Alexa s Dark Side. My True Horror Story.

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“Almost everyone has amazon aleksei in their house. We used to have it too i i say used to because i convinced my parents to get rid of it they i was overreacting. But after what happened i couldn t bear to stay another second with that thing in our home this story takes place three months ago. It was just another thursday i came home from school and started playing video games around 7 00 pm.

I got a text from my dad hey mom and i are running late don t forget to do your homework. I ll check it as soon as i get home. I know he wasn t kidding. So i decided to get to it right away.

Well maybe after i made myself a sandwich and checking the feed on my phone next thing i knew it was 9 pm. I finally sat on my desk determined to get my homework done i started with biology as it was the hardest. One for me. I had just begun the reading and was already lost in a dozen unknown words.

I knew that if i took my phone to google them i get sunken in my social networks again so instead i decided to wake up alexa to help me the speaker was standing right on my bedside table. So i knew it could hear me alexa. I said what is photosynthesis a familiar electronic voice answered photosynthesis is a process used by plants and other organisms to convert light energy into chemical energy that can later be released to fuel the organisms activities. I didn t understand what it meant back then and to be completely honest.

I m not sure i understand it properly even now how the hell am. I supposed to get it i mumble to myself hell isn t afterlife location. No alexis stop. I ordered i kept on reading or at least tried to when alexa started off again a place of torment and punishment hell is often depicted as fiery.

Painful and harsh inflicting suffering on the guilty alexa mute. I gave the command alexa stop talking. But the lights in my room turned off by that moment. I was more creeped out than i was ready to admit alexa turn on the lights.

The lights went back on but as soon as i look at my textbook..

They were off again alexa turn on the lights. My voice was shaking at this point. It gave. Me no response.

Even though. The blue circle was lit as an indication it could hear me alexa turn on the lights. I repeated trying to sound confident. It started laughing loudly and viciously.

I remember trying to calm down convincing myself that it was just a malfunction alexa. What are you laughing at i expected. This question would make it stop or maybe even turn alexa off. But instead it gave me a one syllable.

Answer that still gives me the creeps. You alexis started laughing again and even though i tried to rationalize. What was happening i couldn t stop shaking alexa shut up i cried and turn on the lights you stupid machine it finally obeyed i waited for a few seconds to see if alexa would mess with me again everything seemed fine. I sighed with relief thanks alexa.

I got back to my studies thinking that everything that just happened was just a weird malfunction. But part of me was still freaking out i couldn t focus on my homework. I kept looking at alexa every five seconds. Expecting it to go crazy again i needed to make sure everything was under control.

Which is why i did something i would seriously regret later. I cleared my throat. And said alexa. Play me some music.

Alexis started playing some classical music..

It was elegant and slow with violins that sounded almost like crying in a way. It was kind of beautiful. But that wasn t what i wanted to listen to at the moment alexa played the weekend. I commanded it didn t react alexa played the weekend.

I said a little louder the music was slowly changing from classical harmony it was slowly drifting to a chaotic cacophony of sounds. Crying violins were going off pitch rhythm was shifting out of step and melody lines overlapped each other as both my parents are musicians. I m pretty educated in musical history. However.

I swear i d never heard anything like that before in a way it distantly reminded me of alfred schnitkey. But it was way more sinister and dis harmonic alexa turn this off play the weekend. All of this was getting on my last nerve. The horrific violence continued alexa do you hear me as if responding to my question.

The lights went off again and the music became louder. I stood up and approached alexa alexa stop this now nothing changed. I was at the edge of panic alexa. If you don t stop this right now.

I will freaking smash you it s not the music only to say something that sounded quite vicious under the circumstances you wouldn t dare i couldn t believe my ears. All the weird behavior could be explained by malfunctions of a complicated gadget. But this it sounded so consciously evil and self confident unlike any of alexa s previous answers and program lines. I could hear blood pumping in my brain.

I was scared and pissed off at the same time. Yes. I will i almost yelled overwhelmed by fear. And anger.

You re just a machine and i m your owner..

So if you don t follow my orders. I will smash you alexis started laughing alexa stop laughing and do what i say i gave it another try. I don t follow your orders. What s the reply.

Oh yeah. Then hooves. I will call him for you if you want alexis started whistling. As if actually sending a coded message to someone wait alexa stop.

It kept whistling for a while and then it stopped now we wait alexis electronic voice summarized for what i force myself to speak for whom. No reply alexa what have you done i ve never been that scared in my entire life. I rushed downstairs and locked both the front and the back doors with all the locks and chains. They had i went to the kitchen and grabbed the biggest knife.

I could find it calmed me down a bit i even remember thinking to myself that maybe. I was overreacting and all of this had a rational explanation. I decided to go back to my room and try to reset alexa or something but as i was walking upstairs. I heard someone stepping on our front porch my heart jumped i turned around only a second before that someone started pounding on the door terrified.

I dropped the knife and rushed upstairs to my room. I slammed the door and leaned on it before i could think of anything alexa woke up again. The lighting circle went red as it started playing some children saw alexxa shut up please. I almost beg instead.

It turned the volume up loud knocking from downstairs. Continue with shaking hands. I took myself off and called 9 1. 1.

I didn t tell them all the details..

Just said my address and that someone was trying to break into the house. Please hurry. I cried alexa kept playing the same stupid song over and over again it felt like a never ending nightmare. Suddenly.

The music stopped the lights went back on and alexa turned off after a moment or so. Before i could process. What had just happened. The police arrived.

I told him exactly what happened. But nobody seemed to believe me. The officers were incredibly nice. They called me down check my alexa thoroughly of course.

It worked perfectly fine one of them even stayed till. My parents got home. But they all thought i was just imagining stuff. I could see it in their eyes.

When my parents finally got home they were shocked. They knew that i m not a technophobe or anything. And had always been fine with being home alone after the officer left. I told them everything and practically begged them to get rid of alexa they tried to convince me that i was being overly dramatic.

But i was persistent i knew what happened and i never wanted to go through something like that ever again the next day. My parents yield to my prayers and got rid of it i could feel safe in our home again. But even now whenever i see one of those things at a store or someone else s house. I can t help but shudder ” .


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