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“A new dawn is a forty dollar game and uses a lot of the assets assets from far cry. 5. But that does not mean that the game will lack. It s actually a pretty big game that i think will thank you more time to fully complete than far cry.

5. So let s take a look at the map the amount of contents and way more in this video. If you enjoy deaths then alike would be super. Appreciative out let s go.

I already discussed the map of far cry new dawn. A little bit in previous videos. Saying. That it s similar to the map of far cry.

5. I mean it s still hope county. But really different in terms of look thanks to the nuclear bumps and the super bloom that completely changed the world in the 17 years after the ending of for cry. 5.

What you will notice when looking at the world map is that it s a little bit smaller especially the outer areas of the map. It should not be explorable still a lot to discover. Though and during my play session. I stumbled upon multiple things while exploring this open world far cry noodle now tracks their lootable locations.

So small houses that are not part of an outpost or where you happen to fight some enemies for a mission will have resources as well and thanks to a tracker. You will know if you got everything in the area. So you know if you are ready to move on and as shown in my all weapons video resources are needed to craft weapons in new dawn also the most powerful weapons so you totally want to search these occasions before you go to the next objective. There are 101 lootable locations in far cry new dawn.

We see that things to be general for gretchen tracker that can see when zooming out of the world map a like we already knew this. But the world map is not just one big thing instead of three different regions as we saw in far cry. 5. So you don t progress the story by liberating people.

While you can still save people from the enemies. In fog renewed on the highwaymen now you progress. The story by upgrading your base something that add wall points after doing many main story missions. It will say that you need to upgrade your base prosperity by getting some specialists that are out there in the world.


And doing some regular base upgrades. As well as shown in the base of great window. There are 22 story missions in far cry new dawn fucker. 5.

Has 228 although. I think it s hard to compare the two because of the different progression structure. Yeah. I think that you are then looking at a 10 hour long campaign.

Something like that and that is only for these missions. While again. There s way more to do we have eight side missions in new dog. Yes.

405 had way more of those and in udon rescuing. A gun or fang for hire also counts as a side mission. Too so i already had done two side missions by rescuing. The doc and also the boar yeah.

It seems like far cry new dawn will be lights on these more story driven side missions. But we will talk about some new features later on in this video that i think will balance it out and make the map being smaller also less of a problem in the road map progression tracker. We see that there are ferdie outpost in new dawn. But that s actually ten versus the 19.

We saw in for par five cs. Why does it say for me well that s because a new down. These outposts are more exciting and also replayable. You actually have a good incentive to keep doing them over and over again as well as i mentioned in my all outfits video.

And i will kind of re explain that in a little while so. If you followed my new down contents. Then you know the drill rides and you can t take over an outpost mu dawn for the first time and keep it to have it as a fast travel sports. A garage a shop to buy met gates for example.

But if you are up for an extra challenge and need the ethanol a resource. That is needed to upgrade your base so super valuable yes. Anyway abandoning. The outpost you captured from the highwayman gives you 50 ethanol on rank 1.


And then the highwayman will come back and take it over again and bring the outpost to rank 2. And then you can retake it again from these stronger enemies and if you successfully take over a rank 2 outpost. Then it will also be counted to this outpost. Progression tracker.

So that s why they are ferdie. Because every outpost has four free ranks and so when you first do the outpost. It s always rank 1. If you choose to abandon it then it will be rank 2.

If you choose to abandon it again then it will be ranked free. But i think that even after you completed the ranked free outpost. You can still try it again because after completing an outpost. You have a chance to get a certain piece of an outfit like for example.

The demon gorilla outfit is linked to the trailer outpost and since there are four outfit pieces they had the chest the hands and the legs it means that you at least have to be able to do this outpost four times. But in reality likely more because like i mentioned in an outfit video as well. I did the broken forge outpost for the kumite costume. Two times.

Without getting one piece of this set see as we re far cry. 5. Outposts were pretty easy to complete and did not have any replayability or variants. I mean you could replay them.

But then they were just the same not really that exciting fucking lead on expands on that and makes. It part of the progression loop to go out and clear harder. Versions of the same outpost again. And i love doing outpost in a far cry game so having more options and replayability sounds really really cool of course.

We have to wait and see what the drop chance for these outfit pieces will be per outpost. Because it would suck if you have to replay like the same outpost 20 times to get a full sets. The big new thing in far cry. New dawn are the expeditions so again the world in far cry.

New dawn totally feels different compared to 4 5. And i think it s actually fun to explore some of the same buildings that now have completely changed. But we will also be going to different parts of the us to fight to the highwaymen and while we did not know how much of these expeditions. We could explore at launch the progression tracker implies there are seven of these different locations that we can go to with the helicopter from our home base yes.


It says to anyone because. These expeditions also have a three different ranks and just like the outpost. You will lock rank. 2 of the expedition after beating rank 1.

And a higher rank will not only mean tougher enemies. But also that the package that you need to secure and take home via the helicopter will be on a different location. So that should change up these missions enough as well when doing it alone of course with a friends because yes just like four or five everything is playable with one co. Op buddy and i really think that good communication will be needed for the higher rank expeditions.

I was able to play two expeditions during my recent play session. One on a big boat and one. In a sort of desert area loft. The last one especially since it s really completely different from the rest of the game.

But we of course already saw gameplay of the theme park as well that you actually unlock as a furred expedition to go to and in the reveal trailer. We actually saw a castle as well that i don t think we ve seen gameplay of yet okay maybe it s more a sort of prison or military base. But let me know what you think in the comments down below so we got those four and then there will be free more and i really can t wait to see what they will be like because going through that desert area for the first time was really really cool look beautiful yes. The noodle map is smaller.

But there are seven other locations. We can go to that are replayable as well and because of the new weapon unlock system that requires you to upgrade your base first and get many resources in the world instead of dollars. That you could easily get by selling animal pelts. I think getting everything in new dawn will take a really really long time the challenges return as well.

Where you have to kill enemies with certain weapons for example these give you birth points. That you can then use to unlock new perks in the game. The proper stashes are now treasure hunts. There are only ten of them in far cry new dawn.

While there were like 26 in for five five. So yes a little less but still these are small little puzzles that are pretty fun to do for one. I had to go inside a mountain and use cars to get to the treasure. But one car had the brakes still on so i had to release them and to make it fall into the water so i could jump on it to get to the other side of the cave.

Yes you get per points from doing these types of treasure hunts as well. But because of the focus on resources. I found that these treasure hunts were actually really really nice to chase because it gave me a lot of resources to craft the weapons that i wanted some old school collectibles of course return as well we got music players they need to take photographs of the world. As well.


I really think that we re looking at at least 20 hours of content to complete most of far cry. New dawn and they will likely be far from unlocking all the weapons outfits and doing all the outpost and expeditions on a higher rank. Where parker 5. There was really not a lot to do after you complete its the main story.

It seems like new dawn will have more things in place and to keep you in the game and in fucker. 5. I really wanted that to play more after the main story. But doing the same outpost over and over again was not that fun at all because every liberated every stone in far cry.

5. There were no enemies like left in the world. So you got an overall shooter with no enemies to shoot. So let s hope that that s not the case in new dawn and if there are still enemies like roaming the world after we complete its the main missions.

But yeah looking at the many things that for carnelian das as response to the feedback from fara. 5. Like we can have our doc in the car right now to replayable outpost. The craftable weapons instead of a dollar economy.

I really think that they also looked at this piece of feedback that was pretty loud in the far cry. 5. Community and they likely changed some things to still have an exciting world after you completed the game. But yeah we will find out soon enough because the game is actually already out on february 15th.

And so really really soon. I actually expect my review code for the game in the coming week or so so i can already play through the game and prepare a lot of content for you. But i will likely have some other videos as well as we get closer to that launch so they ll expect the same style of coverage as a date with far cry. 5.

Last year. I really can t wait for that like this video to support channel check out my reason for a new dog videos on all the weapons in the game. And all the cool outfits that you can unlock and i will speak to you next time of course goodbye music. ” .


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