CHEAP EBAY KIDS TABLET 7″ 16GB Android 4.4 Quad Core Camera WIFI Tablet For Kids

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“So i just quickly wanted to make this video. Because i didn t see one one for myself and usually when i see videos that i am looking forward. In t find go ahead and i create the video myself so this video is going to be about this tablet that i brought up of ebay for penny. And it was around 49.

Which is super affordable for a kids tablet. How the tablet comes its house. It comes wrapped up individually like this in this bag. And this package comes a tablet and in a different package comes the covering and i ordered the pink tablet.

Because penny is a girl on the back of the tablet. It doesn t really have a name or anything it just has rank right here you can see the power button. And it has the dc and then it has i guess. This is the usb and the hands of mike.

The value of the headphones. This is for like a memory card here. So it s like a basic tablet again it doesn t have a name on it so yeah. Maybe that s why it s so cheap like it s not a name brand but it is an android tablet.


Oh this is how the case looks it came just like this so obviously that s how it goes inside of the case. And it came with a usb here. Which is like i don t know like the regular android usb plug. And it has this little connection.

Here this also came with the package and of course. It comes with a little manual hair and on the manual. It just says android user guide like it doesn t say the name of the tablet that s why i wanted to make this video. So that or looking to purchase this tablet from ebay.

Now you know what you ll be getting it made in china it says lightly and i just literally says tablet. It s probably from china that s why so yeah. So i m just going to quickly put this case pause. Because that s why we ve got this table for penny.

Because she was always breaking her tablet. She s been through about four tablets. Now because they never had screen protectors on them so they re all cracked. But i came to this little pen and i don t know why but i like to use it i didn t set this date up it says.


This is it march. But i m not even sure. But the only thing i set up was the wi fi and i m now done with you to go on youtube. Because that s what i basically got this time before because old penny likes to watch this youtube.

So i got the time for her to watch youtube and is actually upside down so i m waiting for youtube to load now they wanna make some update play so i m just gonna update google place before i use the youtube app just basically want to show you guys quickly the listing for this tablet. So this is how the listing looks and it comes in different colors. So i just chose a pink tablet. With c.

Hot pink tablet. And i also chose the pink cover. So topics have a pink cover and as you guys can see the tablet costs. Fifty eight ninety eight.

Which is super affordable and so far. I think it is a good quality tablet. But i do need to test out youtube. So if you guys are looking forward this posting.


This is what the tablet looks like the camera. I have no idea. I honestly wouldn t use a camera on this low quality tablet. But this is how the camera looks like you guys are looking at the camera right now so funny so now i got youtube to work and i financed a penny as youtube okay so i m just gonna click the random puppy video and see how the quality and the sound is on this video.

Because that s what i m most curious about because basically that s what just happens when a beat believer to it so as you can see the tablet works really good. The quality is good the sound is good. I think this tablet is overall gonna be really good for penny. I m praying that she doesn t break it because it has this nice little jelly protector around it i just want to see one thing if i m able to download kids youtube.

So yes. It does have youtube kids and if you guys don t know why you two kids. It s better for you kids to you youtube kids. Because you can control what they watch.

Some of these kids videos are like really horrible for kids to be watching. So yeah. I like to use the youtube kids app. So i m just gonna go ahead and install this out so i would definitely recommend this tablet.


I don t see any down fold about it yet we haven t used it yet so once we use it i ll probably leave a comment in this video. Letting you guys know how we like it. But as of now. I really like the tablet and i would really recommend that you buy this for your kids.

It s only fifty eight dollars. Like you can t go wrong with the d. 8. And once you receive your salad.

Then you will see why it s such a good buy for the price of fifty dollars like it s good quality. So buy those i m going to complete this video. Thank you guys so much for watching. ” .


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