Amazon Echo Frames hands-on

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“Talking n. Hey. This is dan from the verge and i m nwearing alexa on on my face these are the new echo frames. Which are actually glasses nthat have and speakers embedded into them.

So you can speak to alexa as if it was an echo speaker. Now you can tell they kinda look like normal glasses. Here. But if i take them off my face could see that there s speakers nunderneath the bottom of it and a couple speaker holes on each side there s microphone holes nand there s a button here to activate the alexa voice nas well as adjust the volume then there s a swipe ncontrol here on the side so you can swipe through nthings to agree to various notifications and nalerts and things like that now what s interesting nabout.


These is amazon is not using bone nconduction for the audio. They said that they d ndeveloped a technology. Where the speakers will nactually fire the sound down. Now.

It s it s very loud in nhere in this demo environment. You can kinda here. The echo nstudio in the other room kinda pumpin some tunes. But if i just you know nsay alexa play some music i get a little led light right here in my eyebrow area.


And then music is gonna start playing through these nspeakers down to my ears. And if i crank up the volume. All the way you might be able to hear it. But most people really naren t gonna be able to hear it next to you it s a very weird type of nunique personalized experience now part of the personalization of that is these new vip notifications.

Where alexa will identify what notifications are important to you and only alert you about nthem on you re glasses. And let the other ones worry about it on an echo device or something like that now in terms of glasses. These nare like standard glasses. They ve got spring hinges they re they re an acetate frame.


Which is like fancier plastic. They feel okay they re a bit light they nare very light in fact. Which makes them pretty ncomfortable to wear even though they have all nthese electronics in them you could put prescription lenses in them you could put sunglasses in them they are really you know typical glasses the way that you re gonna nbe able to get these is you re gonna only be nable to get them through an invite only system that you can request a new invite or an invite for them starting. Today.

Amazon says. They re gonna be shipping by the end of the year and they cost 179 whoosh nthanks for checking these out. We ve got a lot more on the nsite about the echo frames. The echo buds.


The echo studio like amazon announced 15 ndifferent things today be sure to check it out at thevergecom. We re gonna have more nvideos for you on youtube. ” ..


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