Filthy s Civ6: What Civic Techs are Important?

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“Filthy robot here bringing other guides tips and tricks video this time we are talking talking about particularly important civic texts throughout the civic tech tree so let s get it and see what we re talking about so let s break it down. I m gonna break it down by era starting in the ancient era of course. And i want to bring your call your attention especially the newer player specialist players. Who don t have a strong sense of what they re doing in the game.

I want to give you guys. Some civic texts that you really should be paying attention to really consider prioritizing as technologies that you re going to want to research in the culture tree. So let s start with the ancient era early empire sticks out to me right off the bat is one of the most important ones you can get in particular because of the card colonialization. Which is going to give you 50 production towards settlers placing a lot of cities is extremely powerful in civilization.

Six. And this is the most most important early card that you can get basically because this is going to make that a much more efficient process for you building settlers. However. I also think military tradition is extremely powerful as a civics tech.

It gives you a couple things that are worth it worthy of note. The first of which is you now have flanking and support combat bonuses. Which means that adjacency of your units is going to give you both defensive and offensive bonuses. Which is really cool as well as the 50 production towards ancient and classical era light cab units like cab and excuse me heavy and light cab units and both of these cavalry units as a whole being the most powerful unit type in the game.

And then finally actually advantage the access to great people points. Is also extremely important so early empire and military tradition are really the two biggest ones in the ancient era moving on to the classical era. Again there s two civics texts. In here that make the most sense to me the first of these is all right they re not make the most sense.

But are the most powerful to me first of these is games and recreation. Believe it or not this is solely because of the colosseum. The colosseum is just absolutely incredible one of the best wonders in the game. We ll get to a wonder to your list and the not too distant future.

But just really pay attention to this wonder. If you have the chance to snag this. This is really very very powerful and worth grabbing. If you can with the way that you want to place your cities.

You can hit so many cities with this that this a oee just becomes ridiculous and the other of really important civic step in the classical era is political philosophy this the access to your three the three first governments that are available and that brings your policy cards from two policy cards to four policy cards. Which is a huge difference in the number of policy cards available to you as well as opening up your first to diplomatic cards. Which are both very very good diplomatic cards. You re going to use throughout the course of the game.

So. Political philosophy. Is the other civic stack that you really should be paying attention to in the classical era let s move on to medieval era medieval era is chock full of civics texts that are important we re gonna talk about five of them in this era and there s only seven so let s talk about the ones that are so good in here first of these is feudalism feudalism is a game changer it does have a small boost of building allowing you to build just farm triangles. We re adjacent farms.

Give boost to each other so you can get a lot of food here. But it s really not the food that s the biggest part of it it s serfdom serfdom changes. The way you use builders unless you re a china or invested in pyramids. Most times in the early game.

You re using builders to hit the first couple tiles..

That your city is going to work or luxuries and that s probably about it you might invest in a little bit more but your cities are gonna be busy you re gonna be building your initial defense you re going to be building tons of settlers. You re gonna be getting basic housing infrastructure up things like that feudalism really excuse. Me serfdom. Really allows you to go from just a minimal number of improvements.

Because you don t have that many builder charges to improving every single tile your city is working and actually getting ahead of the population growth in your cities. I think this policy is extremely powerful especially considering how well it pairs with purchasing directly gold purchasing builders. Where you can throw this policy in for one turn or two turns and purchase five builders across your empire and then go back to using the other policies. That you really like also worthy of note is civil service civil service.

Offers meritocracy. This is the card that i really think is one of the best cards in the game. This is giving you plus one culture in each city for each specialty district. Which is often at this time in the game between two and four districts in each city.

Which is a huge amount of culture boosts your empire as a whole all right moving on mercenaries is another extremely powerful civics tech in particular. This is the professional army card. Which is what i care about here. This is a 50 discount to all unit upgrades.

So many strategies and civilization. The civilization series of the whole. But in particular said 5s of 6 have been based around tightening pushes. Where you invest either in pre building.

A unit or otherwise and then upgrading into it so you because you have these very short technological timing windows to attack right when you have a military tech and your opponent doesn t and you want to maximize the amount of damage you can do during that to minimize the cost of the war on yourself and the professional army card. Really is the epitome of that this allows you to take your archers into crossbows your warriors into swordsmen. Cheaply at this era in the game. Your heavy chariots into knights.

And this is gonna do that at twice the efficiency basically or half half the cost. I guess. It s not quite quite the same. But it s pretty damn similar to half the cost of doing it this way as it would any other way to other technologies that are really kind of important in this era.

They are guilds and divine right guilds gives you the craftsmen and lesser lesser degree to town town charter. But mostly the craftsmen policy here. Which is 100 percent industrial zone. Adjacency bonuses turns out production is by far.

The most important resource in civilization six right now and getting a card that essentially doubles the bonuses you re getting off of the production district is been very very powerful this is another super awesome card to pay attention to especially if you re just doing a lot of infrastructure building. A lot of buildings in a lot of districts. This one is going to really make that a more efficient process. Which is very powerful and finally a divine right is worth mentioning.

I don t think very much of monarchy as a choice as a government. Very much so there is another government here. But i don t think it s much better than the classical arab governments. It s actually in some cases.

I think worse than than classical republic because you have gone from a zero to one one card layout to a three one one one call it part buy out and a lot of times..

You don t need that many military cards here. But it does also offer the 50 production towards medieval renaissance and industrial era. Heavy and light cav cards. Which is extremely important as well because as we know light light and heavy calves are just the most important units in the game.

And having that that card be available for you during your times of war is going to be extremely extremely important all right moving on renaissance era. There are five again in the renaissance era of renaissance eras. Another very important era for civics texts. There s just so many good ones in here.

I will start with diplomatic service diplomatic service. Is your first spy and spies are really cool and fairly powerful. The sabotage ability of spies is really really good it really slows down your opponents in particular. So.

This is your first available spy. Which is awesome exploration. Excuse. Me is the another one that s really worth noting.

This is probably the most powerful of the second tier of governments. This is giving you a one to one to government. Which is a lot of the slots you want the economic plus the wild card slots as well as having a basic military and a basic diplomatic slot extremely powerful just for the government option given to you reform church gives you a another one worth inch worth talking about which is theocracy in theocracy as generally not that great and that great of a government choice is that is the government choice that allows you to do faith purchasing. So if you have any sort of either timing push with military units that are faith purchased plan in mind or if you re trying to do a religious victory as a whole.

This is going to be a very powerful social policy to pick up this this the civics tech right here for theocracy finally enlightenment rationalism is the single best card in the game bar. None. There s nothing better than this card you will from the minute you get access to this card to the end of the game. You will be running this pretty much permanently if you not even if you can you will have to make room for it because it is so damn powerful so picking up the getting to the enlightenment to to get rationalism slotted into your government is going to be one of the best decisions.

You can make and to do that as soon as possible is going to be particularly important. I said five cards and i kind of lied because there s a bit of a joke card in here. It s gonna call your attention to humanism gives you the chateau which is super excel windows. Though don t even worry about that there are two there are humanism does give you your first real set of tourism cards essentially because you are going to be able to make use of art and archaeological museums.

But as i said i m not going to make this about each specific each specific victory type. I m not going to do that i m just going to really point you guys to the ones you should be paying attention to and that in the renaissance tree is that guys is exploration the enlightenment diplomatic service and situationally sometimes reformed church all right moving on to the industrial era. There are three here that i want to talk about the first of these is nationalism nationalism gives you not only does it give you the additional spy. Which is extremely good as we talked about earlier.

It also gives you the ability to form coors and coors are extremely powerful coors and fleets or the book. If this one gives you the ability to form coors or fleets. And later on you ll be able to upgrade coors or fleets into armies or armadas. Which basically go from combining two units to make a core or fleet to three units to a armada or army.

The power of pours and fleets in particular are that it lets you get around the stacking penalty or the stacking limitation that exists in the game right now so civilization. 5. Just like civilization excuse me civilization. 6.

Just like civilization..

5. Basically allows you to have one unit per tile and this means that the available units you have to attack any position are limited by the number of tiles that interact with that position so if you have a to range unit. Yeah you have some more tiles may be based on terrain. But in general you re only going to have the units directly adjacent to it or one tile back able to interact with that tile at all which limits the amount of power you can bring in the amount of force you can bring in on this particular tile having cores be a stronger unit of the same type of that same arrow just by combining two previous units means that you can actually focus more directly on a specific set of minima of tiles.

Even tiles that have limited access to them that is extremely powerful in war. Cores and armies are game changers when it comes to how how fights work out in civilization six. So this this policy in particular is extremely powerful two other ones to really pay attention to urbanization. This is another game changer.

This is going to do away with housing as a problem whatsoever up until this point in the civics tree housing will be a limiting factor in city growth. You will be struggling with housing throughout the course of the game just because of the way. The housing mechanic works neighborhoods really make that a non issue at neighborhoods. You are able to grow your cities as large as you like them or rather your are you housing.

No longer restricts the growth of your empire. Anyway. These neighborhoods are a very efficient way of gaining housing. So this is a really important policy as well and finally.

I do want to call your attention to natural history. There s a lot going on at natural history archaeologists come into play and the zoos come into play zoos are your first area of effect. So these are area effect amenity building. So just like factories are area of effect production.

Just use our area of effect. Amenity and this is an extremely powerful building in terms of increasing the amenities across the crusher empire. All the area affects stuff in this game are extremely good. Because of how densely you want to plant cities in civics.

Right. Now the best available strategies for you are as close as possible as many cities as possible and anything that is an aerial effect is going to be extremely powerful for that all right moving on into the modern era. There are three kind of that i want to talk about here first of these is mobilization mobilization is the tech that unlocks armies and armadas. We just talked about how powerful cores and fleets were armies and armadas are better cores and fleets.

They are even more powerful units that are going to even even more efficiently get around that one unit per tile restriction. This is extremely powerful and all your warring to get mobilization as soon as you can ideology is your next spy and i am particularly partial to spies at the moment. I m really enjoying them i think offensive spies are the some of the more interesting and powerful indirect ways of attacking the opponent. Where you don t have to be directly warring him.

But you can very very efficiently slowed his progress through the use of spies. I think that s very cool and then the third you know it s three it s three policies. But you generally pick between the three of these to look at are the tier 3. Governments.

So either suffrage to tell italia. Totalitarianism or class struggle. All of these are very powerful abilities. Giving you access to your next year of government.

Some cards to be particularly paying attention to in these are well to some degree new deal is quite powerful economic union is quite powerful lightning warfare of course is the next tier of cal card..

Which is extremely important and then these are these are all good. All the all the cards that come along with these government s are super good about trying to pull out just the ones that really stand out to me. And the campus and industrial zone. Adjacency bonus cut being combined and five year plan is also extremely powerful so these these three cards just in general are really really powerful you re looking for civics cards in the modern era.

It s moving on to the atomic era. I have three pulled out here excuse. Me. No i don t have one pulled out here.

And that is cold war this one is really the policy that i care about in this in the atomic era and what is giving you access to is both an additional spy and we ve talked about that a number of times right now as well as a cryptography which really makes your spies more efficient it gives you double to two extra levels of defensive spy in your lands. And one extra level of offensive spy. Which is just awesome if you get that ahead of your opponent s you re going to be in good shape. And may be worthy of a little bit of a side note is the stadium is available professional sports.

Which is another aoe. This is the last of the aoe amenity buildings finally moving into the info era. The only one really worthy of pointing out in my opinion is globalization for international space agency. There are games you re going to encounter.

Where you have so much culture for whatever reason. That you will hit the final tier of the civic s tree before you hit the final tier of the science tree in other words your culture is ahead of your science. And this is the strongest science policy in the game besides probably rationalism. So if you can hit this this.

Civics. Tech using culture. You can give a huge boost to your science technology. So if you re going for a space race.

Victory for example or even a military victory. Having that extra science above and beyond. What your opponent s have is gonna be very very powerful for you and i don t think that is true of for example. The extra culture you already had the culture to get to this portion of a tree you probably don t need a huge additional boost of culture.

Because your culture is probably not doing very much for you at that point hopefully guys this was helpful i know there s been a lot of questions about you know i m a newer player. I m a little bit overwhelmed about what should i be checking for what should i be looking for in the civic s tree. I m gonna do one of these for the citiz tree and one of these for the science tree about which technologies are really the ones to look out for and why and hopefully. This was helpful for you guys anyways if you enjoyed it go ahead and hit the subscribe button here and you tuber come follow me on twitch.

I make a lot of statistics content and check out my other guide videos. I hopefully. Enjoyed it hopefully you learned something and i ll see you guys soon. ” .


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