Elite Dangerous ► How to Rank Up Empire Super Fast – Easy Guide 2019

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Commanders and welcome to elite dangerous. You might probably be thinking. What the hell am.
Am. I doing in a python well this is because this mission needs. The medium pad or well this method.
So this is the please space and really is bliss. Im going to show you on the map. Where it is its this one in here come on stop it what is it doing i dont know what its doing he ate four four four and the other one is hip eight seven five eight between these systems you can rank up the empire.
Very fast lets check what i have incorrectly mercury is 21. This is the previous from the duke. Which is necessary for them barrier clip better i bought the python just for this because these missions are amazing make sure you start from the bliss space.
This is hip eight four four four simply go into the mission board and crab. Some missions these are follow up missions because i have already done some of them these are really easy to do it only gives you like deliver a couple of units and im gonna just do these two steak. These follow up missions like this one.
They dont always give the reputation you should look what gives the reputation and yeah whatever not the influence. But reputation like this one can you shut the hell up please and try to add commenter in here so. But ill take them for the cash because its never bad idea to have some more you know its just so small missions so otherwise i look what gives you reputation.
Oh. My god like this one. Ill take this one.
If you dont have that much cargo space you dont really need it. But its better with the cargo space youd get these missions courier ones and you dont need any cargo space for these whoops. What did i do now courier job.
They all go into this fierce off orbital. Which is pretty close by so im just taking all of them you can take to any missions at the time. I believe so grab whatever you can and make sure it has this imperial oak on it otherwise it doesnt help you with them superpower ranks.
So courier job. I always take these first lets see how much in interspace are we i have almost 200 wait. I have more than 200.
Yeah. I have more than 200 left. So see this gives coot rep.
So definitely take this one and maybe this one yeah. Oh my gosh. Im gonna take both of these.
This gives good wrap take this one what most other one in here. I just dont take anything else. But that delivery missions.
Only eat at courier chops or boom. Time delivery to the table to give good rip. Lets see how much space do i have left in here about hundred fifty something i can take both of this hell.
Yes madam can take both of these. And if you do run out of space you can always come back. But i try to prevent that what was that erwin.
It was this one i believe yes take this one somebodys flying there outside there we go lets move on to the next one lets see if there is sensitive data you can also date. Dc. It gives you rap so take this one take this one lets see if there is anything else courier job courier job.
These are the best ones because they dont need any cargo space. I dont know how many i can take and this one doesnt give anything. But lets see i think i took everything there was and just for good measure you can do the locking lockout trick they kind of tried fixing it but lets count the missions first lets see i know im wasting time in here.
But lets see thats 5 6. 7. 8.
9. 10. 11.
12. 13. 14.

elite dangerous how to rank up empire-0
elite dangerous how to rank up empire-0

15. 16. 17.
18. 19. 19.
Thats fine thats fine. Im gonna launch the knots out of it go in here only one mission so it doesnt really matter usually you dont have to log in and out so its fine and i will show you how fast it goes distinguished. But again you dont need a bitin for it you dont need to take commissions.
I took its just there goes better and you get paid more so. Thats why i bought the biting for it just specifically to do these missions to crime empire ranked. And so far i have spent maybe like five six hours total in here.
Thats thats it really and i have gone through like 4x. I think im not gonna cut this video. Im gonna just show you one go and thats it obviously im not gonna do all of it.
See still have like over haunting space left so. But once again you only need to date the courier missions. If you dont have that much higher cargo space there are some ships sent after you.
But thats a game. I might actually cut this flight out because this is just boring. Oh.
My god its just keep spamming. It and the time bonus by the way look how much it gives you optional time left is 1 hour 23 minutes thats more than enough thats way more than enough and you get. 180000 for.
It and every. Mission gives you see 120000. At the same hundred forty thousand hundred forty eighty thousand five hundred eighty thousand.
So you actually get whats that oh thats okay thats just incoming enemy alert allah go away i dont care i dont care i dont care right im gonna cut this part out. But you can look at the time on the top right corner. You can see the diamond.
There so you can see how much they cut out from there actually that wasnt much at all clearly one minute and the way i do this im gonna go in really fast like this and then i just turn away then i slow down and then i turn around again. Because this way is a lot faster than just straight up you know slowing down. And then you go like this see then youre already at the right speed in here might get interdicted in here.
But shouldnt be a big problem in here. But yeah see how fast it went it was maybe like 150 light seconds away and i just started braking. There and just did this kind of you know loop and this is a good way to slow down it works a great than medium ships.
But with large ships come on not so well now hes gonna mess up my perfect talking well that will suck if i dont get away from it im going the wrong way now he ruined my fast talking you look now. Im going wrong way that bastard man okay back on track back on track fears of orbital here. I come are you freaking.
This is the first time this happens to me. But of course it happens because im recording my god. This is just like so funny.
The ai cheats by the way they like bounce out of the the hyperspace in a different place. You know now wait oh my god this this chips. Name is moll.
Im gay like darth maul. Not not again come on not freaking again man. I mean.
This is the first time i got introduct twice in the row. I mean literally an entire game. I have never had it before thats thats just ridiculous.
But well thats how it goes. If im trying to like make a tutorial or trying to show something than everything that can go wrong will go wrong. No i see you oh my gosh.
What the hell i shouldnt have said that properly because now im gonna crush him to the station or something or i dont know maybe some alien ship is gonna jump out of nowhere or something all right now i mean the no fire sound so then and then they cant touch this you might want to order talking also the order talking computer on the mediumship depends. What chip you have i had the asp xplorer before because thats also medium and it has good jump range. But i went with peyten because it has a lot of cargo space.
I think my thing has the most cargo space among the medium ships if im correct there might be some transporter that has more but it shouldnt have so i usually use though the docking in here because i cant bother finding the bad. It was underneath see its a lot faster you just fly in and then you enable their order total after here. We go lets open this up.

elite dangerous how to rank up empire-1
elite dangerous how to rank up empire-1

So my status is 21. Right. Now.
Lets see how much i get with this ok. Lets take and take the reputation rewards always take the reputation because thats what you want lets deliver. The silver reputation.
Oh. Yeah. This is good.
Run. Man. Lets cue dominion.
Oh. My gosh. Its so much and look at the money.
How much you get for. One it says. 14000 but look at that okay that made over 14000.
But for some you see you get reward and it said time bonus. So it doesnt have reputation. So ill take the cash and this one doesnt matter because its not imperial one so or is it no i think it is ill take it anyway who cares if it doesnt have this one then ill take always the cash if it doesnt have the reputation.
I didnt even count how much cash. Im a total but as you can see its insane takes longer to keep the machines in and then take them this one. I think i gave wallen.
Lets check oh no theres something else. What is in there sometimes it bugs out. And it doesnt show where it is where is it oh.
Its right here nowhere. I was looking at and reputation right so how much did we get look at that 44. I have to do it three more times.
I believe i had 21 didnt i yes so that was actually pretty good guys. So you can also take this one if you want that gives good rep. But i would not recommend it because its in a different place so from this side.
There is not much to take just look. What goes into the hip eight four four four and take any anything that goes in there because it ends up in the police space. Anyway so its basically a one way trip this this way it doesnt give you much at all so im just going through this real quick and seeing if there is anything that goes in there sometimes there is more sometimes theres almost nothing.
But thats fine because the missions are coming from the other side. So the other side yeah. This is empty.
I think i checked everything yeah and once youre done with this then you simply go back to the other base. Which im not going to show you right now because this is the you know principle so from this one you only date. The missions that go in here.
And this one in here. This one hit 8 4. 4.
4. This only gives the missions to this one. So.
This is the goldmine in here. It works perfectly fine. And the final step is this one in here.
I actually think both of them sorry. I think both of these both of these systems they also give the imperial navy missions that give you the rank up so you just keep doing this and another thing that most people dont know at least. I think they dont know is that if your rank is already hundred percent like the mark cuis is hundred percent.
Then you need to do this special mission. Its called some impaired imperial navy. Something mission it can be a courier mission it can be a kill mission.
If you dont want to do those cycle missions. Then just wait for the courier mission. Because if youre at 100 and you two more missions.
Its gonna count towards the next rank it just doesnt show it so dont worry about it just keep doing it keep doing it if you get one of those imperial navy rank up missions take it and youre all good so i hope this helps you guys to rank up the empire. And i will see ya next time .

elite dangerous how to rank up empire-2
elite dangerous how to rank up empire-2

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