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“Everybody i m in the little wood also known as martin welcome back to the the channel and welcome back to fortnight. So got a bit of a different one you today so normally the challenges that i do or the ones that are actually listed on the challenge pages or the challenge tape or inside the battle pass area this one however is a little bit different this one isn t actually listed anywhere and i happen to stumble across it by accident yesterday. I ve done a little bit of research sentences. It turns out that there are basically five different locations to find gnomes within the weeping woods area and once you get all five of them.

Then basically you can cash in forty thousand xp. Which for some people just gonna be super handy for getting through their battle pass. Gaining a few more extra levels and things like that so let s get started with it shall we so basically we re going to be going around to various different gnomes and is gonna be loads of different telescopes as well. I m not actually doing too many weapons because i m in a regular game for this.

But what you re looking for are spots like this essentially so there s five of them in total. The first one you re looking for is basically just here so we re looking basically where it says the word weeping woods you ve got this long bridge up the side of it and your first one is right about there you interact with it the telescope moves normally he shoots off into infinity. Which is fantastic the next one is the one that i actually found yesterday by chance. And it is just over here.


Which is just a little bit north of this tree. I was fighting somebody for a supply drop just there. But it did find the gnomes where a bow. I think there s on the other side of this tree who wasn t it yeah there we go so i ve already done it.

But you can see that right about here is where the second one resides so on the map again for your pinpoint location you re looking on the top of this bend basically around the top end of that that part of the map. And that one s all good next one we re going for is gonna be inside of here. Roughly. So let s have a little wander over and see what we can find and in addition to this by the way just as a little note.

There is another set of secret challenges. Which i m gonna do another video on later today. And it s the same kind of thing. This one obviously is about gnomes and telescopes.


But there s another one about teddy bears and honey pots. Which is kind of adorable. So that one will be coming out very very soon. But this is where you re looking right here so from this building.

Just make your way north. And it s just the left hand side. As you re making your way north. There s another telescope map location wise pretty much where i put my marker to be fair.

Which is pretty good and then the next one is just a teensy bit further in that way. Which is good so you re looking kind of at this like slightly rocky area just a little bit further up. It s all seems to be clustered around through the teddy bear house. So ever these two you know fractions are having a bit of a war right by the field tomorrow.


Ahead and der berg. Ahead. We can find another one. Just there fantastic.

And then our final one it s gonna be just a little bit this way you can basically see it on the the southern end of this house right here by the water. And that s the final one you can hear flies. Whenever you re here as well so i don t know what that is is that supposed to almost be like a pun like a fly on the wall. And they re like spying on them.

I don t know but either way. There you go. There s five of them. I ve got a bunch of xp for that if you did find this video.


Helpful. Then be sure to leave a like on it comment and subscribe and remember to ring that bell. If you want to get notifications. The second that these challenge videos go live.

So you can be some of the first people to get skins xp. The whole lot thanks for watching and i ll see you later bye bye. ” ..


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