All Jackbox Party Pack Games Ranked Worst to Best

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“Everyone are welcome to sunburned albano. Ranks every jackbox party pack game from worst to to best the jack box series is a collection of severely underrated party game experiences are super fun to stream or just play. When you have friends and family over well some of them are awful. But almost half of them are really fun and good.

This is an opinion piece so remember that when you get mad at where i put shit starting with the worst and working our way down to best number one earwax party pack. 2. The worst jack box game. And my personal and very not humble opinion is earwax from the second party pack.

It s all about describing situations. With sound effects. The game will give you a prompt like unusual death in a horror film. And then you as the player have to pick as many fart sounds as possible to guarantee victory.

Among your fellow eight year olds. Even the smallest children would get bored with this immediately. There is nothing even remotely enjoyable about it number two lice water party pack. 1.

Ooh. Now this game is exciting up to a hundred other players can join you in the monotonous doldrums of being given a statement and then being like is this a truth or a lie. And then deciding whether it is a truth or a lie. And then being told whether it s a truth or a lie and then receiving points based on whether you said.

It was a truth or a lie versus whether it was actually a truth or a lie. It s like fit without all the parts that make finish way better than this game. Number three ward spud party pack. 1.

This is technically the most boring game in the physical world. But it gets a slight leg up on the two before it because you can put ridiculous. Additions. And then have your fellow players not accept them in words.

But you are given a word and then you must add a word to the end of that word to make it make sense like if it was potato. You might write potato head or if this game lasts longer than 5 minutes. You might slit your wrists yes. That s literally all you do then you get points per vote.

Then you get to go to sleep later that night and dream about all that time you wasted number 4. Ziebold ohm party pack. 5. Jack boxes.

First attempt at making an actual video game as shall. We say not great it plays like a mobile game. Where you angry birds your character into targets in an arena with up to 6 players the enemies can attack you and if you die when your teammates slash competitors can revive you by flinging themselves into you unless they narrowly miss several times in a row. It s just not exciting in the chaos.

Doesn t make for any pulse. Pounding moments this one s a dud number 5 bracket cheering party pack four have you ever wanted to provide basic examples of categories and then have those examples faceoff in a tournament style bracket with 15 other basic examples. No well you re like most people who will find this game. Lacking in the ingredients to produce any kind of situation that is amusing for more than two seconds.

They really try. Though the atmosphere and visual effects and voiceover are trying very hard to make you feel anything. But apathy for where you re playing also if your answer is about masturbating. It s probably gonna win number six civic doodle party pack four conceptually this game sounds better than draw fl.

But in execution. Having multiple players continue each other s drawings doesn t pan out when the first player already filled the whole screen with shit and there s nothing to add. But mindless clutter occasionally you ll get a serviceable drawing by the end and the tag lines can be amusing. But it takes a bit too long to get there.


And it s not guaranteed number seven. Guess peonage party pack. Three guess peonage at least manages to make facts more interesting than just true false scenarios. By making you guess the percentages of people who know things and getting specific with it the closer you are to the actual percentage.

The more points you get and it makes you apply your logical abilities and exercise your brain just enough to avoid atrophy number eight. Draw full party pack. 1. This game used to be a big deal back in the day.

And it s probably the most purely artistically driven game in the packs. But because that s also pretty plain one player will get a hit and prompt and try to draw it while others try and type in what they think it might be and then everyone guesses based on those prompts. The quality of the games is directly related to how shit at drawing. Everyone is so your mileage may vary.

I think. It s a jest ok game number. 9 faking it party pack. 3.

It has an exclamation mark in it that s how you know it s fun faking. It is only playable by a group of people who are in the same room which means he can t stream. It which is a big disadvantage. But if you actually do get a group of people in the same room you can hone your bullshitting skills to your heart s content.

The game will give everybody. But one person a prompt which typically involves doing or not doing a physical action. Which is why you need to see the people you re playing with and then the person who doesn t get that prompt is known as the faker and must react to the situation by trying to blend in and not be found out the faker can try to mimic the other players. But if suspected can use whatever verbal means is at their disposal to talk their way out of it.

But by doing the action. They may have trapped themselves in to an opinion or statement. They now have to defend even if it isn t true to them naturally. I think this game is very healthy for political discourse.

Especially just make sure you know the people you re playing with for maximum enjoyment. Number 10 survive. The internet party pack for i straight up do not understand this game even after playing it three or four times. They ll give you a headline or a picture and then you respond to it with some out of context.

Whatever and then other people will look at it and be like hey. That s silly and vote for silliness. And the whole time you re like i d rather just play. Quip lash number 11.

All the fib akane s party pack. One two and four they re all the same almost to the letter. Just with different statements fib. Each tasks you with finding out the truth of a statement while trying to supply lies to the other players and fool them you get points for deducing.

The truth and points for each player who picks your lies so it does involve a level of sophistication and trying to pass believable lies. But it also closes the door to ridiculous. But funny answers that other people will notice right away it s bullshit it s an average game number twelve bomb corp party pack two from here on out every game. I list is fun and good and at least slightly above average bomb corp.

Requires you to be in communication. With your fellow players so streamed games with anonymous strangers are out. But it s still quite fun to frantically relay. Your splintered information about how to defuse a bomb back and forth to each other to try and cut the right wires each player has different rules on which wires to cut.

And rules can sometimes hierarchically and rules can sometimes hierarchic. Hierarchical heart hierarchically and rules can sometimes hierarchically. Hierarchically hierarchically hierarchically heart clar cancel each other out. So you really have to be careful as the timer ticks down that you don t make any rash moves.


This one is exciting and does get the pulse pounding. And when your girlfriend fuck s up by being too gung ho. About a rule before looking to see if any other rules to announce that rule it does a great job of fracturing relationships number 13 patently stupid party pack. 5.

This game could have been amazing. It s really fun in it you pitch an invention to solve a mad libs style problem. The host gives you you draw it come up with a tagline. Then you have 45 seconds to give an actual verbal presentation with your own mouth and ideas to try and convince other players to invest in your needless to say.

This is absolute fodder for linguistic legends. And comedy conquerors. Unfortunately for streamed games. You re probably not playing with people who have mics and so their presentations are handled blandly by the voice over hosts.

After everyone has presented people pick the top three inventions to invest in and you get scores based on your popularity terrific game. Great. About 30 minutes. Have gone by at this point.

Then the hosts go. It s time for round 2. Are you fucking kidding no cut the game in half and it would be perfect. But they decide to make you go another long ass round long especially if your player count is max.

Only now everyone gets the same prompt. So not only have you overstayed your welcome you ve cut out the variability and made it infinitely. Less interesting halfway through the first time. I played this game.

I was like this is fantastic by the end. I was like this is absolute torture let me go i recommend you get your players to agree to quit after round. 1. Then you ve got yourself a great game.

Number. 14 tko party pack 3 the second best drawing game in the packs tko encourages people to draw ridiculous t shirt designs and match them up with an equally ridiculous tag lines drawing two shirts in two minutes. Is a bit of an ask. But after the setup is done and your user created quotes have been entered into the system and assigned at random you ll be given two shirts from other artists and a few quotes to choose from and it s your job to match them into the best combination possible then the shirts with their chosen quota pitted against each other one on one as people vote on the best this game.

Usually ends up being offensive to multiple groups at least it does with my audience. But it s pretty fun and every once in a while you spawn something me mobile. Number 15. Both you don t know jack s party pack.

1. In 5 as far as pop culture trivia games. Go i don t think it gets better than this you don t know jack pits up to four players in the 2015 version and up to 8 in the 2018 version against each other to answer pop culture questions that usually require added elements of outside the box. Thinking.

If you re in two with the modern world around you i think there s a lot to enjoy here like episodes entirely dedicated to paul rudd or fraser. Most of the comedy in it in the form of host banter falls incredibly flat. But that aside it s a great competition for members of the so called worst generation of humanity number 16 monster seeking monster party pack for a lot of people absolutely love this game. I like it as the single only reason to get party packed for which was otherwise a complete flop.

It has a lot of on its shoulders. What you do is message other players and try to bang them well go on dates with them other players can reject or accept as they mingle with everyone else and the goal is to get as many hearts as possible the catch is everyone is different unrevealed type of monster. Who has a special ability to get hearts or take them from other players based on who they accept or reject. After every round.

The top players monster is revealed. Which simultaneously reveals just how deep a strategy game this deceptively is some monsters gain more hearts from dating previously rejected players. Some monsters are always shown to be in last place until the final round. Others take hearts from players who reject them all of this happens under the table until their abilities or reveal.


Because the score isn t revealed till. The very end either. It s very mysterious and fun number 17 split the room party pack. 5.

We re now in the top 5 party pack games was split the room coming in at number 5. For being a thought provoking philosophical experiment that encourages deep thinking and nuanced perspective. You ll receive a mad libs. Prompt with a blank followed by an ultimatum kind of like an intellectual would you rather and your goal is to fill in the blank with an answer that splits the room the best would you rather zar the ones that are tough to decide on and that s what you want here you get more points.

The more split the room is if you give an obvious choice that s a no brainer option. You won t get very far. I love this setup. Because it s a springboard for discussion as well as persuasion as you weigh the options out loud and try to make it seem complicated.

It s a four star game for sure number 18 vidiots party pack. The best drawing game of the packs and fourth place on my overall list. I loved biddy its. It s so fun and people usually don t get it until they played a couple rounds.

But the investment is worth it you re at an auction. And you are told to draw two pieces of very specifically titled art. One prompt could be girl and a dress. Another could be girl in a grass skirt.

Once you ve drawn your benefactor gives you the titles and values of three of the pieces of art that will be sold at the auction and your goal is to work with what you know to make as much of a profit as possible spending as little as you can on items of maximum sell value no two people know the same artwork value so you have to take risks and bid on pieces. You think might be valuable. While analyzing what your fellow players are doing in trying to ascertain whether they know the values of certain pieces or if they re the ones who drew it your benefactor will occasionally give you tips like so so knows the value of this next piece watch how they bid which can help you make decisions in the end you want to have the most money remaining. And i just think this game is the bee s knees number 19.

Quip lash excel and clip lash to party pack. 2 and 3. There s no real difference whiplash lets you make your own prompts. But then you ll just come up with the best answers to your own prompts.

So it s not very sportsmanlike quit lashes like if cards against humanity required you to actually be funny. Instead of just pretending you are by hiding behind pre written cards the host will give two prompts and you will write in the funniest. Answer or response you can think of before being pitted against another player s response to the same thing players in the audience vote on the funniest. It s very simple.

And it almost never gets old quit lashes the heart and soul of jackbox in my opinion. You don t know jack might be their mascot. But quit lashes the person inside. It who breathes life into the character and it s my third favorite party pack game number 20 mad verse city party pack.

5. Holy shit. This is what the series needed take the snap battles from the streets and make them rap battles in the streets. But also you re a bunch of giant robot transformers with ai voice modulators that will actually say out loud.

What you type and it s amazing. The game will give you a line for you to fill in the blank. Then you ll be asked to write a full line that rhymes with a blank you just put in you ll do that twice per rap. That s what makes this legit for me it would be lame as hell.

If it was just filling in blanks. But you actually have to put pen to paper and write a dazzling fucking diss track full of mic drop moments to blow your opponent to smithereens and make everyone go oh real rappers should play this game. How is there not a youtube series of real rappers. Playing this game.

How is there not a jimmy fallon tonight show skin where rappers play this game. Now if only it would stop causing errors in my application when i try to stream it on ps4. I actually have yet to be able to get through a full game. Without it quitting on me.


I guess my rhymes are too doped to handle. I mean one time. I rhymed electrician with clinician and it actually made all of youtube go offline for half. An hour.

That s right that was me second best game in the pac s number 21 and the best jack box game of all trivia. Murder party party pack. 3. Do you like trivia do you like trivia.

Being asked at you. By a serial killer. Who has kidnapped you and will force you to play a horrible psychological minigames. If you answer incorrectly.

If you say no your bitch straight up trivia. Murder. Party. Is like the dark.

Underbelly of littlebigplanet. With all your sac boys and girls getting nails driven into them and murdered violently as they re stuffing explodes all over the cement floor. The trivia is basic trivia. But everyone who gets the question wrong.

Then has to compete in a large swath of depraved minigames based on psychology mathematics. Language memory and occasional drawing the losers of those games die their ghosts can still play though and the game keeps going until all. But one player is dead. Which then induces an escape sequence with a series of rapid fire trivia questions that everyone dead or alive participates in if you re a ghost your goal is then to overtake the alive player by answering more questions correctly to become alive yourself.

Because only one person is making it out with their soul intact at the end of this shit. It s so great it s the best game. So in light of all that how would i rank the packs as a whole. Well.

Four is the worst monster seeking monster is the only one doing any legwork in that garbage. Followed by one then two and then i d say. Five. And three are pretty much tied.

Three is trivia. Murder. Party and quip lash and tko. Which is super solid.

While five hazmat burst cities split the room. The better you don t know jack and the first half of patently. Stupid maybe. Five is slightly better two three and five are all definitely worth buying though well that s gonna do it for this ranking.

I hope you enjoyed it if you did you can like share and subscribe follow me on twitter at sunburned. Albino and you can support the channel on patreon at patreoncom. Slash sunburned albino. If you re new.

I do rankings of a bunch of stuff. Very sparingly but they re there but i like to think my entire channel as a whole is a diamond in the rough waiting to be unearthed by the majority of the population. I also stream jackbox sometimes not very often but occasionally anyway. I ll see you guys.

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