Assassin's Creed Odyssey New Game Plus, Level Cap Upgrade & More Coming In February (AC Odyssey)

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“Finally know what will be coming to odyssey in february. Thanks to the monthly blog blog post. A video that just went live. So let s run down everything you to know in this video and talk about some things you may have missed if you enjoyed ads then alike would be super.

Appreciated lmao let s start with the big thing of course new game ubisoft details that the feature will be coming with the next update. So that we will finally be able to replay the game. But keep all our gear upgrades and abilities that we previously gathered and a lot more they show footage of an ability window that also has a new warrior ability that is of course not out yet. But will likely be part of the third episodes of the legacy of the first blades.

Very sneaky indeed. We see a full list of everything that will carry over once you select the modes also noting that resources and ship upgrades will carry over and this importance lieutenants acquired from the store and you beasts of club section of the game so by ik aya and eevee will carry over but if ignace means of the lieutenants that you earned by playing so recruited like leaders and mercenaries will not be carried over and of course also the lieutenant s that you get from the main story will not be there in a new game plus mode. But you will likely be able to get them again. You would think right so hopefully with some level 7 or maybe.

Even level 10 perks. We will get to that a little later a big thing is that you ll be able to switch between alexios or cassandra. So if you want to play the same story. But as a different character that you haven t played as before then you will be able to switch you can of course also change the story by making different choices.

And now maybe get the best ending. If you did not get that before or choose another place to eliminate this girl test instead of out in the open. I was only be doing guest. You ll likely know what i mean anyway you need to finish the main story of odyssey to be able to do the new game plasmids and a good thing to note.

Is that it will make a copy of your regular save. So you can always go back to your non new game. Safe if you want i find it interesting that there s no mention of a reward for completing the new via plasmids or any new items that you get in the new game plus mode. So that leaves us with some questions still like legendary duplicates are of course.

Not really a thing in artist. So what will happen when you defeat a cultist and get a new legendary item that you already have because it seems like they will be identical. There will be not some sort of new game version of this gear piece so willy then suddenly have two items or the item that you already got will be moved to a higher level. I think it s likely to let arise that you do not get two of the same items just a better version of the item you already got so maybe you don t have to upgrade.

It anymore. Yes. I always feel that it s weird to kind of hope for a new game rewards because replaying the game again with different choices and with your gear. It s already some sort of reward.

It s already pretty cool. But i do feel that some sort of special unique item at the end. It s totally that extra drive to go to the main story. Again maybe they haven t discussed it yet.

But at this point. It seems like we re origins. Did give away a cool new outfit for finishing..


The new game. Mouse odyssey will not have anything like that at least. That s what we kind of think right now. It s where to be disappointed by this.

But i kind of am. I kind of hoped for a cool unique rewards. Another thing that came to mind is the legacy of the first blade episode free when it comes out in march will i be able to do it immediately on my new game plus mode safe or do i have to complete episode. 1 and 2.

Again first so again. Many questions that i hope you saw will answer before the update drops. Otherwise. We will find it out on our own.

I guess i ll try and have some things on twitter and report back when we know more i by the way have a theory for when the patch will be out. But that we ll share that a little later in this video first more new features that will be part of that next big updates. The new level cap upgrades will be implanted. It will go to level 99.

So that it s 29 extra levels. If you are already on the current max level of level 17. And that of course also means that the level 7 perks. We find on level 70 gear right now will become level tempers.

The moment we find gear on level 91 or upgrades our gear to level 91 yes 91. It is right so fisting havas toes workshop to learn the higher perks will be needed again so save some drag me that will of course also carry over to the new game plasma and upgrading your gear will once again also be needed for the best potential built on his new max level. Yeah. Of course.

The fact is that because of the many main story missions that you will be able to replay. And the legendary animals. The arena will be open for us again. So the only thing that while playing to the new game.

Plus mode. You will get close to that new max level ship. Upgrades will also be part of the update. So there will also be something we can put our resources in the same update will also bring new mercenary tears just like we saw in the previous patch bruno.

The life called the director mentions that the mercenaries in those higher tiers are stronger. But i think it s referring to them being a higher level instead of them actually being stronger. I don t think that that s the case. But of course correct me if i m wrong in the comments down below.

We do need to see in the tear free footage that these enemies are level 75. And the final one level 80. With the next stair being 81 up to even level 99..


So you have to be close to the new max level to kill all these new mercenaries still all that at one point. They actually add some new legendary mercenaries with a legendary item or something like a unique look because these mercenaries are now all comparable to the ones. We already killed many times before there s nothing really special about them now more exciting about these new mercenary tiers are new bonuses that you get for clearing these ranks or actually killing the first mercenary in this new tier. They already teased some of the bonuses in the video like we could see them in the mercenary benefits footage and they are actually pretty great for reaching tear free so only killing the first mercenary in it there you have 25 better luck at finding great items in the world.

And in the official blog post. They mentioned that it s more chance of an epic item drop. So yes. That is pretty nice indeed at air force s.

It is dark. But you can read it a little bit it says daily quest weekly contracts and epic bounties provides 10 more ori coca so there will be one more for each daily quest. But four more for the live events and a weekly bounties once you beat this level. 81 mercenary.

So if i still don t have the hades attendants at that point then it will get easier let s hope i get it before we will of course try at the end of this video ubisoft also shares that they will add 22 more few points mainly nearby ports. So you will be easily able to get on your ship. This has been sort of complained that since the launch of the game. Because fast travel spots are not always in the cities.

While in origins. We had the few points in the world. But you could also fast travel to the different villages and cities. This kind of creates that as well just more easy ways to navigate greece.

But it looks like we have to unlock them all first on the other hand of course. If you start a new game. Plus they have to unlock them again anyways if you are into the photo mode. They will be happy to hear that they will add ten new frames for you to toy around with they showed some in the february video.

But we see some more variance with the logo of odyssey. There as a new option as well they also announced a new photo mode contest for chance to win the sport and collector s edition of the game. I mean you already got the game otherwise you cannot make photos. But yeah then you get the statue and the season pass if you don t have it already the contest starts on february 21st.

And as the winter in greece team and i have like this dedicated a discreet photo mode sort of website and that is where you can submit your photos but again it starts on february 21st. I would say keep an eye out on the official. As asked read social media pages to learn more about when it goes live. And where you have to go with your photos on by the way.

I think that february 21st start date. It s kind of giving away when the new patch will actually come out namely on february 21st. It s also on a thursday and we normally see updates on a thursday. It makes sense that i want to start this contest.

The same day that the people get the new frames. I always thought it might even be tomorrow or the week after and now it seems like it will totally be the letter like the batch will not come tomorrow. But of course when we have a visual confirmation when the update will drop..


I will let you know here on the channel. The release dates for the new mayville pack and gear pack is also kind of giving it away at least. It confirms that we see the updates before that i m talking about the new deep sea navel back with a new ship design. A shark figure hats and a pretty like lost.

Sir crew team in my appeal. I what s actually special about those guys that they have a slightly different helm compared to the athenian soldiers or something like that i don t know it doesn t really speak to me. There s also the new hunter gear with a new mount and a new legendary weapon as well and this one actually looks pretty cool. It actually has a sort of shark fin on the helm and also on the bracers and a really really cool mosque for your mounts making it pretty fearsome indeed and we have a weapon.

A mace inspired by the hammer fish nice one and with the fact being called deep sea hunter. I think we re looking at a hunter gear set right. I think we can already guess the set boat is then 100 quit damage with hunter abilities. And why do i say that well because ubisoft has been putting out similar set bonuses for all the different play styles for these facts.

And we already saw the 100 crit damage with the certain abilities reasonably and already have the 100 crit damage increase with your warrior abilities. But just not for hunters. So i think that s the logical step for this set. And if it s indeed true then i really hope that we see more interesting set bonuses in the future.

You ll find out these set bonus on february 26th. Because that is when its gear pack. And this naval pack will be out and it also implies that the update with new game will be life before that because remember when the wild boar pack was leaked because the files were already found on the pc well this pack was not found yet so it s not part of the previous update. So it has to come with the next update.

And that s why i think it will be before february. 26th ubisoft on twitter. Is now saying. They re aiming for the end of the month.

And that implies to me february 28th. Because that s the last first day of the month. I still find it hard to believe looking at the photo modes and the gear set dates. But again nothing is confirmed at this point.

And i will let you know once we know more new accessibility options are also coming giving you the option to enable a background for the subtitles and a dialogue or you can only have it for one of them. And you will be able to change the subtitle size as well. It s great to see that ubisoft like puts resources into making game. More accessible.

They recently also put up a survey and asked what people would like to see in the february combat update video. They also about the new loss. The tales of grieves nation. That is already out right now and really really good as discussed in my previous video.

I will link to that at the end of this one and also again talks about the wild boar. Fact that we now learned is inspired by the way to overpower to level. 14..


Board that we can now fight again in the new game plus mode of course. Yes a pretty good month overall. Mostly because new game is of course. So big and adds a ton of replayability.

I would have loved to see the new hard mode mythical creature bosses personally that they of course teased a while back and what about that story modes. They also kind of teased or accidentally showed the discovery tour is also something we heard about when the post launch complet plan was announced. But it s really quiet on that front for march. We already know that the third episode of the legacy of the first blades will of course be launched and of course as the script free remastered on march 29.

So at the end and maybe a loss to tales of greens mission in between some gear packs and then you already got like a ton. So i still hope that we get the hard mode. Maybe then or my most requested feature since launch a sort of build system. So we can easily switch between the different play styles and don t have to manually do that over and over again.

But i digress i ll of course keep you updated here for everything as a squid odyssey. Subscribe for more videos. Breaking down the patches and other things coming to the game like the video to support channel and outlets of course get to the eagles of the olympians store to open an olympian gift and hope we finally get to the freakin hades lieutenants yeaji assassin. The stats are useless now but it s not about the stats.

It s about the insights of the hades lieutenant you know i just want to get to know him. I think we would be great friends. But so far. I i really can t tell because i don t have him yet so let s try and have that changed so are going you ready okay.

Because i am. Let s see let s see woo tracker suits. Assassin intoxicating. No ditz whoa.

I actually got the exact same hoods is that this one it s the exact same hoods. You give me something you already sell sargon that really sucks so sargam did. You by the way. Oh.

No this is another invisible guy. Oh man. It s not my day. Let s empty videos.

So subscribe of course for every odyssey check out my recent video on that awesome new quest. Where i can do it and other things going on in assassin s creed odyssey with the weekly reset. And i will of course keep you up to date. Here.

So hope to see you in the next video goodbye. ” ..

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