Dyson SV09 dead red flashing light, BMS failure.

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“Guys so i got this dyson battery. This is a for one of those tison tison handheld vacuum. This model is the dyson s. V09 and about this vacuum about year ago.

And it s been working great. It s a pretty powerful vacuum. It s portable so it s worth. It s been working pretty good.

But one day. I came home and my wife said that the vacuum stopped working so i was like really so it she s i asked her if she ran it dead or not and she said that she ran it and just stopped. But she only run running for like probably about 6 minutes under regular mode not full power mode full power mode. It would deplete the battery.

You know around 6 minutes. So but in regular mode should last longer than six minutes. So something went wrong. So i thought she must have had it on you know power modes ran a dead so the battery stopped working then.

But put it on charge doesn t do anything either then half. The red flashing light 32. Red flashing light. Something like that i mean that the battery.

You know got some kind of errors. And it s dead it s not gonna eat when you put it back on charge. So i m going to work again so to make it sure i called dyson s and i told him the error ago and they said yeah. The battery s done that need to be replaced being the person that i am i m gonna even though i we got the replacement battery.

I m gonna it s gonna tour this one a park and see what s wrong with it it s not easy to get it apart by any means..

It s like they have an anti tempering thing so it s not that easy to take it apart. But anyway they got like to screw so one one right there. And i believe where s the other one. I think it s that one and it s okay so it s only one screw.

I believe yeah just one screw right there so you take that out then you have all of this plastic locking mechanism. So there s one here one here one on the side two on the bottom. And then another one on the other side. So it s very difficult to take it apart without damaging the plastic.

So the way how i did it to make it look this good is instead of using a screwdriver to pry those lock to make mechanism. I use a knife. So now you you can t really use the knife. Because you have to pull all of them up at the same time in order to remove the battery.

Because there s not much room to wiggle so what i did is i just put the knife blade inside and then i just cut it i just cut that lips right here on this side so i just go through it cut it this one go through cut. It i always hoping that even if i cut all those lifts. Putting it back and attaching the screw back it s gonna hold it in place and that should be enough so that s what i did if you want to take this apart and then put it back so that it will look still look good. That s what you have to do i don t think there s any other option.

I try using like a little metal thing and then just hold it in place hold the lips up in place. But you can only do two like one or two before it started tighten up and you can t do it to the other side. You can t really get it apart anyway. That s not wasting any more time on that go straight into the battery.

So i was hoping that i can fix this i was hoping that maybe some of the cells went too low. And it got out of balance. Too much and then the battery management system. So stopped working or disabled.

It and i was hoping that i d take it apart recharge some of that cells or get some of that cells back to normal..

It will start working again. But that s not the case so taking the battery part you just pull this and then they got up and then you have to pull the whole thing apart. Which again it s not that easy because we got this little led things here gotta use two hands. So there you go come try it out so so when i when i pull it apart earlier or the other day.

I measure every single cells. And so there s six cells in here. So one two three four five six. So this is a 24 volt.

I you know they look like 18 650. But there s no brain on i don t know who made them so when i measured the cells. I do believe three of the cells were. Around four volt and then the other flea was.

Like 37 around. 36. 37. Between those range.

So it was about point three of a volts off. Which is a lot. It s not you know it s out of range. That s for sure i thought that was the problem right so i charge all of the cells back up and get it back to all within.

00. 02 make it work to my surprise that did not fix it so i start tinkering with it a little bit. More. So i.

Measure the main tabs..

Here i was getting full 245. Votes for the total voltage. And then when you push this little buttons here that s what activate the battery. So this thing actually has a little lever and that when you push down the star switch.

It will release this little switch here and that would turn on the battery. So if you do that it if as soon as you do that you ll get voltage through this pin right here. And this was going to the vacuum and make it run so if you put if you measure this voltage. When you push that switch it still say 24 volts.

So i thought what s going on you know that should make it work because i m getting power out of this one that should make it work right. But the funny thing is even though you get in voltage right here. But as soon as you apply any low then the voltage just disappear is no more power. So something s wrong or the bms is doing something.

It s not it s not letting the power pass through so i went online. I did a few more diggings and it seemed like this particularly seemed like the dyson battery. There s a lot of issue with them with a bms board. Particularly there s a lot of faulty bms.

I saw another video where a person by the chinese replacement bms bor that looked kind of exactly the same and you have to replace the bore. Which mean that you have to desolder all of those all of these pin put the new bms on and resolder. All this pin back in and the bms bores like a few dollars for your four doll or something like that so it looked like to my conclusion. I think it s just a bad to be a mess.

I charge up the battery that worked fine. I put a 20 amps low on it it seemed to whole flying at the at the main tabs not going through the bms. So i don t know what really went wrong you know having a bms should have protected the battery from draining too low that s what i thought initially. But when i measure the battery voltage.

When it first came out was still at 4 volts..

So it wasn t my wife didn t drain. It you know dead so she just started using it so it was still pretty much had full power a couple of the cells were low. But i can t tell if it s low because the battery cells is low the battery itself is dying or is it the bms that s causing that issue. It s not it hasn t been working you know up in to announce that the battery actually got out of balance that much so i don t know anyway.

What i m trying to show you guys is you know having a bms doesn t mean that it s gonna it s gonna save your battery in this case. It just saved the battery by not letting me use it anymore. I m not sure if that s a good thing or a bad thing because now you know i have a battery a bunch of cells. But it s not can t use it in the vacuum because without the this ball right here.

It s not gonna work. I still use it if i hardwire this into here skip the bms. But that s you know yeah. Then then have to use a separate charge charges you charge it because that s how this thing charges.

They feed a power supply in here and then the bms charged the battery up to a certain point and it would turn it off anyway so i don t know what to make of this because that kind of sucks. Because you know you have a perfectly working battery here. But then the bms is a crappy bms and this is pretty much what you get anyway. Thanks for watching and like i said they did send me a replacement.

I m hoping that one s gonna last a little bit longer than this but now as a day seemed like that s how you know electronics now s a day there only lasts about a year that s that s pretty sad but pretty much i m gonna keep charging these battery and then i ll try to find something that i can use it directly and then in time. I ll be able to tell it was the battery. That s constantly going out of balance. That s causing the bms to fail or is it the other way around where it s a crappy bms that s causing the battery to go out of balance.

So only time will tell but from what i ve seen online is a lot of people battery or crap. It now and then seem like all of them are causing my the bms failures. So anyway. Thanks for watching have a good ” .


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