2005 Mercedes-Benz E500 Walkaround, Start up, Tour and Overview

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“Guys. It s me jake from jake man 164 and today i bring you a a video of this 2005 mercedes benz if. I hundred as you can see this has finished off in a flint grey exterior which looks great on the vehicle do have your chrome accenting along the on the doors as well as your door handles and along the rear of the vehicle. There s a little bit more chrome accenting on the bumper as well as your 500 and mercedes benz badging right there and this is just a very nice and sleek design and it actually still looks very modern along the rear of this vehicle.

This one is riding on michelin primacy mxm four tires and these are fantastic tires that are on this vehicle. They are do 45 45 hour 17th so you have 17 inch alloy wheels rear disc brakes of course on this one up here you can see your antenna right there on the back window as well as this one is equipped with a sunroof turn signal indicators built right into the mirrors as well and up front. You do have projector headlights fog lights down below and a chrome accented grille with your typical mercedes benz badge right there and stepping inside of this vehicle this one does have the charcoal leather interior which is in fantastic condition this vehicle is just very nice and clean go ahead and step in as you can see you do get your mercedes benz door sills down here as well as your harman kardon badge on the speakers on the door. We ll go ahead start it up right here.

I have to do to start is just flick. You can hear this thing is a beautiful sound to it inside of this vehicle as you can see you do have a leather wrap steering wheel and fantastic condition as well as some of your controls for the center display right there. And more of your audio system controls over here and very nice and tight power steering back here if your cruise control windshield wiper controls as well as your power controls pre sear angle and his power tilt and telescoping along the door up top. It s all nice soft touch material.

Give this very nice dark wood grain. It s just a little chrome strip around it for just that extra nice little look over here are all your power seat controls. Even the headrest in this vehicle is power power mirrors power seat memory power windows down. Here power locks are in the center.

And you have a very nice leather padded stitch to armrest down here and very nice shape so it s in storage and the trunk release the parking brake release headlight controls over here. But once for fog lights well twice for rear fogs and as you can see the wood grain does carry along along the dashboard and the center. You do have your right there you double your speedometer as well as your analog clock over on the side and tachometer on this side engine temperature gauge fuel gauge as well and along the top of the dash..


It s all nice soft touch material fits together excellent does. The center channel for your audio system two air vents right here dual zone automatic climate control everything in the center control the different zones everything like that or just put it on auto control. The fan speed from right here. This one is equipped with the harman kardon audio system from the factory.

Which sounds fantastic in this vehicle. Drove your audio system controls over. Here can bring up your am. Fm radio.

All of that can go to your cd of your satellite radio everything else around there controls. It preset stations over here everything. Like that your base travel fade. Sound.

Everything else down. Here come to the center. Push. This little chrome button right.

Here. And this woodgrain panel will lift up and reveal your six disc cd. Changer behind it go ahead and press..


That and it will lower back down go view heated as well as cooled seats for the driver and passenger down here rear sunshade controls works perfect this button right here push. It and will drop your headrest for visibility above your hazards power locks. As well as the heated and ventilated seats for the passenger woodgrain panel down here more storage. 12 volt outlet and back.

Here. Is the shifter for the headach transmission with manual shift mode right here can raise them lower the vehicle souls your different suspension settings put it in sport comfort all of that everything will show up on the center display as well as i forgot to show or you can see right here your radio controls as well will show up on the display. You can change your radio station. Everything else right.

Here. You do have a cup holder. Which actually does work perfect and back here go ahead and push this. And it will open this top compartment to have a very nice line storage compartment.

Some controls right there underneath of that you have some more storage. As well as it is all lighted the seats in this vehicle are so comfortable. You have the very nice perforated leather around here power. Lumbar controls are down here on both sides.

And in typical mercedes benz fashion. The power controls are on the door up top you have an auto dimming rear view mirror garage link right there you can turn them on and off so. All is more controls power sunroof with your sunroof vents and typical german car fashion and right here..


You have your visor right. There you can even bring down this and you do have dual visors. So. This one does have your vanity mirror as well as the light right there overall.

It s just a very very nice interior on this vehicle. And it s an excellent shape on this example so we ll go ahead with the automatic driver side window down unlock all of the doors right here release the trunk and come up underneath of here release the hood now as you would expect from an eclass coming into the backseat of this vehicle you have an excellent amount of space and all of the qualities do follow through go ahead first and pop the headrest back up right there stepping inside. It s very nice and comfortable. And you have a fin has the amount of room back here as well as you can see seats are nice and soft along the door.

Everything is soft touch material. More of the leather down here storage compartment and right here. You do have rear sunshades on both sides for both of the back passengers. Which is just a very nice touch and as i mentioned all the materials follow through even with the nice soft padded leather armas this backseat space.

I m 62 and this seat is about where it would be that i was driving and as you can see there s a fantastic amount of room back here. The seat also does sit up very nice and high you have your dual zone climate control. The rear passengers all controlled by right there very nice and down below the storage compartment. 12 volt outlet and pockets on the backs of both seats in the center.

You have an armrest for both of the passengers storage inside and cupholders interior lighting in the center. Need to have handles on both sides as well as your air vents mounted on the pillars and in the center coming to the trunk of this eclass as you can see up here. Everything is very nice and line..


You do have hinges. But they do go down inside of their compartments right here so they don t intersect or don t interfere with your cargo. You have two rear floor mats underneath of here does some more storage your tire iron all of that more storage back behind. This panel your dvd navigation system compartment over here.

And it is all lighted this vehicle. Actually does have a massive trunk as well go ahead and bring this back down see from this side and everything on this side. It s an excellent condition as well inside of here as you can see you do get some of your owner s literature right there as well as your state inspection certificate and up underneath the hood of this one just go ahead and release it right here this vehicle is equipped with mercedes benz 5 liter. V8 engine go ahead bring this back down.

Very nice and solid clothes that s another thing about this vehicle just everything about it is so nice and solid. I mean just coming up to the door right here just that click that you get when you open and close them the build quality is fantastic in this vehicle. So we ll go ahead step back inside of it and we ll go ahead close the door well put the automatic driver side window back up and cut the vehicle off right here will chime remaining you remove your key and put the headlights back in automatic mode as always this vehicle is for sale at volvo of richmond here in richmond virginia. If you are interested in this vehicle.

Please let bob of richmond. Know you saw this video thanks. ” ..


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