Fitbit Charge 3 Vs Garmin Vivosmart 4 – The battle of the fitness trackers

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“Guys. My name s john from active junior comm. This video. And we re doing doing a comparison between the charge three and the vivosmart four that s one thing want to point out.

I m not gonna do in a in depth review of both devices. I ve already done that and the features on this channel or on my website. Why we re doing is taking you through the key differences. But what i will do and if it s relevant they ve got similar features.

I will tell you based on my opinion. Which one i think is better at doing that it s awfully with this video you get a better understanding of which device is probably right for you thanks. Very. Much.

Let s get straight into the video. Okay so first of all starting. The design. While they re both fitness bands to both go with a different style in terms of design.

The vivo smart. 4 is a thinner design and it s more compact whereas. The charge. 3.

Is a bit more chunky at the both features buckle style bands. Which in my opinion is better on a fitness. Tracker can get it tighter to your wrist or fitness trackers. I ve got the same style screen.

However when it comes to the screen. This is where and one of the big difference between the two the vive is smart for because of the small design features a smaller screen and based on my testing. It was sometimes difficult to use that touch screen on the watch band whereas the charge. 3 is a bigger screen you seem to get more on the screen.

And it s also a lot easier to use. I also found the charge for a lot more responsive with screen switchers and overall the screen. I think is just a little bit better on the charge. 3.

That one there the difference is the charge. 3..

Also features bands that can be swapped out. Whereas. The vivosmart for calm and now turning both of the fitness. Trackers over you also find the optical art rate.

Sensor and the oxygen saturation sensor along with the charging port at now overall in terms of design. I do prefer the charge 3 over the vivo smart 4. But i think that s just down to personal preference. I think when it comes to the design and then you have to decide yourself.

Which one is the right one for you finally the both waterproof to 50 meters. Which means you can take them for a shower. If you want to you can take them swimming. So that s a great advantage with both devices and now moving on to the fitness.

Features that both devices have now the alltrack step stairs climbed at was burned and at the amount of times. You ve moved throughout the day. And now. I did find the vivosmart for is a little bit more accurate on steps and stairs climbed over the fitbit.

But that s a common occurence with fitbit do record higher steps klein terms of calories burned. And all of those things. More or less pretty. Much in line.

With each other. And they also tracked you every day our tray and again i found them pretty much in line with each other on both bands that have automatic first attraction. So if you forget to set the band say for a run or a walk both of them will track a different type of exercises in terms of activities tracked the charge three and the vivosmart four do track a great number of activities. I did find the charge three has got a few more built in and the vivosmart four and because of the connected gps.

You also can do outdoor fitness tracking as well. Where it ll give you a map. And actually where you ve been we re comparing that to be more smart for that uses some of the sensors built in to calculate the distance now in terms of heart rate. Tracking based on my tests on the vivosmart four and the charge three.

I found the charge free a lot more accurate than the vivosmart four and the vivosmart four in particular really was let down by the heart rate tracking for things like running and weightlifting and and things like that however in the gym. It seemed to perform a little bit better for fitness classes. But overall the charge tree did perform a lot better in the heart rate tracking and then we were on to sleep tracking both trackers will track your sleep. And again.

I found them pretty much in line. With each other and i would say if they pretty much spot on with the sleep tracking the vivosmart for did from time to time recall me going to sleep at a different time..

But it wasn t all the time so overall. I am ok with the sleep tracking on both devices. Now moving on to some key differences and starting with the vivosmart for the vivosmart for does stress. Tracking and this is something that garmin s including a lot of their finished.

Tracking and and their i end trackers for some time. And i found based on my tests in the vivosmart. 4. Was pretty accurate when it comes to stress.

Tracking and this is something that vivosmart for as over the charge. 3. Now moving on to the body battery now this is a feature of via smartphones. Got what it basically does it takes all other data that color and says whether your body is charged on what percentage charge from a noughts of 100 now whilst in the review.

I wasn t too convinced it was quite there in terms of its accuracy and also some of the data collected. I think. It s a great direction government going in and this is certainly a good feature in the futures gonna improve that the vivosmart for will have over the charge 3 another feature that the vivosmart force got that the charge tree is not is a normal heart rate readings. Now you can set your heart rate threshold.

If you re safe sat on the sofa and your heart rate goes up over a certain amount it will alert you that you ve got a heart rate. Which is going above your fresh old now. This is key for people that may have heart problems. But i wouldn t necessarily recommend you rely on this.

But it s certainly a a great feature that the vivosmart. 4. As now moving on to some of the things that the charge 3 hours of the vivosmart. 4.

Doesn t and now one of the things that both trackers doesn t have is gps built in and it s a real shame 2018. None of these trackers have that however the charge tree does up what s called connected gps. Which uses your gps software from your smartphone to track your distance. So it connects.

I found it worked really well and i had no particular problem. However i do want to call out that you still have to take your smartphone with you but by doing so it means that you can track your activities. Via gps. If i say running and cycling.

Which the vivosmart 4. Only does through sensors and i didn t find it particularly accurate..

But now the final feature that the fitbit charge 3. Has over the vivosmart. 4. Is a female health tracker.

What it does it stretch your mental cycles and fitbit promised to bring another female health tracking to their wearables. Now in terms of smart features both of the fitness trackers offer smart notifications from call text and app alerts. Right now i don t find it particularly useful so when i m testing devices. I normally use it and then i know would turn them off after i ve done that particular part of the testing.

However with the charge. 3. Because of the bigger screen. The text and alerts that come through you ve got more chance of reading them and they seem to have presented them really well on the charge tree whereas on the vivosmart for the are a scroll because of the smaller screen.

And there s sometimes very difficult to read so if you re looking for smart notifications and best mortification support and the charge tree is probably the better one for you in terms of other features. The charge theory. Also has what s called fitbit pay. Now.

This is only available on the special edition. Model. So you have to pay a little bit more to get this. And also fitbit.

A promise in a number of third party apps. That will be coming out over the next couple of months now they have been pricing for a few months. Already and the word is that would come in 2019 now moving on to battery life. They both promised a 7 day battery life now based on my testing.

I was finding. I was getting about 6 days with the charge 3 and 4 to 5 days with the vivosmart. 4. And whilst.

This is a relatively good battery life for both trackers. It just means you don t have to charge as much for the charge. 3 over the vivo smartphone. However they both only take an hour to charge so don t think it s a massive issue with a bachelor lives.

But it all depends on what you want that so in terms of which one s for you i think when you first of all look at the vivosmart. 4..

You ve got a smaller fitness tracker in a smaller form factor. We suited someone that wants something more discreet on the wrists and it still does a lot of activity tracking that s that s pretty accurate but when it comes to the heart rate tracking and some of the distance travel because it doesn t have a gps. I wouldn t say it s over the accurate it does do great smart notifications. However because of the smaller screen.

It s sometimes fiddly to see those and also interacting with the screens. Not as good then you move on to the charge. 3. You have got a bigger screen.

You ve also got the option to change those bands out. It is a slightly bigger design. So if you wanted something more to screen. It s probably not one for you.

However. The activity tracking and the fitness tracking seems to be pretty good especially. The connected gps you can do outdoor activities and also i found that the heart rate. Tracking was a lot better as well on this device in terms of the smart notifications they re all pretty good and that you are able to see some of the text and the alerts.

A lot more clearer. So i think overall it s down to your personal preference on what you re going to be using the device for i think. When you re picking something make sure that you are choosing the device of the activities. You re going to be doing and then buy based on that don t necessary buy based on because it s got the best gps tracking.

If you re actually not going to use it for any outdoor track in us all. So. If you re going to be using it for say indoor. Then make sure you pick the right track for you so guys.

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