Borderlands 3 – Top 10 MOST UNIQUE Weapons IN THE GAME!

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“3. Is often known for its craziness. And there s no shortage of that with with some of the weapons in the game. And while.

I ve covered some of best weapons in borderlands. 3. I thought it would be funny to mix. It up.

And take a look at some of the wackiest weapons so in this video. I m going to be covering ten of the weirdest and most unique weapons in the game starting off the video today. We have at the dead chamber. The dead chamber is a unique piston in borderlands.

3. That is manufactured by jacobs and the cool thing about this weapon is its reload animation and i have to say it is by far my favorite reload animation in the game and is actually a reference to one of these secret reload animations from battlefield now upon reloading. The gun. It has a 50 chance to both the weapon with amped shots that they re 100 bonus damage for the entirety of the magazine.

Now again. It is only a 50 chance to be buffed. So sometimes when you reload. It won t happen and sometimes it will and you ll know.

It s buffed by the powerful projectiles that the weapon shoots out now the level 50 stats for this will be shown on screen. And it also offers boosted critical hit damage. It also has the red text you re not playing the odds. Friend.

Which is a quote from the 2008 film the dark knight now in terms of obtaining the weapon. It s actually available through a quest that known as mullah band practice. Which is actually given to you by sir hammerlock in the flood moore basin region of eden. 6.

In this exact location on the map. However depending on where you are in the storyline. And this can also be obtained from sir hammerlock on a sanctuary in general. It s actually a pretty decent weapon like a lot of the jacobs pistols in the game.

It s not insanely powerful but you can get by with this and the core reload animation is what makes the weapon. Very very unique coming up next we have the porta pooper 5000 and you already know by the name of this this thing is going to be crazy. Now the ports of paper 5000 is a unique rocket launcher in borderlands. 3.

Manufactured by children of the bolts now taking a look at the weapon on screen you can already see that it looks very very weird and that s because it s quite literally covered in feces. But not only is it covenant crap. But it also shoots out giant balls of crap that will damage the enemy over time. The projectiles that it does shoot out are radioactive and do leave a giant stain on the ground.

And any enemies. Who are within that stain will also get damaged over time as well another unique aspect of this gun is that it literally speaks to you about a bunch of crap when you re killing enemies it will talk to you it also makes these weird fart noises as well and you already know you re not getting a borderlands game..

Without some weird or outrageous weapons. And this one is definitely the top of that list now in terms of its stats again they will be shown on screen. And it also has the red text never washes out which of course is simply a reference to the gun and how it works and how it looks and stuff now to obtain this weapon. It s actually available from the porter prison quest located in the electricity region on promethea again this will be located right here on the map for you.

And if this is a weapon that maybe you and your friends haven t heard about it s definitely one to pick up and just mess around with it s definitely more of a novelty item. It s not too powerful. But it s not necessarily that bad either and it s definitely one to pick up and keep in your votes. When they eventually open the boat bass.

Which is coming very very soon sometime in november. Another very weird weapon in borderlands. 3. Is the chocolate thunder.

Now this is a unique grenade mod manufactured by t dior and this is quite literally a piece of birthday cake that you throw our enemies and you re basically feeding them. A guess because the grenade does very very little damage again. This is more of a novelty item when you re throwing. It you can see like it literally looks like a piece of cake being thrown at them.

And it s just one of those really weird grenades in borderlands. 3. Now again stats will be shown on screen. It also does have the red text boom shakalaka which i think it could be a reference to the song boom shakalaka by apache indian.

But i m not entirely sure on that now this really does take the cake for being one of the worst grenades to use in borderlands. 3. But regardless. It s just one of those fun and wacky items for you to obtain now again in terms of getting this it s available from a sidequest known as just deserts very fitting quest name there but this quest is given to you by beatrice on pandora.

When you first enter these splinter lands region. So this is something you want to pick up that is exactly how you can get it so coming up next. We have the howl walker shotgun. Often referred to as the doom shotgun.

Now this is manufactured by jacobs and is actually a pretty good shotgun. It s a legendary weapon and can only be obtained through a wall drop. So you will have to farm for this or just play through the game normally and hopefully you can get this weapon. Now.

What makes this gun unique is pretty much the whole gun itself in which it s a reference to the super shotgun from doom. But every time you shoot the gun or pick it up it actually plays sound effects from the doom 2016 soundtrack which i have to say is awesome i love seeing weapons in the game that just do weird things. And when i first obtained this i thought it was great now in terms of its stats as always they will be shown on screen and it s actually pretty powerful. I mean it s you know it s not the best shotgun in the game to use.

But it s definitely one that can hold its own compared to stuff like the flaca. Even though that recently went through a huge nerf you know the butcher and stuff like that it can definitely hold its own now in addition to this it also has the red text. So my demons your time has come which i believe it is one of the lyrics from the tesseract song concealing faith overall it s a pretty good weapon. It has those awesome sound effects.

So if this is something you into definitely keep an eye out for the hal walker up next. We have the ghetto burger also known as the infamous burger shooting..

Launcher. You ve probably seen this before it was shown in a lot of the pre release footage of the game. And yeah. It s a rocket launch out that instead of shooting out rockets.

It literally shoots out cheeseburgers now the large cheeseburgers that it does shoots out will ricochet off the enemy after doing some initial damage to them and then it will kind of bounce around and explode after a while and in terms of tall rocket launchers. It isn t the best but come on the thing shoots out god damn cheeseburgers. Now what s even funnier about this is the red text which is damn damn damn which i never want to say that again that saying that just does not see my voice but uh. But this is actually a reference to a youtube video that went viral years ago now this is one of the reasons.

I love the borderlands franchise. The smaller or references and easter eggs. They put in their game. Are honestly great and this one is very very good indeed so we ve been gone.

If you want to obtain the gun. It s available from the mission known as dynasty diner. Which is located in the meridian metroplex on promethea and as always the location for that will be shown on screen. And i mean what more is there to say about this it s a god.

Damn bugger shooting rocket launcher so if you re in turn up with the items in borderlands. 3. Definitely pick this one up up next. We have at the amber management.

Now this again is another unique so rifle in borderlands. 3. That is manufactured by torque. Now what makes this weapon.

So unique is its firing modes being anger and happiness now kills in the anger mode increase your damage by 25 power kill. Which stacks 4 times to a total of 100 now each time that you do get a kill one of the exhaust pipes at the side of the weapon will light off with flames which i personally think is another cool feature about this but opposite to this in the happiness mode. When you get direct hits. They will heal you and remove anger stacks from the weapon in turn extinguishing the exhaust pipes.

So again. You have a very weird dynamic here with how this weapon works now in terms of its stats as always they will pop up on screen and the red text for this weapon is will end your soul which comes to the weapon. Always having the incendiary element. Now i m not sure if that reference is anything you guys can let me know in the comment section below as usually i do like to go a little bit more in depth with the weapon and you know go into detail about their references just because i think it s a cool aspect of them but anyway moving on to how you get this weapon now.

It s actually obtained from a quest given to you by sparrow and the planning of nekritz of feo as always the exact location for this on the map will be shown on screen and while the weapon isn t that powerful it just is awesome to see different types of weird weapons being shown in the game. Fungus among us this is a unique grenade. But in borderlands. 3.

That is manufactured by td or now the unique aspect of this grenade is that when you throw it it essentially grows into a large mushroom on the ground and will eventually explode into a corrosive cloud and you can imagine. If you throw a bunch of these down at the same time you re pretty much gonna corrode. Most of the enemies in the area. And i just see a bunch of craziness going on with loads of mushrooms growing out of the ground so very unique grenade pretty damn awesome one as well and the stats for this will be shown on screen the red text for this is turn on tune in and drop outs which i believe is a phrase popularized by timothy leary in 1966.

Now to obtain this item. It s actually a quest reward from the mission known as witch s brew again a very fitting a quest name therefore this and this is located in at the jacobs to stay on eden 6..

In this exact location on the map again it s nothing too crazy in terms of damage output. But definitely a core grenade to see in action coming up next. We have at the legendary pistol. Known as the cellar now this is manufactured by molly.

One. And that this is a weapon that is given to you by firing calypso and that s evident of the fact that it will literally talk trash to you in tyrant. Voice as you re using. It now the weapon will always come with the incendiary and corrosive element.

And is mainly used to proc yourself with an element to capitalize on the elemental projector artifacts which for those of you who don t know and these are what rough artifacts and essentially what these do is that when you re affected by an element. You get a bonus to the elements you get bonus damage by like 90 percent of believe. It is to that element to all of your weapons. So it s very very good.

It s a very good way to mount pass this quick deeds pretty much what most people are using this sellout for so very good weapon in terms of that in terms of its damage output. It s actually not too bad either it essentially shoots out a quick laser that explodes as an orb on impact and as always the level 50 stats for this will be shown on screen now as you can see it does have the red texture hey they re super fun which you probably know is a quote from tyrant calypso herself. Now another cool thing about this is the weapon is very very quickly obtained the side quest for getting this literally takes like one minute of your time. And he s given to you by tyrant calypso via a bouncy board in the able maya region on eden.

6. And to actually get the weapon again it s very quick it s actually right next to the location. Where you got the quests from you need to walk into the chamber and let it crush you that is all you need to do and once you ve done that you will then get the weapon. What s also cool about this is if you played borderlands.

2. You will know that this whole quest is pretty much a reference to another quest. Which is given to you by handsome jack in that game so pretty cool. There.

To see you know the kind of returning theme. Here from borderlands. 2. For the second last spot on the list.

We have the agonizer 1500. Which is a unique rocket launcher manufactured by children of the boats. Now what makes this weapon. Weird and unique is the fact that it literally fires out three large explosive saw blades that homed in on enemies and explode on contact.

And it s also very similar to agonizer 9000 saw blades that he uses on you during the boss fight and they actually do a decent amount of damage as well for the tie when you would actually get this weapon and it s available from agonizer 9000. Who is a bass white. You will naturally come across drawing the main story. He does have a chance to drop this so it s not guaranteed.

But kill him a couple times. And you ll probably get the weapon to drop as always the level 50 stats for this will be shown on screen. And it does have the red text voted rel the pot roast king which is a reference to drow who was played by penn jillette. And was a major antagonist in the first season of the sitcom known as sabrina.

And also penn jillette. Played the character known as pane in borderlands..

3. As well just for those of you who don t know i mean this whole boss fight. And this our weapon is pretty much referenced in pen here. So pretty awesome.

One great reference is there and a fairly unique weapon to obtain if you re into this kind of stuff and then for the final weapon of the video. We couldn t have this list without it we have the echo. 2 grenade. Now.

This is a white rarity grenade in borderlands. 3. That is manufactured by td. York.

Now. What s interesting about this is that this whole thing is pretty much an easter egg or reference to the beginning of the game when claptrap gives vault hunters. The echo 3 and explains that they rebrand ear to the echo 2. Because it explodes and it s also a bit of a jab.

I believe at some of these samsung phones that used to explode or something like that and i don t know i just think. It s really cool for them to be referencing this and actually incorporating it into a weapon that you can actually obtain so here. It is unscreened these stats for this it does have three red flavor text. Which i believe is the first of its kind in this game.

These are do not throw the echo. Do not hold the echo. Too close to your face. And do not look directly at echo.

So just some funny lines there referencing the actual weapon now in terms of how this grenade actually works. It s actually very interesting and it depends on how you interact with it so when you throw it if you re looking at it it will actually decrease the damage of diffuse time and the radius of the grenade. Which is pretty weird to say the least if you do throw it and then look away the damage will be increased on it and of course this directly ties back into the red flavor text as well so very very weird grenade obviously. It s not that powerful.

But pretty damn awesome to be holding the echo to that explodes in your hands so very cool and again if it s one you want to pick up its obtainable as a row drop. I believe. But you can also have a chance of getting this from the tings hiding slot machine if you manage to get a grenade out of it and that s pretty much it for the video. I thought i d do a bit more of a fun laid back sort of take a look at some of the crazier weapons in the game.

For today. If you guys did. Enjoy. The video and want to see more weird and wacky weapons in borderlands.

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