Faith Community Nursing

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First want to give god the credit for all of this including a bigger plan plan than what i could see martha could see lisa could see when we began process and it began to be formalized as opposed to just the idea it took all of us where it originally started was in the midwest chicago and indiana. So parish nursing in my view is a registered nurse who has had additional education in whole person health with spiritual care as its hallmark. So body mind and spirit wellness spiritual care at the focus and a nurse that is situated in the congregation to promote whole person health.
Martha erbach. Who was an educator here in the school of nursing at shenandoah university was in conversation with the methodist denomination her husbands a methodist minister and she had a friend named kathleen monge. Who was a registered nurse also ordained in the methodist church and the two of them were having a conversation about parish nursing.
I went to my district superintendent here in winchester district. Reverend jack minnick he found money to pay for me to attend the two day orientation at park ridge. There i got to meet reverend.
Granger westberg. Who really is the person who came up with the concept of parish nursing in 1984 came back talked to john copenhaver. Talked to jim davis and at the same time in parallel.
I was talking to reverend peter ford. Who was the chaplain at winchester medical center at the same time he had already given me some tapes and books from bernie siegel. I had already done research.
When i was at wesley seminary on healing and wholeness and christian healings. So with my nursing background. This was the piece where the pieces started to fit together like a puzzle.
And as martha shared. We then formed this committee of interested people lisa zerull. Peter ford.
Martha erbach and we went from the concept to working out how could we do this so as we do in healthcare. When you want to start something you have to start with dialogue. And say what is this thing called parish nursing.
Who should be involved and so really the first thing. We did is we put together what was called the caring team and martha erbach as an educator at shenandoah sat on that committee. Another nurse who was adjunct clinical faculty mary clark and then kathleen monge as a minister and then just because some somehow somebody introduced me to conrad christianson.
He was the pastor at bethel lutheran church. Here in winchester. He was on that committee and then several of my nurse friends who had a strong faith themselves came forward and said.
You know lisa i like this idea of having a nurse in a church. Id like to come together and have dialogue with you about what this could be what it could mean for the greater winchester community. So that caring team got started with monthly meetings and we started exploring what lutheran.
General now advocate healthcare in park ridge. Illinois. They were the team that worked with dr.
The reverend dr. Granger westberg in 1983 1984 and they really contemporized an ancient model of a woman in a church trained to do nursing type things to promote body mind and spirit wellness. So our caring team contacted.
The folks at park ridge illinois to learn from their experience with parish nursing. My dean dean unintelligible picked up the phone and called me. She said martha come down to my office.
I thought oh gosh what have i done now and i went in and she said martha the hospital wants somebody from the school of nursing to be on this committee. I dont know what its about but id like for you to be on it. And i knew the only reason she called me was because i was a ministers wife last thing.
I wanted was another committee to be on so i went and sort of the rest is history. The university. Supported us.
Oh. My i wrote an article that takes a university or takes a village to do a parish nurse program. The president of college dr.
Davis he was behind us the school of nursing was behind us. The cafeteria would open early or stay late for us to accommodate the programs meals. The chapel would be available to us for our programs and for some of our devotional sessions.
The whole university did it defining our roles. But then coming together and drawing from the strength and synergy of those three partners so defining that if we were going to have parish nursing. We would have to create an education program.
So that nurses could learn more about parish nursing. And that was martha erbachs role and shenandoah universitys role for kathleen monge. She had been a nurse and now was a methodist pastor.
She was helping to define for our clergy. Our community clergy what it could mean for them to have a nurse in their congregations promoting spiritual care and whole person care and then from the hospital perspective. We didnt want to own the nurses or employ the nurses.
But we knew if we didnt have a supportive network. It it it would start and stop and fizzle so my vice president john borg. Said to me lisa.
I want you to create a soft support structure wherein. We will pay you or a coordinator to coordinate a network of faith community nurses. But were not going to pay the salaries of faith community nurses.
So again that triad partnership was being designed developed and again it was a god thing. It it worked and it laid a solid foundation for what would be over the next twenty five years. The first night of the program of the first evening.
We would put a table out and pile it with scraps that kathleen and i had collected from mamas and grandmamas and whomever would give us and after the devotions. They were asked to come up and choose a piece of fabric and then to tell the group why they chose it this one reminds me of the wallpaper in my room when i was a kid this one makes me remember the sundress that grandmama made me or whatever and their job. Doing that first session back then we had it in two sessions their job.
Then was to personalize that in some way in the meantime. Kathleen had prepared a muslin square. And it had it a circle and they were told to place their piece of fabric on that circle.
And then kathleen took them home and sewed them on that piece and then when we came back for the second session. They all had to take a turn quilting it and the olive leaves that surround the picture. There they had to quilt that and then i would take them in get them framed.
I graduated in 97. So i was about the second or third class and it was small. I had two other episcopalians with me who lived away from here.
But i pretty much everybody i think that one of the things that we quickly learned was we were going to have an insignia with something religious on it and then in my class. I had a jewish nurse and we went cant do that so we quickly changed that and that worked out fine. It was interesting when i started giving flu shots during the fall.
I would help her at the synagogue and she would come over and help me she wasnt busy on sunday morning. I wasnt busy on you know friday night and saturday. So there was a lot of interaction.
So when we started working with the interfaith parish nurse educational program. I made it my goal that we would have something that nurses from any faith community could wear and wear proudly and so i took a nickel that would be about the right size because i was close to my nursing school pin size. I figured i could work with a circle.
And i went through all these designs and cut and paste and i met with bill erbach was one were you there at that meeting. I know lisa was and i laid out heres my idea on the and i had these nickels and i had them different colors. Whether there was white or pink or and i had the the lamp because as a nurse.
I remember walking down on my graduation with holding my nurse with a candle and so for me. That that lamp was not only connecting me with the florence nightingale with the education because its an educator lamp of education. But what i found in my research was that the olive branch.
Other than the american native americans. Where olive branches would not have been a part so they may but in the whole middle east. That it covered a symbol for healing in all the major religions and so i played and i did i cut and pasted and so it the concept of the white background and the lamp and the olive branch was a coordination of several peoples idea that this was the pin that we wanted yeah im the one that did the cut and paste.
But it really was a blessing of people working together that said. This is the one that we want for the interfaith parish nurse educational program and now i think it has changed to faith community nursing. Which is a wonderful thing.
But theyve kept the symbol thats pretty awesome. My husbands feeling is that we need to present parish nursing to the divinity schools. So that these up and coming ministers recognize the role and its not new to them when they get to have churches of their own and i think that might be a pretty good idea in order to educate the individual congregations.
I think you needed to start slowly and ive said this as i lecture do just something. And what i did was blood pressure checking you know between services whenever. I had a chance.
I just had the chance to do blood pressure and every now and then and i dont think there are coincidences every now and then somebody came up with a very very elevated blood pressure that we sent on to the doctor and they came back and said. Oh my gosh. The doctor said if i hadnt come in i might have had a stroke or i might have had this or i might have had that so that over time.
I think the other thing that many of the people did was we sent out. I sent out a questionnaire when i came back after the first week. And i asked the congregation what do you want and what i heard was just answer my questions and new people came into the parish.
They didnt know how to find a doctor or a dentist or whatever. And so i was a reference visiting people in the hospital. I left my calling card always with the patients nurse and id get calls back saying.
Helen someone is going to go home. And i really wish somebody would check on them so it was slow. But it didnt take too long before it was pretty pretty positive as a direct result of this program.
There was a program started in richmond. A program started in roanoke. The big moment for me is a very selfish one and that is that i think that spirituality in nursing is so important that i wanted to see it to continue.
And my wonderful husband agreed to allow me to have a life insurance policy. But i dont ever die and when i do die then they will have the money to have an endowed chair for spirituality and nursing. So selfishly thats my way of keeping my love alive.
So thats it i think my rewards have been just being there for some of them people that needed me most probably the highlight and and i really sort of i continued to say to doug. I dont have time i dont have time and then one night. I went to the hospital to visit somebody who was actively dying and they called me and they said helen.
What the lawyer did would you come and witness an x. Because he cant sign any more than an x. And i did and i knew this man very very well and his little wife was sitting there and i knew that they had a daughter that was in a nursing home down in harrisonburg and after we got all that done and everything i called my husband and i said can i just go ahead and stay the night and i said shes so alone.
And he said sure so i did and about five oclock. In the morning. He was a priest himself about five oclock in the morning.
He woke up and he said pretty clearly helen. Its sunday morning isnt it i said yes. It is and he said well i guess i have to get ready for church.
So we got him all ready his wife was sleeping. We finished and we had a prayer and i said okay youre ready for the eucharist and he said well im not taking it here and he died just like that so i woke his wife and she said. I knew he was gonna die on sunday morning and wed laughed about it.
And i called my priest and told him because i always did a provisional prayer and then he came in and as i went to church that day. I thought this is very very very special not very many people have that ability so from that time forward. It was never something i had to do it was something i could do and i have his picture his wife gave me his picture and i have it hanging in my office down there at the church and any day that im thinking that oh this is too much you know i think again.
Well. I actually have a personal story pastor jim utt was very in favor of faith community nursing. But he was knowledgeable about system and structure.
And he said okay lisa for this to really thrive at grace lutheran. Weve got to go through the steps of introduction introduce educate involve expand so our first introduction was to our congregation counsel and you have to understand i our church is pretty much white middle class. Okay so people have resources and they have access to health care.
So i did my presentation. I thought it was a good presentation to the church council and howard raised his hand. And he said.
Why do we need a parish nurse. At grace grace. Lutheran.
And my jaw fell on the floor. I thought i had done a wonderful presentation and pastor utt immediately came to my aid and then i dont even remember what his answer was but it was enough to convince the council that we needed to have a parish nurse. And we were going to set up a structure and actually change the bylaws of our church to have a social ministry.
Underneath the many the the structure that we had in the church. Again a god thing. Six months later pastor utt calls me and says howards having bilateral knee surgery do your best parish nursing for howard and thats exactly what i did so i called two days before surgery his wife.
Answered the phone and i said hi you know this is lisa zerull. Im the parish nurse at grace and i understand howards having knee surgery can i can i speak with them. So.
I hear howard lisa zerulls on the phone who the parish nurse from grace lutheran. What does she want she wants to talk to you so howard gets on the phone. And hes like hello.
And i said hi howard. You know this is lisa zerull. And you know im our parish nurse at grace lutheran.
I understand youre having surgery. Do you have any questions do you have any concerns no no he wasnt very communicative. But at the end of our probably three minute phone call.
I said howard would it be helpful for us to have a prayer together dead silence and then he says can you do that over the phone. And i smiled and then i asked him as any good parish nurse. Does what would you like us to pray for and so he he just benignly said something like well for a successful procedure.
So we had a prayer together and we hung. Up i knew he was coming in two days later at 6. Am so i came into the hospital at 6 am again.
He was surprised to see me his wife you know gave me a big hug. And said. Im so glad youre here just chatted with him a little bit and then we closed with a prayer again he had surgery.
I visited him one day after surgery again he still seemed a little like why are you interested in me. And why are you taking the time to come see me well again fast forward to two weeks after surgery. He was having some wound issues and we got him referred to home care and six weeks later when he came to church on a sunday morning.
He gave me a big hug. And said. I now know why we need a parish nurse.
At grace lutheran. So i get i get a little teary. Because i believe god puts you in certain places to do his work at certain periods of time and being a parish nurse.
I have the privilege the honor and the blessing to help others .

a faith community nurse is teaching the daughter of a client who has a terminal illness-0
a faith community nurse is teaching the daughter of a client who has a terminal illness-0

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