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“Welcome what s happening. This is michael carter here today i have a product. I i thought you d be interested in it s an autoresponder script wizard and some say well what the hell is that what does that do for me the problem. If you re in a affiliate marketer or you do any kind of marketing with email to email follow ups if you re not doing you email follow ups then you better get on board you need to be doing that because you can increase your sales by up to 400 or more sometimes so this script is going to help you create these email follow ups because as you know email follow ups can be a real pain in the ass to write people get you know people sometimes people will write a few of them they get tired of it and they ll stop that you know sometimes five or six or if you can get a dozen out ain t great.

But you really you need to have even more than that in my opinion you need to have as many email follow ups as possible to sell your products and services. So what he s got here is a software that produces twelve professional follow up autoresponder emails in just minutes..

So like i said the importance of these email follow ups is to start pre selling your products services affiliate links whatever it is to your list and in doing this can create many many additional sales for you with email follow ups that you know if you ve ever heard the term that people want to do business with people that they like know and trust and you build that trust over time through your emails that you send out that barrier is taken down from your prospects and they start trusting you and when that trust is in place then they pull up their wallets and i ll start buying so anyhow. This is a piece of software script that will write these for you so the one of the comments. I just grabbed autoresponder script wizard. This is exactly what i ve been looking for it makes it so easy to set up an ar sequence for your list building efforts and nudge subscribers a bit to buy something from you without hitting them over the head.

Yeah you want to be subtle about the way you follow up so down here. I was skeptical and adam first explained it to me because i didn t see how a piece of software could crank out autoresponders that work and just from asking a few questions when i tried it for the first time..

I was gobsmacked so really good comments with it you re also getting a special bonus with this no upsells or anything either. With this. So. The bonus is an instant affiliate cloaker so this cloaker if you do any affiliate marketing.

It s easy to steal your affiliate links on the end of your affiliate link so what this does it ll actually cloak it so people can t steal your commission s and that is a real pain in the ass. You should be really pissed off with people and actually stealing commissions from you so this script wizard will protect your links from getting ripped off so this product 15 bucks..

Very inexpensive. I will leave a link down below this video. If you re interested in picking it up and also let me know what you think of this product. In the comment section.

Below the video and as a thank you i ll send you my free bonuses. They re worth over a thousand bucks just for letting me know your opinion i love hear what you guys have to say and..

I do update bonuses daily. So you re always going to get really cool stuff just for leave in that comment below the video or again. You know if you have any questions by all means throw them out there. And i ll answer them for you so until next time.

I m ” ..

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