. But an additional feature and the full modular units are for you since you can replace all wires.

You can start to tinker with custom watercolors and not just the colors you get to decide on the cable. Length this opens up a whole new avenue. When it comes to planning out the aesthetics of your build. But adds you d expect this comes at a price on their own.

Fully. Modular units aren t that much more expensive than semi modular ones. But once you start adding custom cables to the mix all of which are purchased separately the overall price starts to skyrocket. So for most people.

The choice. Only really boils down to non modular and semi modular. Fully. Modular units are just too much of an overkill for anyone not looking to take full advantage of the opportunities.

They present namely customizing..

The cable color and length the only practical reason to get a fully modular unit as if you re building a mini itx gaming pc. Or the modularity and custom cable lengths will really help out with the cramped space and that about does it for this video to summarize the power supply modularity is all about whether the cables are permanently attached to the unit or not non modular units have all the cables permanently attached. And so they have to come with all of the cables. You could ever need which more often than not results in unsightly.

Cable clutter. The semi modular units. Offered the best of both worlds. Leaving all the cables.

You are bound to have permanently attached in order to bring the price down. But offering the option for modularity with the rest and fully modular units can have all their cables removed or replaced. Which may sound like the best deal. But it s only really necessary if you plan on making good use of custom cables in any case.

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